Lummy Days 24 - November 2010

This month Fatty Fudge takes Stackridge to the Seaside. So roll up your trouser legs, knot your hanky and enjoy a paddle in the eccentric and melodic world of Lummy Days.

Additional music from Andy Davis, Steve Good, Elf Power,Gabby Young and Other Animals,Professor Penguin,Robert Wyatt, Gilad Atzmon,Ros Stephen,Peter Skellen,Noel Coward, Dymano Bliss,The Nusongs Project,Radiance and Alan Draper and Roy Harper.

Track Listing

00:00:00  Lummy Days - Stackridge
00:01:33  Clevedon Pier - Andy Davis
00:07:26  Last Of The Summer Whine - Steve Good
00:12:19  Stranger in the Window - Elf Power
00:15:17  We're all in it together - Gabby Young and Other Animals
00:21:05  There is no refuge - Stackridge
00:26:16  Pirate - Professor Penguin
00:29:18  What A Wonderful World - Robert Wyatt, saxophonist/composer Gilad Atzmon, and violinist/composer Ros Stephen.
00:34:14  She had to go and lose it at the Astor - Peter Skellen
00:43:23  Dangerous Bacon - Dymano Bliss
00:47:06  Itís a beautiful day - the nusongs project
00:48:59  What O Mrs. Brisket - Written by Noel Coward
00:50:09  Language of the sea - Radiance and Alan Draper
00:53:18  Slow Train (extract) - Stackridge
00:55:03  When An Old Cricketer Leaves The Crease - Roy Harper
01:02:40  32, West Mall - Stackridge
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