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Stackridges Guestbook
bruce ashmore - Toronto, Canada 09/03/2016
I am currently raising a glass to the late great George Martin, another genius who appreciated same in Stackridge and contributed accordingly.

Paul - Dorset 09/03/2016
RIP George Martin. I hope his work with Stackridge will be remembered in the obituaries and tributes that will now be forthcoming.Listened to The Man In The Bowler Hat on the way to work this morning - brilliant album.

Martyn H - Cincinnati, Ohio 19/02/2016
I still have a ticket stub for a Stackridge concert at Malvern Winter Gardens. It is dated August 1st, 1974. This was a great concert as I recall. The 85p ticket price did seem rather high at the time, but it was worth every penny!

Jeff B - Gateshead 13/02/2016
Any info on when the Final Bow DVD will be availabe ?
Looking forward to buying it, cracking open a bottle of wine (or two) and enjoying cracking songs from a great band.
Response:Hi Jeff. DVD ( or even DVDs !) will be released later this year. We have a lot of material to wade through, edit & mix. Watch for announcements here & on Face Book

Steve Hammond - Wolverhampton 07/02/2016
Our youngest son flew to Tokyo, 6 weeks ago, to work teaching English to Japanese people. He calls us via Skype every Sunday and he told us today that colleagues at his language school mentioned a lovely lady who always turns the conversation around to Stackridge! I thought straight away of Rie and what a small world it is. If you read this, Rie, we hope to visit in late June, so may see you then.

John Whapshott - Wiltshire 06/02/2016
I remember Ian Simpson at school playing me an album (sorry, they were LPs then) with a great picture of an old man and birds on the cover... I was totally hooked on the sheer mixture of styles, the clever, witty and unusual lyrics, and the sheer inventiveness of it all. That was 1973, and I've been a fan ever since.
Hard to think they won't be performing together any more, but then when you see acts like The Tremoloes, Billy J Kramer etc., all well past their prime and with few if any original members, it was much much better for Stackridge to go out on a high, leaving us wonderful memories, and some of the best and most original music I've ever heard (I'm a musician, apparently).
Long live Stackridge!!

Susan - Scarborough 26/01/2016
Just had my 1975 stackridge concert ticket framed to hang in the loo. Syracuse will always be just the best for me. Thank you for so many happy times Stackridge.

paul - isle of wight 25/01/2016
Going to Church! I hadnt been to church since I got married but the final bow at farncombe was something that was made in heaven a wonderful concert wonderful acoustics thank you stackridge you will be missed but theres nothing more important than the earthworm!!

melanie - portugal 02/01/2016
Second that but from bottom of my boots and shoes. Mr Tobin et al. Maybe I will be arranging gigs in sunnier climes or at least spreading the word in the expat areas of Portugal.

Ivor Williams - Welwyn Garden City 26/12/2015
Michael Tobin - Thank you from the bottom of my heart. You and your Stackridge 'children' have done us proud over the decades. I write this with a little tear in the eyes.
Now, please don't make us wait the 15 years it took Genesis (with PC) to get around to doing a proper reunion tour!!

Jeff B - Gateshead 23/12/2015
Stackridge are dead - long live Stackridge ! If the boys, and girl, were going down on Saturday in Bristol they did so with all guns blazing. Having Mutter there was great and the brass ensemble were brilliant, especially the last two tunes; Bohemian Rhapsody and Do The Stanley ! Stackridge didn't come on until 10:30pm and it was 20 to one when they finally departed. That was a test of endurance for the band and the ageing and packed crowd, I've never been to a gig that ended so late. Two hours of pure quality and bonhomie on stage. It's a shame it has all ended, but looking forward to the DVD. Saw Family in London on the Monday then Stackridge at Bristol on the Saturday, with Gateshead in between. Talk about a rock and roll lifestyle ! Compliments of the season for all on the good ship Stackridge, until we meet again .....

Andy - Dorset 21/12/2015
After an emotional evening in Bristol on Saturday I though I would let the words of Stackridge help me express my feelings.
Back in the LUMMY DAYS (not quite as far back as the STEAM RADIO SONG), possibly at a TEATIME of BREAD and WATER, on a RAINY JULY MORNING when I was preoccupied with POCKET BILLIARDS began the STORY OF MY HEART. From the time I heard DORA THE FEMALE EXPLORER I was FUNDAMENTALLY YOURS learning about such exotic animals as PERCY THE PENGUIN, SYRACUSE THE ELEPHANT, RED SQUIRREL, the INDIFFERENT HEDGEHOG and SLARK but recognising that NO ONE'S MORE IMPORTANT THAN THE EARTHWORM.


Over 46 years I have been GROOVING ALONG THE HIGHWAY as you have taken me to the SUN AND THE MOON. Saturday at the Fiddlers was the DAY THE WORLD STOPPED TURNING for EVERYMAN (and woman) after which I needed someone to HOLD ME TIGHT and console my GREASE PAINT SMILES.

What will I do next? Perhaps I will sit at my THREE LEGGED TABLE or GRANDE PIANO and considering being THE VOLUNTEER - ANYONE FOR TENNIS? For Stackridge IT MUST BE TIME FOR BED, but KEEP ON CLUCKING and GOD SPEED THE PLOUGH for the 2016 revival tour.

DW Morgan - Neath, South Wales 20/12/2015
Oh well, sadly, I guess that's it...the final bow? There's so much I could say but I'll keep it fairly simple and just thank absolutely everyone who's ever been involved with composing, performing, recording, producing & promoting the awe-inspiring, life-enhancing music that has brought so much pure joy to those of us lucky enough to appreciate the true genius that is the always mighty Stackridge. So simply thank you... everyone... for simply everything! Very best of luck for whatever the future holds, which hopefully includes continuing to produce simply marvellous music for many years to come even if it's under different monikers. Have I said thank you?...oh yes, I may as well say finally, diolch yn fawr pawb (that's 'thanks' in Welsh by the way), thanks, bye!

Cris Savill - Chichester. West Sussex 18/12/2015
I would like to thank John McSherry for introducing me to the wonderful music of Stackridge back in 1975. To all the members past and present of Stackridge thank you for your great musical contributions.

Last week I popped over to Eype Dorset and enjoyed every minute of the gig. The band played their hearts out and the sound was spot on. A bonus of Mutter's band supporting + joining in on a few tracks with Stackridge was just great. As Sir Henry Rawlinson would say, have to stop now top lip a tremble. Huge thanks to Andy, James, Clare, Glen, Eddie, Mutter and The Stackridge crew for a very enjoyable gig at Eype. Have a ball at your final gig at Bristol.

Cheers me dears, Cris.

Ivor Williams - Welwyn Garden City 17/12/2015
One more thing I'd like to mention as the countdown to the final bow gets nearer to zero. I had never realised what a great voice Glenn Tommey has. The accoustics at St John's Church really made it stand out!

Ivor Williams - Welwyn Garden City 14/12/2015
Well what a cracking weekend I;ve just got home from. Friday night's gig at Farncombe was amazing. Asiode from meeting and talking to support act Steve Rodgers, I was surprised to be personally introduced to James and Andy by manager Michael Tobin. Wasn't expecting that at all and I for the first time ever, I was able to say thank you to someone whose music has played such a big part in my life. I'm 54 now, last met James and Andy when I was 12 at a gig in Dunstable! Both were most kind to me and I was also able to get Clare, Eddie and Glenn to sign my program.
The gig itself was awesome, the place was packed and the audience buzz coupled with the unique acoustics of the church made every song a treasure.

Then it was an overnight stay in Yeovil before heading off to Saturday's gig in Eype. Again a church venue but this time the added bonus of seeing Mutter Slater perform with his band. My wife and I were sat next to Mutter's wife and mother so we were on our best behaviour throughout! His set was very catchy and the band were tight. Surprisingly good in fact.
Then it was time for Stackridge. Again the James and Andy said hello which was again a treat! Though a smaller crown this time, the sound was great and each song flew by in a flash. Assuming this was the last time I'll see them play I was trying to soak up as much as I could. Mutter came on stage to perform with his former band (to me the equivalent of Peter Gabriel rejoining Genesis!) But, it was over way to quickly, the three song encore was amazing, Mutter joining them on stage for one final time.
I really do hope that this isn't Stackridge's final bow, but if it is, thank you so much for the past 44 years, it's been a pleasure.

Paul - Dorset 13/12/2015
Brilliant gig at Eype near Bridport last night.Great set from The Mutter Slater Band as support with the headliners Stackridge on top form as ever. It was a terrific moment when Andy said "I'd like to ask Mutter to take the stage" with Mutter adding some superb flute playing to Purple Spaceships Over Yatton and again on Slark during the encores.

It was also good to talk to the band,Mutter,Mike Tobin and Mike Webb after the gig.

I guess that was the last Stackridge gig I'll be going to so thanks again and all the best for the future.

Martin Jeffery - Nr Southampton 13/12/2015
Just seen Stackridge for the final time at Farncombe & what a great gig it was. I only saw the band once in the 70's, (Bath Pavilion in '76/'77??) but since re-forming and before AVFCS, I must have seen you 10-12 times, each time a joy, even if the crowd was sometimes rather sparse. You have certainly enriched my life and I will miss the concerts, but I do have the majority of your recorded output to relive the memories. Plus there will be the DVD next year which I can't wait for. Best wishes to all the members of Stackridge for the future and thank you for all the music.

