Lummy Days 07 - May 2009

In this month's show we will be down on the Stackridge allotment to dig up some facts about the bands musical influences, we'll hear the story of how Stackridge came to reform,and have a chat with Dave Tommey, Stackridge's sound man.

Track Listing

00:00:00  Lummy days - Stackridge
00:01:22  Benjamin's Giant Onion - Stackridge
00:06:16  Marrow Song (oh what a beauty) - Billy Cotton and his band
00:12:27  Can Inspiration Save the Nation - Stackridge
00:15:35  Budget Hotel - Adams and Rea
00:18:51  Donít forget the beer dear - Alan Draper
00:23:21  Oh Cor Blimey - Will Grove-White and the others
00:28:15  Holding On - Will Grove-White and the others
00:32:59  To where your footsteps led - The Left Outsides
00:38:56  Marigold Conjunction - Stackridge
00:44:25  Is it because he is an Auzie - Flotsam and Jetsam
00:47:32  Across the Milky Way - The Lords of Whimsy
00:55:57  Beating a path - Stackridge
01:01:33  It must be time for bed - Something for the weekend
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