Lummy Days 14 - December 2009

This month it is the Stackridge Sproutmas Special, we get some flatulence management guidance from Crun, meet the American composer of a Stackridge song and chat to special guests 3 Daft Monkeys.

Additional music from Keston Cobblers Club, Comus, Magenta Crumpet, Norman Wisdom, Global Village Trucking Company,Genesis Clare Lindlay, Michael Legge, Spud Taylor and Children from Carswell School in Abingdon.

Track Listing

00:00:00  Lummy Days - Stackridge
00:01:31  Everyman - Stackridge
00:07:17  You're a floozy Madame Karma but I love your lowdown ways - Global Village Trucking Company
00:13:40  Harold the Barrel - Genesis
00:17:03  Bazza - Keston Cobblers Club
00:23:01  Big Baby - Stackridge
00:30:36  Trez Cerveza - 3 Daft Monkeys
00:39:59  Waltzing my Till Girl - Magenta Crumpet
00:46:09  Rattlin Roarin Willie - Clare Lindlay
00:48:28  Precious Little Podcast (Extract) - Michael Legge /James Hingley
00:49:40  I Don't 'Arf Love You - Norman Wisdom with Joyce Grenfell
00:52:39  Song to Comus - Comus
01:00:48  North St. Grande - animation - Children of Carswell School
01:00:48  North St. Grande (Dancing Together By Christmas Time) - Stackridge
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