Brian - Rye 13/12/2015
Fantastic performance by the band at Farncombe last Friday. Maybe it was the setting or the fact that this was almost the end, but the atmosphere was great and the music superb. All the old favourites were played. Having seen Stackridge with so many different line ups, I was wondering how it would be without Mutter and his haunting flute, but the way Clare played that violin was incredible and the overall sound was so good.I needn't have worried! Good luck to you all whatever you do next and thanks for the many years of joy. You never know, this might not be 'the day the world stopped turning'

Colin - Hertford 11/12/2015
OOooooo only a few hours to go.

Like Ivor W, I saw you at Barnet and am coming to Farncombe tonight.

Can't wait ..... but will have to.

John - Southwater 10/12/2015
Hard to believe just four more gigs then the mighty Stackridge are gone. Is it too late for me to book the band for my 70th birthday bash? (I am 59).

spud - Wantage 23/11/2015

Lummy Years
Here is the “Final Bow Tour Official Bootleg Animation. LUMMY YEARS”. It is just a series of 7 second scenes illustrating titles of Stackridge music over the last 45 + years. It is not really intended as an animation. I have created 26 phenakistoscopes which are the earliest form of Vines and come in the form of card circles. I hope to get these to Ade/Mike for the December gigs, but sticking and gluing onto black card, then cutting out circles and holes takes time. I will soon have the discs on Word files and can send me your email for me to get them to you (and you can do the gluing and cutting)! Kids love them, hope you do too. Phenakistoscopes are great toys!

Patti - Warrington 17/11/2015
From Pilton in 1970 to Southport in 2015, your wonderfully inventive music has accompanied my life. I can't thank you enough, Stackridge. xxx

Mike Webb - Behind the merchandise desk. 15/11/2015
Angela-For your homework can you learn the words to Rainy July Morning! I hope you are enjoying the CD's

Angela - Ammanford 14/11/2015
We first saw you in 1971 at Whitchurch High, our school in Cardiff and were hooked!!We both bought your LPs and saw you each time you came to Cardiff.I later became a head of Music at a Swansea and my friend,also Angela is a singer in Cardiff.Neither of us had been able to see you until last night in Swansea.What a thoroughly enjoyable and memorable gig and even being able to remember the words of the old songs in order to sing along after 44 years!!A lovely combination of instruments and 3 part vocal harmonies.Thank you all so much for such a fantastic performance.P L E A S E C O M E B A C K !

Mike morgan - Swansea 14/11/2015
Absolutely fantastic gig tonight in Swansea
Not a great turn out which is a bit typical for Swansea, but what a gig the absentees missed. Magnificent.

Glyn - Southport 12/11/2015
Thank you for a splendid gig at The Atkinson and since 1972 for making my life just seem that little bit brighter.

Dave Wright - Bolton 11/11/2015
Thank you for the excellent performance at the Railway, Bolton on Saturday evening. There was a great atmosphere, although it was very warm and the stage was small and cramped for the band. I, too, saw Stackridge for the first time at the Black Swan in Sheffield on a number of Sunday evenings in 1972. Since then, I have had the privilege to hear them play at a variety of venues, such as Leeds Poly, Wembley Stadium, The Boardwalk- Sheffield, The Citadel- St. Helens, Bury Metro, Hebden Bridge etc. Every time I've left feeling happy, uplifted and more than satisfied by the superb, accomplished and dedicated musicianship and vocals I have witnessed. Thank you so much for all the wonderful hours of fun, entertainment and memories you have provided. It's been fantastic! Good luck to all of you in the future...

Simon Malia - Care in the community, Liverpool 09/11/2015
Wow. Normally of a weekend, I have to stay in the home. Which is ok, as we have bingo and clock golf and a beetle-drive. Sometimes. And they've installed one of those carrot-okee machines, so we can sing along to the old tunes, like 'Paint It Black', 'Anarchy In The UK', and of course, 'My Generation' with its lovely chorus. Yes.
Anyway, nurse said if I took the pink pills I could go out with my carer, so off we popped to the Atkinson in Southport. What a lovely time we had too. The very promising Stackridge Pop Group were on at that lovely theatre they have there, and they sang us ever so many delightful songs about animals.
One of them, a youngish chap with glasses just like mine, introduced one song as 'Smack My Bench Up', which must be one I haven't heard before. It was very good, although I could have sworn it was actually about an elephant.
Gracious, we had fun. And afterwards one of the group came over and led me gently back to my carer. A nice young lady called Clare. She was very kind, but I think she's Scottish, as I couldn't make out everything she said. No.
Anyway, the following night, the good people from the home took us on a Mystery Tour. When they took the sack off my head, I think I was somewhere near Bolton. And guess what?
It was at a pub, where that same pop group were playing. My word, it was hot and steamy. But what a romp. More lovely tunes, but a bit faster and louder, it seemed to me.
Afterwards, I came over all emotional as I hadn't had the pink pills, so I think I might have made a bit of a fool of myself mumbling about how wonderfu it had all been all these years. The pop group signed my bus ticket I think, and after that it all went dark.
I wonder if they'll let me out again soon. Anyway, it was fun. Thank you.Yes. Coming now Matron ...

Eric Carline - Sheffield 09/11/2015
Had a fabulous evening at Bromley Cross, Bolton on Saturday, a truly splendid concert. I think it even topped the gig me and my brother in law Nev saw in Sheffield a few weeks ago. First saw the band at the 'Mucky Duck', Sheffield back in 1970 and it has been a lifetime of smiles ever since listening to the music. Many many thanks for taking us on your musical journey. I would also urge everyone to buy Andys 2 new albums- excellent stuff.

Steve - Sale 09/11/2015
Thank you so much for taking the long journey north west to play two excellent shows at the Atkinson, Southport and the Railway Venue, Bolton.
Both were different in their own way with the first being to a polite, appreciative sit down theatre audience and the second to a more steamy, singalong standing crowd. This just goes to prove that Stackridge can appeal to all tastes and still deliver thoroughly entertaining and engaging shows in different environments.
Great to meet up with like minded fans who travelled from near and far to truly appreciate the Stackridge experience as they ran through most of my favourite songs plus a few surprises too. Thanks also to James, Andy, Clare, Glenn and Eddie for taking time out to join us after the shows to share stories, pose for photos and sign endless autographs. This is much appreciated. A special mention to Mike Tobin too for making this tour, and countless others, happen plus the comedians on merchandising - you really should be on stage too!
Good luck to you all for the future and thank you for brightening our world with your uplifting music and sense of fun. The final bow has been taken (for me at least) and I hope to see you again in different guises in the future.

Phil Orton - Bolton 08/11/2015
Really glad we managed to get to see stackridge at the railway Bromley cross last night.As always a fantastic night from one of the best English bands ever .Only disappointment was not much korgis material but overall brilliant but they cant have made much money with all the yen James gave out!!

Ivor Williams - Welwyn Garden City 06/11/2015
I posted recently but again I feel the need to say please don't stop! I've been watching many clips from The Final Bow and you are so musically tight together. And with Clare's wonderful voice it's added a new slant to what was an already perfect sound. So though we are coming to see you in December, maybe we could also come see you again in a couple of years? Please...

Andy - Dorset 05/11/2015
My first introduction to Stackridge came in 1972 when my parents bought a Hifi and I was able to borrow my brother's vinyl collection. In 1976 he took me to see them at the Johnson Hall in Yeovil and I have been hooked ever since. I've lost count of the number of times I have seen the band since they reformed and the current tour has been unbelievable. I managed to get tickets 1 and 2 for the gig at Eype which is taking place in a real church. With Mutter providing the support act it is going to be some night.
Thank you for 40-odd years of sheer joy. I can't wait for the 50th anniversary tour.

ed jackson - Fareham 05/11/2015
Having recovered from a long trip back home in the fog on Sunday night I can confirm this band should not be bowing out but moving forward. As well as releasing a video of the tour Andy and James should consider releasing a compilation album of all that is great about Stackridge and The Korgis. I created a playlist of songs for the long trip up to Bishops Cleeve and in the process found a lost gem by the Korgis - Hold On is a great pop song.Not one I have heard before but I am now playing it endlessly. The two bands share songs so a compilation should work. Boots And Shoes, Something About The Beatles ,Grande Piano, The Three Legged Table and Long Dark River all sound fresh and melodic whatever their vintage. While I appreciate there are issues of cost and copyright is that not what the Management sort out while you do the great artistic stuff. A couple of singles to help promotion and away you go. Look forward to seeing you all at the O 2 Arena when the plan works !!!!!!
Assuming this is an impossible dream all I can say is THANKS FOR EVERTHING IT HAS BEEN A GREAT RIDE.

David - Northampton 05/11/2015
What a wonderful evening at Bishops Cleeve. Can't believe it's the Final Bow but if it is, many thanks to a truly great Band. The 2 and a half hour journey home in thick fog was well worth it.
Also thoroughly recommend the 2 Andy Davis CDs I purchased.

David Cartlidge - Wigan 05/11/2015
I just wanted to say that it has been a huge pleasure to promote 3 gigs with Stackridge ( 2 at Bury Met, 1 at Kendal Brewery arts Centre. I retain many good memories of all of the shows had some fun in the course of them. I look forward to being in the audience at Southport and I wish you all good things

ed jackson - fareham 04/11/2015
great venue at the tythe barn , bishops cleeve and good to see a full house.

