Lummy Days 06 - April 2009

In Lummy Days this month we spend an hour in the Stackridge menagerie amongst penguins, hedgehogs and elephants. James Warren reflects on working with Beatle's producer Sir George Martin and Stackridge guitarist Andy Davis talks about how he came to play on John Lennon's Imagine album. As an added treat we will catch up with Stackridge historian, biographer and archivist, Ade Macrow.

Track Listing

00:00:00  Lummy days - Stackridge
00:01:32  Percy the Penguin - Stackridge
00:08:36  Hold me tight - Stackridge
00:12:51  Little Louisa - The Fore
00:16:00  No other love - The Fore
00:18:22  If I Fell - James Warren
00:21:53  Who needs a man? - Sarah Menarge
00:25:38  Something about the Beatles - Stackridge
00:29:27  The indifferent Hedgehog - Stackridge
00:34:36  Time for love - Argos
00:38:21  -
00:41:05  Slark's Caribbean Holiday - Alan Draper
00:47:45  McGreggor / Zorgans Daughter - Stackridge
00:52:13  The Boof Boof Song - The Strawberry Fools
00:58:17  Nellie The Elephant - The Toy Dolls
01:03:08  Syracuse The Elephant - Stackridge
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