Lummy Days 08 - June 2009

This month we have a programme to delight the Francophiles amongst you, as we take Lummy Days on a day trip to France. There is music James Warren recorded with the French band Orwell. Andy Davis talks about The Korgis and we say goodbye to Rachel Hall, Stackridges violinist and hello to her replacement Clare Lindley.

Track Listing

00:00:00  Lummy days - Stackridge
00;01:52  Cest la vie - Stackridge
00:05:52  Here and there - Orwell
00:09:16  The Frog Song - Gawd knows!
00:12:14  Lady Katherine - Tim Graham and Rachel Hall
00:15:45  Cest la vie - Judy Dyble
00:19:03  Strangely strange but oddly normal - Dr. Strangely Strange
00:23:36  Charles Louis - Stackridge
00:26:17  Live not where I love - Clare Lindley
00:30:23  La ceuillette de noix - Albert Marcoeur
00:34:17  Last Man in Europe - The Armchair Generals
00:39:01  Let the Teardrops Fall - Blue Coyotes
00:42:14  When can I have a bannana again? - Harry Roy
00:45:12  I am the man - Jouis
00:50:12  Miss Monroe - Jouis
00:58:09  Fireball XL5 - The Alsatians
01:01:37  The Lyder Loo - Stackridge
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