Hello guys,
I saw Stackridge for the very first time at the Quarterhouse in Folkestone about two weeks ago now. The show was brilliant :skilled musicians, lovely songs , good sense of humour and Clare who sounded as a complete string section.
There were of course many highlights but my favourite moment was the triple uke song ; a charming British Music Hall rooted tune that had a brief encounter with Mama Cass.
Being back home in Belgium the first thing I did was picking up my guitar trying to find the chords to play along with the youtube movie. To please Sean from Worcester I think it goes like this :
Verse : A D6
A D6
Prechorus : Cdim Em
Gm A
Chorus : Cdim Bsus4 B
Dm A
Instrumental part shows same chord progression but half tone up. So the key changes from A major to Bb major. Just before the singing starts again we go back to the key of A.
Just look up the chord boxes for ukelele and give it a try Sean! I hope Andy can approve this version of his N°1 Belgian fan!
Thanks for the lovely evening everybody and we'll meet again!

Guy ( and ANN ) from Belgium

David - Haywards Heath 30/10/2015
The gig at the Half Moon in Putney last month was every bit as exciting as watching Stackridge (which I did many times) at the Civic Hall in Guildford in the early 1970's.They will remain my favourite band of all time although the Beatles run them a close second.My 25 year old son loved every minute of their gig and is now playing Man in a Bowler Hat and Friendliness endlessly. Goodbye the dream has stopped growing - a fantasy surely for fools, seems strangely appropriate. Thank you Andy,James,Crun,Mutter and all for the many great songs and memories.

Paul - Dorset 28/10/2015
Glad to see you had a good time in Japan - it's a great place.Did you go to Tower Records in Electric City,Tokyo as some of the band's albums were in stock when I was there last year. Any chance of putting pictures of the trip on the Photos page?
Response:We did not have time to go to Tower Records. There are loads of photos of us in Japan on Face Book.

Ivor Williams - Welwyn Garden City 27/10/2015
Having seen you at Barnet recently, we had such great time that we are coming to the St. John's Church gig on 11-12-15 as well! I've been a fan since 1970, so I'm sad to think you won't tour again. I do hope that you will miss playing so much that you will reform in the future and please us Rhubarb Thrashers once again. Just a thought, will the Korgis and DLM projects still be doing something?
Response:DLM will certainly continue although Andy may also vary the size of the band & call it The Andrew Cresswell Davis band . James is unsure about his plans for The Korgis.

Jeff Ward. - Norfolk 25/10/2015
Borderline. I got to see you guys at the borderline and then straight off to Italy for a nice break. It was a great concert (as always) and am looking forward to the final bow party.
Can you please settle my tormented mind? Will there be any possibilities of reunion gigs at any time after the final curtain falls?
Jeff Ward.
Response:Anything is possible , Jeff but at the moment there are no plans for "reunion" gigs . Although after our experiences in Japan we might all move over there !

Tokoloshe Taylor - Darkest Essex 22/10/2015
Wishing Stackridge the best of luck in Japan, and hoping some of the adventure makes it onto the tour DVD.
Did Eddie get over his fear of flying, which prevented him participating in the US TV performance?
Lucky Japanese audiences - keep your seats for The Final Sayonara.
Response:Yes Eddie is fine about flying now . We all had a great time in Japan . Back home in England now , tired but very very happy

John Spicer - Farncombe, Surrey. 22/10/2015
Looking forward to the gig at St. John's Church 11-12-15.Been to the gigs here in 2013 & 14 enjoyed them both immensely, took me back to the '70's when I went to two of the gigs at the Civic Hall in Guildford, gutted that this is the last tour.

Simon Cantwell - Tiptree, Essex 20/10/2015
Saw the band at The Quarterhouse in Folkstone last weekend. Having long been a fan of the music it was the first time seeing you in concert. I was not disappointed - you were fantastic! I can't believe I left it until your last tour to see you live. I hope we've not seen/heard the last of the very unique, and highly underrated Stackridge!

ray - bedfordshire 19/10/2015
fantastic gig at the borderline on friday guys...saw you for the first time way back as support to wishbone ash in st albans and have been an avid fan ever since...thanks for he memories

Tony Wright - Romsey 16/10/2015
Thanks Ade for your response to my previous guestbook entry. From what you've told me, I must have bought the first Stackridge album immediately after the second "Eyes" gig, not the first!

Sean - Worcester 15/10/2015
Is it possible to get the Tabs for Andys song Dream of You? I would love to learn to play it on my uke.
Response:Things are pretty hectic with the tour etc at the moment Sean. Be patient & Andy will be in touch .

DeeGeeBee - Austin, Texas 15/10/2015
An old flame zoomed into town for a short visit and totally Made My Day!
He had the Man In the Bowler Hat downloaded onto his iPhone, so I requested Galloping Gaucho and screamed along in delight, banging my fist in time on the Tex-Mex restaurant table. Told him I Still Had the original album and then as soon as we parted ways, I zoomed home and downloaded it onto my iPad! Friendship is next.. and other albums after that. Oh the delights in store. Wish I was back Across The Puddle as I was in the '70s and could see y'all In The Flesh!!

Mr Gig - Hatfield 13/10/2015
What a wonderful gig at Barnet last week.

All my favourite songs aired - and a new one Earthworm which I haven't heard before.

A few videos on my you tube page.

I've booked for the gig in Farnham as well, whilst I'd love to go to the last one in Bris'l, its sold out I beleive.

As you said, dont cry 'cos its ended, smile 'cos it happened.

Ade Macrow - Somewhere 12/10/2015
(For Tony Wright). The "Eyes" gig you refer to would have been Sunday 10th January 1971. (The first single Dora, The Female Explorer c/w Everyman was released on 21st May that year and the Stackridge album in August). Happy days indeed.

S & J - Finland 12/10/2015
Not the most avid of gig-goers, my wife and I, due to an unfortunate geographical happenstance which has placed us a considerable distance away from any worthwhile live musical entertainment. There are, however, a couple of groups we are prepared to withstand the rigours of travel to see, and Stackridge are one of them. Upon learning that there might not be too many chances left to experience the band in concert - and seeing no Finnish dates in the tour itinerary - we decided it was once again time for us to venture into the great big world for our final bow to this magnificent group who have provided us with so many unforgettable moments. We were fortunate enough to make it to the Bath gig - lovely town (as always), brilliant gig (as always), a great time had by us (as always), and despite all these 'as alwayses' it was truly a singular, one-of-a-kind experience which I am certain will be one of the last memories we will cling to before senile dementia wipes our systems clean. Thank you, Stackridge - life would have been a lot more miserable if it hadn't been for you.

Tony Wright - Romsey 10/10/2015
I first saw Stackridge supporting Wishbone Ash at "Eyes" in Chelmsford in 1970 (I believe). I remember walking home afterwards and singing the highly infectious la-las from Slark all the way home. The next day I bought their first album and was delighted to hear the end of Slark sounding just like my walk home!

The following year they were back at "Eyes" as the headline act. Soon after they were booked for a huge Chancellor Hall gig in Chelmsford. As my then girlfriend (now wife) and I approached Chancellor Hall a small group of people approached us asking if we knew somewhere they could go for a meal. I thought the faces were familiar and said, "You're Stackridge aren't you?". The reply was something like, "Yes, unfortunately we are!"

We loved the dustbin lids that night!

A year or two later I attended another Stackridge gig at Writtle Agricultural College but then there was a gap of over 35 years before catching up again with the band in Southampton.

I did my little bit to promote them during the 1970s by always including at least one Stackridge track at every wedding or other event booking my mobile disco. Even today nobody gets away, if on a long car journey with me, without hearing Stackridge.

My wife and I would love to be there for the final gig in December but unfortunately we don't have tickets and I gather it is sold out. Thanks Stackridge for playing such a major part in my life.
Response:Thanks Tony. We are adding another gig @ Bridport on December 12th if that helps. Details should be posted on the Gigs Page this week. Keep checking the News Page for any other announcements too !

Gwyn - Cambridge 05/10/2015
Thanks for a brilliant Last Bow gig at The Bull Theatre,Barnet last Saturday. And yes, like others there was a mist in my eyes as Syracuse the Elephant started off for perhaps the last time, for me at least.... Stackridge were the first live band I went to see, way back at University of Surrey, Guildford back in January 1974, just as The Man in the Bowler Hat was released, and like so many, I was hooked. Just thanks for the joy you've given me over the years; if any band has been the soundtrack to my life, then Stackridge has been it. And should you just change your minds and do the odd gig more, then I for one will be delighted! All the best!

Bruce Ashmore - Toronto, Canada 04/10/2015
Just thought Garry Perkins would like to know that if he already has most of the early material on Best of Volume 2, that The Final Bow is also on Sex and Flags, the terrific compilation of the rare Lemon EP, many tracks from Something for the Weekend and two Andy Davis demos. It is also on sale at the merchandise table at the gigs.

Ade Macrow - 04/10/2015
The Final Bow is also available on the Sex And Flags CD, also available from the merchandise stall.

Ade Macrow - Somewhere 04/10/2015
Testimony to the incredible music purveyed by the band is the distances fans are prepared to cover to see their favourites 'live', These may not quite be Road To Venezuela length but they come pretty close. Coming over all the way from Japan, again, just for the Shoreham gig and last night's concert at Barnet was the amazing Rie Yaguchi, organiser of the upcoming Stackridge/Korgis In Japan Projects, which will include two gigs there later this month. Not content with all this activity with her husband Seiichi, Rie will be returning to England for the final show in Bristol in December.

Also present last night were Steve Carosello - all the way from St. Louis, USA and making another trip to see Stackridge and a couple from Frankfurt, Germany. Svein will soon be coming to see the band at The Borderline from a home thousands of miles distant too.

There can be few - if any - other bands with a following as dedicated and it speaks volumes for the magic woven by the band members that people happily sacrifice so much time, resources and money to again get their 'fix'. Vast kudos to all concerned!

mick summersgill - maidstone 02/10/2015
Lovely to catch up with Gavin in the jacuzzi at Kinross before the show! We had a great week following the band around some of the locations, from Sheffield to Hebden (rather than Kebeeble, from Kent), and now look forward to Borderline & Folkestone (where i've persuaded 4 East Kent virgins to attend) later this month. Think the Greystones gig was really one of the best i've seen them in this incarnation, and that's not just the Thornbridge talking.

Garry Perkins - Lambley Nottingham 02/10/2015
A great gig at Lowdham Village Hall (sorry Lowdham Indoor Arena....)
Where can you get a copy or listen to the lovely Final Bow song that they finished the set with and which is printed in the programme
Response:The Final Bow song is on the "Best Of - Volume Two " compilation CD Album. Available on the merchandise stall at all the gigs or via Angel-Air Records Mail Order.

Paul - Dorset 01/10/2015
Just got back from holiday in Scotland during which we saw the Kinross gig.I've seen Stackridge 15 times since they reformed and do feel the present line-up is the best.If this is indeed the final bow then many thanks for all the great gigs and recordings over the years.

It was good to talk to the band after the gig.All the best to Andy,James,Clare,Glen, Eddy and Mike T for the future.

Bruce Ashmore - Toronto, Canada 29/09/2015
Just returned from The Old Country where we caught Stackridge at the Robin2. I was wondering how good a show had to be to justify that kind of expense and I got my answer. Also met Andy in the pub before the show and he was kind enough to give us a few minutes of his time, which was greatly appreciated. Of course, after the show, the entire band came to mingle at the concession table and give autographs. I've had the privilege of meeting several performers over the years, many of whom seemed to be going through the motions. This was not the case that night as everyone was friendly and down-to-earth. Thanks again. I do have one question regarding the show. While I know James has taken over lead vocal duties on Highbury Incident from Andy since as far back as The Forbidden City tour, I noticed at this show he also sang lead on the first two verses of both The Last Plimsoll and Syracuse the Elephant. Since Andy's voice was in fine fettle, I was just curious of the reason.

Steve York - Hebden Bridge 27/09/2015
Must admit to a tear in the eye as last nights show drew to a close. Will miss our annual Stackridge reunion as like many others in the audience the band have been part of our lives since the early 70's. The final tour set is probably the best compilation there has been, and the band are to be congratulated on their ongoing quality and good humour.
What would be great for fans with an interest, would be marketing, or making available, lyrics/chords for all the classics, as we can then sing along in the privacy of our own homes. Here's hoping.
All the best to everyone concerned, and many thanks for a host of happy memories.

Derek Grant - Oakham, Rutland 27/09/2015
Stackridge's Final Bow Tour came to Lowdham Village Hall near Nottingham on Friday 25th Spetember 2015. The band bade farewell to their fans with a heart-warming set of old and recent favourites. All Stackridge numbers – no Korgis songs included that night. They played till nearly
11 p.m., still tuneful and musically ingenious, celebrating a career where they have given so much happiness.
Lots of bands flaunt sex. The Beatles proselytised Love. Stackridge celebrated Friendliness. We bless you for it. Thanks to everyone who has contributed to your music over the years.

Gavin Livingstone - Glasgow 24/09/2015
Just back from Kinross gig. Band were awesome,better than I'd dared hope after decades of being a fan.Andy had been quoted as saying this was the best Stackridge yet,I agree.

brian - leeds 23/09/2015
Ade, I took your advice on buying merch at Sheffield. Now my bank manager is not happy! Brian

Add Macrow - Somewhere 21/09/2015
In order to try and maximise the joy and surprise, we're underscoring to keep set list details for The Final Bow tour "secret", so that anyone attending will be duly enraptured. For the same altruistic reasons, my usual detailed gig reviews won't be made public until after 19th Naturally, I would urge you all to purchase a piece or seven of merchandise as a souvenir or momentous, from myself or Mike 'Webby' Webb. Plenty to choose from and all worthwhile adjuncts to what I guarantee you will be a wonderful musical evening.

Ian Brownlee - Sheffield 21/09/2015
The final bow at the Greystones, Sheffield last Saturday was truly awe-inspiring - the best concert I've seen in years. In fact I enjoyed it so much I forgot how sad it was that you won't ever play in the City again. Thanks for all the great gigs over the years. Truly, the journey was topping.

Martin Jeffery - Nr Southampton 21/09/2015
Missed you at the nearby Talking Heads as we were away on holiday, but had a day in London on Friday to catch you at the Half Moon. The tour programme is very good, thanks, and as always the show was great, and longer than in the past. Really going to miss seeing you every 6 months or so, but the memories will stay and there is always the music and this website. Catching the penultimate date on the tour at Farncombe which is a surprisingly good venue and I'm looking forward to the DVD next year.

Paul Aitkenhead - Chelsea London 20/09/2015
I have been to some excellent concerts this year, however I had been looking forward to this particular concert at the Half Moon, Putney for months and was not disappointed. Although, I have bought all Stackridge recordings since inception this was the first time I had been able to see them live. I enjoyed the familiar melodic songs, enthusiasm, warmth and friendliness of the concert and I enjoyed it so much I am planning on going to the Bull Theatre, Barnet on October 3rd. Thank you all.

John Hill - London 19/09/2015
Thanyou so much all for a brilliant show at the Half Moon last night. Thanks also for all the wonderful music you have created over the years. I've been a fan since 1973 and your music still means as much to me now as it did back then. Hope the rest of The Final Bow tour goes well for you . Very best wishes to all of you and thanks again.

Finalbidz - USA 18/09/2015
thank you very much we had an wonderful experience .

Paul - Dorset 13/09/2015
Superb gig last night at The Talking Heads,Southampton.The band were on top form and played for nearly 2 hours.It was good to hear such numbers as Teatime and Purple Spaceships Over Yatton again as part of a wide selection from the band's recorded repertoire over the years.

Ade Macrow - Radstock exile 13/09/2015
Well, glad to say that the first bow of The Final Bow Tour last night at The Talking Heads, Southampton was another fine night. Despite Andy having a few throat problems, the music was as sublime as ever and we (myself and Mike W) managed to persuade many of the good folk of the Southampton environs of the worthy investment they'd be making if purchasing some of the merchandise.

I must urge all of you to seize every chance you get to see the band as they embark upon their final tour. As the cliche has it "we shall not see their like again". And you all know the line from Joni Mitchell's 'Big Yellow Taxi' . Don't regret missing your opportunity.......

Mike (merchandise) Webb - Abbotskerswell 11/09/2015
Well its the beginning of the end tomorrow at the Talking Heads, Southampton. Hope to see lots of fans between now and 19th December at Bristol. Mixed emotions.

Jeff B (Gateshead) - Gateshead 10/09/2015
All the best to the mighty Stackridge on their final bow tour. It will be great to hear songs from the esteemed back catalogue. We'll be there for the final fig in Bristol in December, which will be a special night - tell me the truth, where are those pinafore days ?

chris bennett - london 05/09/2015
i would just like to share a bittersweet memory of seeing stackridge in the early seventies. i was at a sunday afternoon gig at the roundhouse with my very first girlfriend Patricia. on the bill amongst others was Kevin Coyne who Patricia who loved her fifties rock and roll did not get at
all. but when Stackridge came on she had a beaming smile from start to finish. i can remember the next day after work being on the strand in London the pair of us singing along to Slark (or trying to). sadly about two years later Patricia took her own life,but i still have happy memories about that day. I will be at Bristol for the final gig to celebrate this great band who have been the soundtrack to much of my life

tim hawkins - penzance 13/08/2015
ny chance of including any of the stuff Bill shot earlier eg the making of AVFCS ?
Response:We will certainly look at any of that older footage to see if it might "fit" the concept.

melanie cheetham - Thrupp 13/08/2015
Learning Portuguese at the moment and I love their mad sayings. With regard to stackridge a portuguese does not give up but he 'takes his little horse away from the rain (Tirar o cavalinho da chuva)

Andy Taylor - Cambridge 08/08/2015
I first saw Stackridge in London when I was at Unit there 35 + years ago wow then and wow now. Thanks for years of fantastic creativity, good things always come to an end so that our memories can continue the legends into the future. You will never be forgotten, thanks for making our lives happier and brighter. Andy

Mike Tobin - Bristol UK 08/08/2015
Thanks to all the wonderful people who contributed to the funding of the Final Bow Tour Programme . John McClean has done an amazing job of designing the 24 pages . The programmes will be on sale @ the gigs ....not long to go now !

Garry Perkins - Lambley Nottingham 30/07/2015
As a present to Richard and Julie I recorded an acoustic cover of the my favourite Stackridge song, The Road to Venezuala and then played it live at their Silver wedding party at Lowdham Village Hall on Saturday 25th July 2015.
Richard is a madkeen Stackridge devotee and joined me on backing vocals on the night - coincidentally on the stage where we've seen Stackridge play many times and where they'll play for the last time on their final tour later this year.
I've put it up on Youtube
For anyone interested it's on
or just type in 'Road to Venezuala Garry Perkins' into youtube and it should come up.

Paul Noon - Holmfirth, West Yorkshire 29/07/2015
I first saw Stackridge at Bickershaw Festival, I was blown away by them!!

Ade Macrow - Radstock exile 24/07/2015
Nick - the precise date of the gig you recall is Saturday 20th May 1972.

John - London 22/07/2015
Well done, Bruce, you won't regret making the journey. I've seen Stackridge several times at the Robin 2 in Bilston and it's a great venue with a crowd who know their rock music.
Bilston, of course, is in the industrial heartland of England - the Black Country - which is not the most scenic place in the world, but the people are really friendly. Have a pint of Banks's for me.

Bruce Ashmore - Toronto, Canada 16/07/2015
Just purchased tickets for the Bilston gig and will be travelling 5700 kilometers to finally experience Stackridge live. Not a doubt in my mind it will be worth it. Hope I can show my appreciation to the lads (and lady)at the merchandise table.

Nick - Hertford (previously Northfield, Birmingham) 03/07/2015
My first exposure to this amazing band was at the George Cadbury Hall in Birmingham.Gordon Giltrap was one of the two support acts. I think it was 1971/2. Anyone else out there at the same gig?

Glyn - Southport 15/06/2015
I e-mailed The Atkinson some weeks ago saying i couldn't believe they hadn't booked you guys on the last ever tour and begging them to do something about it! (Citadel as well) Never heard anything back but WOW there it is in black & white, November 6th and my head has just made a huge dent in the ceiling!! (No Bowler Hat) Can't claim any credit but sooo glad they have seen sense . Cannot wait to see you again and enjoy what i know will be another brilliant Stackridge night.

Frank ('arold) Wilson - Warwick 14/06/2015
Have just listened to Slark having first heard it live in the gig at NORCAT in kings lynn in 1972. I have the ingrained memory that has lived with me forever where the beat was bashed out with one of the band stomping a dustbin lid strapped to his foot.......great days and will be at the robin2 later to see you again.

Garry Perkins - Lambley Notts 09/06/2015
Im trying to learn 'Road to
Venezuala to play at friend's birthday
What are the 1st 3 chords ?
I'm playing an basic open E chord moved up to G position, then down to F sharp position then back down to E but it doesn't seem quite right.
Also - 2nd chord (after the 1st E in verse) ?? I'm adding C with my pinky onto E chord but again I'm sure it's not 100% correct
Can anyone help

John Gallon - Aberdeen 09/06/2015
It's taken 48 years for me to discover Stackridge, came across Man In The Bowler Hat this morning !! Listening to the first album now, I'm hooked, better late than never !!
Response:Hi John.Welcome aboard. As you may have read we are playing our Final Tour of the UK Sept-Dec this year. We only have one gig in Scotland . Kinross on Sept 23rd. Details on the Gigs Page. Might we see you there ?

Margaret Taylor - Nottingham 04/06/2015
Would James and Andy join me for a cuppa at the Lowdham gig.
Such a civilised English way to enjoy live music.
I still have a small a4 poster of The Man in a Bowler Hat on my bedroom wall. Scotland's the "Cows" we're the support band.
Would you like it as a momentous?
Response:Hello Margaret,
James , Andy & all the band are always happy to chat with friends, fans & followers . Just come & say hello - usually at the merchandise stand after the gig . Of course we will all be found at various times in the pub opposite ! Would hate to denude your bedroom wall but would at least like to see that poster.

Mike Webb - Abbotskerswell 02/06/2015
Swansea 13th November. I managed to book by mistake two saver rate non refundable Travelodge rooms in Swansea for the night. Available at cost to anyone who wants the spare.

Steve - Sale 23/05/2015
Thank you so much for arranging not one but two shows in the North West. The Atkinson at Southport looks a great venue and the Railway at Bolton's Bromley Cross is a very friendly pub venue. Looking forward to both. I would encourage all NW fans to attend & support the band. These will be very special nights. Thanks Mike for arranging.

Bruce Ashmore - Toronto, Canada 12/05/2015
For a split second, when I saw the note about flying to Tokyo to play, I thought it said Toronto. Alas, it was either the power of positive thinking or just lousy eyesight. If I can allude to one of your classics, C'est La Vie.

bren brennan - crayford kent 11/05/2015
looking forward to september gigs

Mick - Hitchin, Herts 20/04/2015
Tony Milton Keynes - I did as suggested and received the following reply - 'These are decisions that are personally down to artist and management'.
Which contradicts the answer to my question posted in February.

Michael - Hamilton, Ontario, Canada 13/04/2015
I would like to think, that for the many fans who cannot attend the final concerts, someone is filming them to put out a DVD in the future. My own dream would be on the final night of the final tour that as many past members as possible show up and perform Slark as the final encore and then to the sound of hard shoes on a wooden floor and someone whistling, the band takes its final bow!
Response:We are looking at the costings of filmimg several of the Final Tour gigs for release on DVD in 2016. Watch out for announcements here & on our Face Book pages .

Steve - Sale 11/04/2015
Sorry to see there is no North West gig planned for the Final Bow tour. There are certainly fans in the Manchester and Merseyside areas who would love to attend a local farewell show. How about playing Sale Waterside Arts Centre - perhaps on 27th Sept after the Hebden Bridge show or some other NW date?
Response:we have been trying to get a slot in the North West for The Final Bow Tour. So far nothing booked but we will keep on trying.

Ade Macrow - Radstock exile 01/04/2015
Glad you enjoyed The Korgis at The Brook last Saturday, Paul. The Korgis gigs get better and better and it was, as you say, another great occasion. The set was the usual length - merely split into two halves, due to Steve Rodgers' incapacity. Also, Jim didn't sing anything from Andy's Clevedon Pier CD. The set was as per the previous gig at Wavendon on the Wednesday before, comprising 20 songs with Mount Everest Sings The Blues repeated again as the sole encore piece.

Paul - Dorset 29/03/2015
Superb gig by The Korgis at The Brook in Southampton last night.As the support act was unwell,the band played two sets.

All the numbers were brilliant as ever.In particular,James sang Magic (from Andy's Clevedon Pier album) very well and the encore of Mount Everest Sings The Blues (which ought to be a single) was a suitable finale.

Looking forward to the Stackridge gig at The Talking Heads in Southampton in September.

Tony - Milton Keynes 26/03/2015
Hi Everyone looking in from the Milton Keynes area. I know there are many of you out there keen to see Stackridge at The Stables one last time as they hang up their boots (and shoes) and head off down the road to Venezuela. If so please e-mail The Stables and let them know. We've supported them over the years now we need them to support us!

Paul - Dorset 15/03/2015
I see Stackridge got a mention in the Travel section (page 13) of today's Sunday Times.

Are there any more dates to be added to the Final Bow tour or is the schedule as listed on the Gigs page now complete?
Response:Still a few more gigs in negotiation.

Jeff B - Gateshead 20/02/2015
Sad to hear of Stackridge's final stand, but grateful that the run lasted so long. The Final Bow farewell tour will doubtless be special, joyous and emotional, and a DVD of one of the gigs is a great idea. A look back of the vast catalogue would be a fitting way to go out - get Mutter back for the last Stackridge tour !

Mick - Hitchin, Herts 20/02/2015
Hi, I have just seen the dates of the autumn gigs, will the The Stables in Wavendon,MK be added to these?
Response:Hi Mick. Sorry but The Stables will not be included on The Final Bow Tour . As they already have The Korgis booked for March 25th and also don't usually have bands back until 18 months has elapsed.

Ade Macrow - Radstock exile 16/02/2015
Paul - The 'Ridge have ever been trailblazers, as you know, and several years ago had a 'crowd funding' move towards...not a new album but a more roadworthy van, to transport all their gig. (And their good selves, of course). The van has now itself been moved on but it just shows how they were once more ahead of the curve.

Ian Charlson - Bolton 12/02/2015
I had to travel from Bolton to Windlesham to see you last week. You don't get up North much. Please consider Playing at "The Met" in Bury. Where ever you perform I will endeavor to see you at least once again.
Response:We try & book dates in all parts of the UK but some Venues just are not interested or can't /won't pay enough to cover our travel costs . We keep on trying. We will be in Sheffield , Hebden Bridge , Lowdham ( Notts) in the Autumn if that helps.

Ron McGregor - Glasgow 11/02/2015
Will there be a Final Bow in Scotland?
Response:Possibly Ron, we do have an offer for 1 gig in Scotland but need something else to make sense of the journey.

Paul - Dorset 09/02/2015
Thanks Tim.

If funding for a farewell album is problamatic then maybe the pledge system is the answer whereby fans commit to pay a specified sum and when a sufficient figure has been raised to cover the costs then the payment is taken and the album is produced.The Strawbs have successfully used this system and Anna Corcoran (keyboards/vocals in Robert Vincent's band - support on the Dec 2012 dates) has been using it so she can make her solo album.

Incidentally,I gather that,these days,Madness reconvene each December for some dates before Christmas and otherwise pursue their solo careers throughout the rest of the year.Is there any chance of Stackridge following that example?

Ron McGregor - Glasgow 08/02/2015
Will you manage a last trip to Sunny Scotland?
The Inn at Lathones was a comfy venue last time you visited....Would save us a few long trips !!!
but if not will probably travel anyway !!!!

Bruce Ashmore - Toronto, Canada 08/02/2015
Always hoped I'd get a chance to see you live despite the geographical obstacles, but this appears unlikely unless my lottery numbers come in. But the fact that this would be my first priority should this unlikely event happen should give you some idea of the affection that I (and clearly many others) have for your unique and sublime repertoire. Let me join the chorus to thank you for all that is Stackridge.

Tim - Cornwall 05/02/2015
Right on, Paul. How about some special guests at one of the farewell shows, on which a dvd recording could be based. Setlist could include tracks from all eras. But as there's not going to be anything more, how about a cd of the unused stuff from AVFCS, including the title track, plus Beside the Sea, Dummies etc plus Tetracycline and other stuff still unreleased. A home studio run-through on cdrs would do. It would be lovely for the fans if the canon could be completed. Not that I'm asking too much

Dave and Lindsay - kingston seymour 05/02/2015
So sad! Never underestimate how much joy you have given us especially in recent years. Thanks for the memories and lets make the last tour something special. Lindsay will never be able to leap around to boots and shoes again!

Paul - Dorset 03/02/2015
Is there any chance of an album being produced for sale during the last tour?

Tracks could include the songs from the 4 x 4 DVD,the singles Seek And You Will Find,Beside The Sea and Dummies,In Our Town (which James Warren said on Guestbook on 10/02/2009 would be on A Victory For Common Sense but which didn't make the cut) and live versions of the band featuring Clare singing Over The Horizon,All I Do Is Dream Of You and Tonight You Belong To Me.

I'm sure those attending the gigs would want to buy a copy as a final souvenir of the best band in the world.
Response:Hi Paul. Nice idea . Some problems with copyright on some of those songs. We are looking at the costings of filming & recording during the Final Bow tour for release as a DVD , after the tour is over. It is early days yet to decide what the set list will be . Just keep an eye out for announcements nearer the time.

Paul - Dorset 31/01/2015
Very sad to hear that Stackridge's Autumn tour will be their last.

Many thanks for all the great gigs and superb albums over the years.

Will James and Andy be re-starting their solo careers and will Andy's solo album be released this year?
Response:James is undecided about what he may do , although he is keen on getting some gigs as a bass player. Andy is still mixing two solo albums which hopefully will see the light of day sometime soon. He will almost certainly carry on with solo acoustig gigs and with various groups of backing musicians as he does with DLM.

Jeff Ward - Norfolk 31/01/2015
To Andy Davis, James Warren, Glenn Tommey, Mutter Slater, Clair Lindley, Eddie John, Crun, Rachel Hall, Sarah Mitchell, Andy Marsden, Keith Gemmell, Paul Karas, Rod Bowkett, Roy Morgan. Not forgetting of course. Mike Tobin Smegmakovitch and Wabadaw Sleeve. Thank you for the last 45 years or so of some extraordinarily fine music. A style you engineered yourselves that brought happiness into my life and into my heart. From the very first time I saw the band play (Reading Town Hall) right up to present time, you have never faded with your talent or your own style of music. You may hold your heads high in the knowledge that there is a great many fans of yourselves and your music that will make sure the name Stackridge lives on. God Bless you all. Farewell!
Jeff Ward.

Pete Williams - Oundle 30/01/2015
Just seen the news about 'The Final Bow'! Had to happen eventually, chaps, but it's something I was in denial about. You'll still be recording, won't you......

Frank L - Essex 28/01/2015
Nice mention for the Korgis gig on Ken Bruce's Popmaster last week. is this really the first time the Korgis have ever played live?
Response:Yes , a couple of attempts were made some years ago but they were never a live band really.

Lynden Williams - Warminster 04/12/2014
Hello again. Just wanted to let you know that Rachel Hall [former Stackridge violinist] plays on three tracks on the new Jerusalem album, Black Horses. Her work on these tracks includes several amazing solos. Rachel also appeared on our last album, Who Needs Pyjamas?, which we issued under the pseudonym of Deckchair Poets. The musicians on these recordings are the same. We issue blues rock material, with fairly serious lyrics, under the name of Jerusalem, and have a more fun approach to music and lyrics as Deckchair Poets. The better known band members are keyboard player Geoff Downes [Yes, Asia, The Buggles], drummer Nick D'Virgilio [Spock's Beard, Genesis, Tears For Fears, Big Big Train], and guitarist Ollie Hannifan, who's played guitar in many a London West End show - Jersey Boys, Loserville:The Musical, and Mamma Mia. Ollie's presently on a World tour with Mamma Mia.
Rachel will pop up, from time to time, on some of our future releases. If you wish to find out which, it's best to have an occasional look at our website which also covers our work as Jerusalem.
Whilst I'm here I'd like to give a recommendation, to those of you who might not own Something For The Weekend or Sex And Flags, by Stackridge of course, both of which I think are pretty amazing, to grab them soonish. I know some of the tracks from Weekend are repeated on Flags, but you honestly need both albums to complete your happiness, and it's best to hear the Weekend tracks as they were originally sequenced. I've just finished sequencing the new Deckchair Poets album, Searchin' For A Lemon Squeezer, which will come out early next year, so I can appreciate a good bit of sequencing.
Well, that's enough from me. Thank goodness you'll probably think!
Anyway, I hope you all have a Merry Christmas and a Fabbo New Year!!


Lynden Williams.

melanie cheetham - Thrupp 24/11/2014
Who will be in Korgis line-up beside Andy and James? Looking forward to their spring gigs.
Response:Andy & James will be joined on stage by Glenn Tommey. Eddie John & Clare Lindley the lyrics of a certain song go .."keep it in the family " !

Bruce Ashmore - Toronto, Canada 20/11/2014
Finally landed a copy of The Korgis Kollection DVD and enjoyed Off the Leash. I was always curious about Andy leaving mid-Dumb Waiters, so found that interesting. Also
preferred the unplugged version of This World's For Everyone. It's easier to notice what a lovely tune it is without the album's production which tends to make the songs sound a tad generic (other than the wonderful Hunger). I say this only by Stackridge/Korgis standards, which are as far from generic as music can be. Also great to hear your version of Lines from The Planets' Goon Hilly Down. Was not aware Steve Lindsey was with you briefly post-Deaf School. Like Stackridge, another great band that never got the recognition they deserved.

Paul - Dorset 18/11/2014
According to the Ents24 website,The Korgis are playing in Windlesham on 7 February. Are there any more Korgis gigs likely to be confirmed soon?
Response:Yes Paul ...hope to confirm more gigs soon. The Stables, Wavendon just confirmed for March 25th 2015 . Details should be added to the Korgis Official Web Site soon. (

Craig Smith - Melbourne, Australia 08/10/2014
Hi. Thanks for answering my question about the recording of Let Their Be Lids.

Is the version of Purple Spaceships on the compilation of the same name a re-recording?
Response:Yes Craig - that is a new version of Spaceships . Not sure if there are any copies still available but the fans over @ our yahoo group ( zorgansgal ) did press a limited edition CD of lots of bootleg /live versions of Spaceships taken from cassettes & sound desks over the years. The quality is not great on some of it but it does show how the piece kept on changing !

Philip Williams - Liverpool 06/10/2014
Can any fans around Merseyside get in touch with me via Facebook if you are interested in travelling together to catch a gig next year (if the band can't get any nearer that this year?) Also a question, can fans do anything to get the band invited onto Later..with Jools Holland. I can't think why you haven't been invited already - or have you?
Response:Hi Phil ....we strive to get bookings in every part of the UK but many venues & promoters particularly in the North West just" don't get it" and are not convinced that we would draw more than a few dozen people. "Later With Jools " is obviously something we would love to do but without the hiring of a very expensive PR person who has the ear of the Producers ( Jools does not choose the acts ) it is a closed shop. Maybe if a petition with hundreds ( thousands ? ) of signatures was sent to the powers that be we might be in with a chance.

David Soloman - Salisbury 06/10/2014
Well it does my old heart good to see you touring.

I can say with no exaggeration that your music was a big part of the soundtrack of my late teens and onward. "The Man In The Bowler Hat" in particular saw endless rotation. I can still recall the looks on some kids' faces when I played "The Galloping Gaucho" to them at their school disco (I think they may have been hoping for the soundtrack from "Grease".

Sadly, back then, I was a penniless waif, abandoned, unloved and never invited back to run discos. As a result I never did get to see you live, so imagine my joy when a mate got me tickets to your Talking Heads gig in Southampton last Saturday.

Your set was sparkling and blew us both away. It was nice to have a brief chat with Jim after the show, even if I may have struck him as a vaguely bonkers stalker. Sorry Jim. Thanks for signing the CD I thrust, somewhat unceremoniously, under your nose. You never quite know what you are going to say to your musical heroes. Whatever it was I said, it wasn't what I meant.

Funnily enough, another group I managed to catch up with this year was Camel, who I believe supported you way back when. It's been nostalgic...

Enough burbling. Thanks for keeping the flame burning and the very best to all of you, past and present.

Dave - Bexleyheath 05/10/2014
Borderline - 3/10 - what a gig !!!!
Absolutely brilliant - best I have been to in years.
amazing version of 'earthworm' ....may the rhubarb continue to be thrashed for many years to come

Martin Jeffery - Nr Southampton 05/10/2014
Many thanks for the gig at the Talking Heads last night. The band is playing & sounding better than ever. Took a couple of Stackridge virgins and they seemed to really enjoy the show. "Unique" & "quintessentially English" were words they used when discussing proceedings later. Looking forward to my next fix of the Ridge, Spring 2015 I hope.

Ade Macrow - Radstock exile 05/10/2014
Tilly, the response should have said that the Yahoo group mentioned is called Zorgan's Daughter (after an obscure early band song that was never released). Hope this makes your search easier!

David Cromwell - Southampton 05/10/2014
Thank you for an excellent gig last night at the Talking Heads - sheer quality, and despite not having the 600+ people you deserve it was a lot of fun for everyone there. Nice to be able to have a few words afterwards with James and Andy (together with my pal Ed who was badgering them to play 'The Three Legged Table' - ha ha!). Thank goodness I managed to get a copy of 'A Victory for Common Sense' when you played at the Tivoli Theatre in 2009. It's a terrific album and I'm so glad you played several of the songs last night.

Keep going - lang may yer lums reek.

P.S. Please reassure Clare that she's still a true Scot even if (like me) she hasn't lived there for years!

Paul - Japan 04/10/2014
Greetings from Japan and sorry to be missing the Autumn tour (especially as Purple Spaceships Over Yatton is back in the set list) due to currently being on the other side of the world.Maybe there'll be more gigs at Christmas? Anyway,I thought the band might be interested to hear that Tower Records of Tokyo has 3 of their albums in stock (Forbidden City,Extravaganza and Something for the Weekend). Glad to hear the tour is going so well.

Craig Smith - Melbourne, Australia 03/10/2014
Hello. Thanks for all the great music. I'd just like to know when Let Their Be Lids as featured on the Do The Stanley comp was actually recorded? Thanks.
Response:To be honest we can't remember ! Probably 1973 ?

Mark Gardner - Bilbao, Spain 03/10/2014
Fame at last:

From Richard Thompson's latest Q&A on his :

- Why did RT say there was no good music in the 80s in his Asheville performance of 1000 years of music – what was Joni Mitchell, Neil Young, Jackson Browne, CSN&Y and so many more. Surely they were as good or better than Abba, who were included,…Nina Sazer O’Donnell

My comment was fairly tongue in cheek…All the acts you mention I think of as 70s artists – including ABBA – they certainly all started in the 70s. My main dislike of the 80s is the bad SynthPop, which still sounds mostly dispensible to me, although I love the Korgis (which we play in 1,000 Years), Gary Numan, and Marc Almond.

Moving in high circles at last - well, in circles anyway. Keep up the good work. Hope to see you live again one of these days.

Tilly - Bristol 01/10/2014
Came here via Korgis, via looking for videos of dear Stuart Gordon whose death I have only just heard about. Happy memories of the £ Cabs too! Now interested to know if you have any Bristol gigs coming up in the future - and how would I get alerted? Thanks xx Just seen e-zine thingy below and have signed up..!
Response:No Stackridge or Korgis gigs planned for Bristol in the near future, Tilly. Best place to check for Dates is on the Gigs page on this Web Site. Also if you are on Face Book there is a Stackridge page , a Korgis page & a page devoted to fans & followers called The Rhubarb Thrashers . The E-Zine List is no longer active but if you click on the Y Icon that leads you to a Yahoo Group where fans & friends gather & talk about all sorts of other music as well as us !

Ade Macrow - Radstock exile 30/09/2014
Nick, No-One's More Important Than The Earthworm was played on the first two gigs of the 2013 Spring tour. Mutter Slater also performed a solo rendition of it when supporting his old band at The Fiddlers, Bedminster, Bristol in October 1999. But it hasn't been aired often 'live' since '76 and the break-up of the 'Phase 1' era, agreed. Always good to hear it again.

Keith - Chinnor 30/09/2014
Saw you in High Wycombe last year and again in Aylesbury last week. What great nights out. When I saw the Wycombe gig advertised I thought "Brilliant, I loved Stackridge back in the 70s" then found I couldn't remember a single song other than The Stanley! But did it matter? Not one single bit as I was able to enjoy the old songs all over again for the first time!!!

Fantastic shows by a fantastic band. I fear I will need to get a regular fix of Stackridge, so sorry, you cannot stop touring just yet :-)

Jon - Aylesbury 28/09/2014
I remembered the name from the Seventies and although I couldn't remember any of the music I went to the Friars gig in my hometown Aylesbury with my two gig buddies on Friday. What a brilliant event. Always the mark of a great band when you can go to a gig with no knowledge of the music and enjoy every minute.

Al - Weston Turville 27/09/2014
hey! just wanted to say we enjoyed the gig at Friars last night - PS - dont wait 38 years to come back next time. Love Big Al x

bren brennan - luton 15/09/2014
thank you for a fantastic night at the stables @wavendon mk so looking forward to aylesbury and the borderline club in soho

Nick Linfield - West Sussex 14/09/2014
Brilliant review of Stackridge at the Ropetackle on the Stonking Herald website. Find it at

Nick Linfield - West Sussex 14/09/2014
Staggeringly good gig at Shoreham-by-Sea last night. Brilliant set list including the majestic Purple Spaceships Over Yatton and a fabulous No-One's More Important Than The Earthworm, a classic Stackers recording that, in my estimation, they won't have played live since 1975. Mega. Here's to the Korgis gigs next year.

Gwyn - Cambridgeshire 13/09/2014
Thanks for an great evening at The Stables last night. Doesn't seem like 40 years when I first saw the band at Guildford University showcasing The Man in the Bowler Hat! The set sounded as fresh as ever. All the best for the remainder of the tour

Sue - Essex 24/08/2014
Would anyone have any information on Paul Karas, he was a bass guitarist in Stackridge 1973/76, we were friends many years ago and lost contact through the course of time,
Thank you for reading
Sue x

Dave - Kingston seymour 12/08/2014
Any plans for an autumn gig in the Bristol/Bath area?
Response:Hi Dave, Sorry but nothing booked for Bristol or Bath this Autumn.

Sean - Worcester 01/08/2014
Hi. What make and model ukuele do the band members play? I've just taken up the uke and am looking for recommendations for buying a better model.
Response:Hello Sean. Clare plays a "Laka" and Andy plays an "Ashbury". Both good makes .

danny tibbles - cheltenham 26/07/2014
So many songs to choose from nowadays, but would love to hear Benjamin's Giant Onion" live again. Make my day by playing my song "No Wonder" ( youtube F13dQcMS2A ) !! Keep up the great work, making so many people happy for so many years. thanx so much Danny Tibbles

melanie - Thrupp 22/07/2014
I will have to dust off my power suits from the 80s perm my hair and put sparkly eyeshadow again best of luck you old dogs. Would it have the same ring if you were The Collies or The Poodles ?

Paul - Dorset 03/07/2014
Great to see James and Andy with The Korgis on Top Of The Pops from 1979 on BBC4 playing If I Had You.

Martin - Wolverhampton 01/07/2014
I will come and see you in Bilston in September. I was too young for Stackridge but loved Korgis. Do hope you do some songs and wished you would your all the great tracks you did. Please do 'All the love in the world'

Paul - Hampton 26/06/2014
From the Borderline (3rd October gig) website;

"In 2014 Stackridge are back: writing, recording and playing live once." (sic)

So - a bit like the lottery then? At which of the many listed venues will our stars actually appear? Buy a ticket, and it could be you that gets to see this reclusive band!

Response:Ha ....We think they left out the final word of the sentence - "again" .

Paul - Dorset 17/06/2014
Is there any information yet re Andy Davis' new solo album eg. release date,title,track listings?
Response:No news yet . Paul. A work in progress.

Steve - Sale 14/06/2014
Any plans for a gig or two in the North West or North East during the proposed autumn tour?
Response:We are still trying to book a few more dates ( almost anywhere in the UK ! ) We had hoped to book The Citadel St.Helns and/or The Bury Met but they seem to be reluctant to even respond to our pleas. Of course if they were inundated with requests from hundreds of fans they might be persuaded !

Ian Osborne - Norwich 12/06/2014
Link for the Facebook page for the Lowestoft gig .......

Ken Savill - Stevenage 12/06/2014
Most disappointed to see that the Wavendon date this year clashes with with my other 70/80/90/00/10s passion, a certain Kate Bush. Having not missed a gig there or at Hitchin and Southend I was most upset. But could we please have the date for Lowestoft in September asap. Need to book some accomadation for myself and a few friends who have been converted over last few years.
Response:Lowestoft gig is on September 27th @ a Venue called "Grannys". They are only selling 100 tickets so check out their Facebook Page for details .

Marzo Plod - Haviker Street 11/06/2014
Always been a fan. Can you tell me what the birds on the cover of the first album are ? I will continue to thrash my rhubarb frantically, LOL, thinking about setting a Geocache puzzle based on it !

Martin in Preston - Preston 07/06/2014
yes, "Shropshire in February", on that Radio One John Peel session in the 70's, seems such a very long way ago ... but still etched indelibly on the sub-conscious musical brain. Father Frankenstein will be forever behind my transistor radio pillow. Musical genius. Can't ever escape it. Fundamentally yours - forever.

Geoff Thompson - Sussex 02/06/2014
In "Fundamentally Yours" there is the line, "Changing sides like morning brides". Does this have any roots in tradition or was it just a great rhyme?

Graham - Norwich 23/05/2014
Lowestoft. In December. Yes yes yes please. Do tell more.
Response:Looks highly likely gig in Lowestoft will be late September, not December .

Graham - Hull 20/05/2014
Many thanks to Stackridge for another fantastic gig at the
Brudenell in Leeds last Friday. My brother Mike and me made
the trip over from Hull, well worth the effort! I agree with
Steve from Sale about the live c.d. or better still a DVD?
The current 5 piece line-up deserves to be heard by a wider

Ade Macrow - Radstock rover 19/05/2014
That Aldborough Festival appearance, along with the band's performance of a 'visual poem' was in June 1970, Ian. As was their wont in those days, the band were accompanied by their friends from the light show, First Lite.

Glyn - Southport 19/05/2014
Traveled over from Merseyside to Hebden Bridge on Saturday night and after having great difficulty in finding the Trades Club, i managed to gain entry, purchase my pint and settle down in my seat just seconds before the arrival on stage of the "legendary" Stackridge. What a delightful evening of fun and frivolity ensued (although somehow i missed the topless dancers!!) You can guarantee to have a fixed permanent smile on your face at any Stackridge gig and Saturday night was another case in point. Thank you guys for transporting me yet again back to my misspent youth and also for the great new songs you are still recording and playing live to this day. It was a brilliant night and i hope you can get a gig together somewhere in the north west very very soon!

Steve - Sale 18/05/2014
Just enjoyed another wonderful show at the homely Hebden Bridge Trades Club. From the opening Lummy Days right through to a final extra encore of Dora, this was quality entertainment at it's very best. Too many highlights to mention but superlative playing and tight harmonies by all was enhanced by Jim's humorous anecdotes. As Glenn said afterwards, you just see so many smiling faces at the end of a Stackridge gig - if you are feeling down, this is the perfect uplifting medicine to cure all known ills!
I do hope a new overdue CD can be produced in the not too distant future, perhaps a new live album? Songs like Horizon and All I Do Is Dream Of You are just too good not to be recorded. Reworkings of old favourites like Galloping Gaucho and "acoustic" Squirrel would be great to hear too.
Please keep on performing and delighting your fans with future shows. It was good to meet up with old friends and chat to the friendly band after the gig. Many thanks for another memorable evening.

Jeff Ward - Norwich 14/05/2014
....Well, unless you can play in my front room, then I guess Lowestoft is the next best thing.!!!!
Jeff Ward.

Ian Osborne - 45mins from Lowestoft! 14/05/2014
Lowestoft would be great for East Anglian fans - only 45 mins from Norwich and about as far east in the UK as you can go without paddling!

Also it's only up the coast from that great early mystery appearance by the band performing to poetry at an early Alborough Festival at Snape('71??)

Jeff Ward - Norwich 13/05/2014
I agree with the previous persons post. I would love to see Stackridge here in Norwich (or anywhere close-ish) I have been trying to get the band to play around here for sometime now and I think it's time they sat up and listened to our call! There is a lot of fans here guys, come on up and entertain us.
Thanks....I'll get down off my soapbox now!
Jeff Ward.
Response:Would Lowestoft in December be any good ???

Ian Osborne - Norwich 13/05/2014
Sadly I've not been able to attend any of the recent gigs, but enjoying reading the reports and searching out the fans videos........ I've also been musing on how many years it is since the lowlands of East Anglia have been uplifted by the tunes of Stackridge live (often featured from record by our local Future Radio though!)and it is decades!... come on guys; GO EAST!!!!

Be lovely to see you this way........

Steve - Sale 11/05/2014
Just got our tickets for Hebden Bridge Trades Club on 17th May and so looking forward to another great gig. We have seen Stackridge there for the past few years and each show has been uniquely special. Last year with 2 rousing encores was wonderful so hoping for much of the same. We will badger the St Helens Citadel and Sale Waterside Arts Centre to try and get a future gig closer to home next time round.

Derek Grant - Oakham, Rutland 08/05/2014
Stackridge celebrated May Day (Thursday 1st May 2014) with a delightful set at The Musician club in Leicester. The jaunty opening of “Lummy Days” promised a terrific night's music, sustained through to the “Slark” encore which had the appreciative crowd whistling the main theme on their way to the car park. Three highlights : Clare's plaintive singing of “Over The Horizon”; the reverent silence at the end of “God Speed The Plough” as the power of the music sank in ; the witty re-working of “Galloping Gaucho”, led by Andy's ukulele. The ensemble playing sustains an astonishingly convincing momentum, year in, year out. “Age shall not wither them, nor custom stale their infinite variety”, to paraphrase Shakespeare. A wonderful evening – thank you.

Russ Parrish - Chesterfield 05/05/2014
Thank you Stackridge! Once again a superb show at The Greystones on Saturday night.
Just an absolute pleasure to see five such entertaining musicians at the venue. The set was perfect. I just hope that 'Horizon' gets recorded soon, Clare's voice is so wonderful. Also we always enjoy the 'Korgi' interludes.
Come back soon! Russ & Family

Bill C Martin - Doncaster 04/05/2014
Fabulous gig last night at The Greystones, Sheffield! Really enjoyed the 5-piece line-up - great performances, superb arrangements, excellent sound and particularly tight harmony vocals. As an ex-pro keyboard player I loved Glenn's contribution on keyboards - all so musical and intelligently done, with the songs firmly taking centre stage. It's a keyboard gig I would have loved! Well done and thanks again. :-)

Steve W - Nottingham 04/05/2014
Excellent music at Lowdham last night !!!Humour, expertise, love the new numbers Long Dark River and Red Squirrel and the Korgis retreads - thank you so much XXXXXX

Mike Baxter - Wirral 28/04/2014
Any chance of the band doing a gig at the Floral Pavilion ,New Brighton, Wirral , Merseyside ?
Response:We will have a look at that Venue - we have not played merseyside for a few years . Any idea if there is a local promoter who uses the venue ?

neil steadman - bexhill on sea sussex 28/04/2014
Great show in Farncombe despite software crash!! Please come to Bexhill on sea to do a show.Great venue.[De la warr pavilion] Thanks again!!

Paul - Dorset 25/04/2014
re the Scotsman/Stackridge/Beatles/Milliband furore;the band should sieze the moment and rush-release as a single Something About The Beatles c/w an updated version of Taxman ("Taxman Mr. Milliband,Taxman Mr. Cameron")to show the world how brilliant they are (everybody's got to learn sometime).

Simon - Sunny Sheffield 25/04/2014
Do they perform 'the stanley' and 'slark' on this tour? - if so wil be forced to view the combo in Sheff even tho' they are Mutterless - only a joke Dora!!!

How I loved the Ridge when they appeared in Sheff in the 70'S at the Mucky Duck (Black Swan)

Purple Spaceships over....
Response:Stanley is no longer in the set but Slark is one of the encores ( if you ask nicely ! ). Yes it is a shame about the old Mucky Duck but The Greystones is a good substitute .

bren brennan - luton 25/04/2014
looking forward to the barnet gig on saturday 26th april

Kevin - Devon 15/04/2014
Fabulous gig at Abbotskerswell by both bands. Great organisation, brilliant beer at very decent prices. I reckon there wasn't one song I didn't enjoy. Well played by all concerned - except those people at the back with their incessant loud conversations. Why do they bother to go to a gig at all? But only a tiny blip on a fantastic night. Much thanks.

Mike Webb - Abbotskerswell 13/04/2014
Stackridge get a mention on Radio 2. Johnnie Walker show. Advance to 39 minutes 55 seconds. He plays Dora. What a brilliant treat on my birthday.

Paul - Dorset 13/04/2014
Great sets from Davis Lindley Mullan and Stackridge at Mike Webb's 60th birthday bash last night.Superb evening altogether.Many thanks to Mike for organising it.

Phil Williams - Liverpool 10/04/2014
My wife and I went to Hebden Bridge and stayed over last year but I can't persuade her to go that far again. If you can get a bit nearer next time (if not the Citadel in St Helens I can do the Bury Met again)I'll see you there...

Gutted to miss Highbury Incident this tour (I wouldn't mind if..) But if you're doing Greasepaint Smiles that would be too much to bear. Anyway, Best wishes.
Response:Sorry Phil ...we have tried & tried to persuade The Citadel & Bury Met to rebook us but they just don't seem interested. Maybe pressure from the public might get them to rethink.

Tim Hawkins - Penzance 07/04/2014
Saw the band at St Ives last evening. Awesome is an overworked word so let's call it awe-inspiring. Best line-up I've heard, great choice of material and the two new numbers were excellent too, Thanks for coming all that way, and for doing Highbury Incident.

Tim Hawkins

Mike Webb - Abbotskerswell 01/04/2014
Following a call from a worried fan I can confirm the Abbotskersell gig will definitely go ahead. Apologies for my previous downbeat message but the gig was always going ahead however many tickets were sold as its a birthday present from me to me.
Real Ale will be Dawlish Blond at 4.5%, cider will be Green Valley dry at 5.5%. Wine etc will also be available.

Mike Webb - Abbotskerswell 23/03/2014
Stackridge at Abbotskerswell 12th April 2014. A few more tries to sell tickets. Press releases to local newspapers. Advert for 6 nights in the Western Morning News. Laminated posters to be put up all round the village. Trying to avoid a financial disaster. Not looking good. I can see why concert promoters have such a hard time.

Gair MacKenzie - North Bridgton, Maine, U.S.A. 16/03/2014
Just finished watching the my DVD of The Forbidden City, loved it! Still have my original vinyl copy of Bowler Hat I bought way back in the 70s, probably only available initially in the U.S. as an import. Used to work at a record store in Westfield, New Jersey called The Music Staff and enjoyed visiting nearby Jem Records, an importer. Now enjoying listening to Sex and Flags. Hope you guys (and gal) will come over to the States and do some gigs sometime soon. Long live Stackridge!
Response:Hey Gair. Always good to hear from our chums in the USA. Of course we would love to fly over & play for y'all. As always what stands in the way is money ( lack of ! ). One day maybe- we can all dream can't we ?

Just got tickets for Hebden Bridge Trades Club on May 17th 2014 , looking forward to the gig , last time I saw Stackridge was at the Bickershaw Festival May 1972 , I remember your set on a wet and windy friday night , you were great and just what a wet audience needed to warm us up

Ade Macrow - Radstock exile 11/03/2014
Rob - In answer to your query regarding Stackrdge possibly playing at yur college 'do' in December '69, 'Phase 1' Stackridge existed from 1969-76 but all gigs to the very end of 1969 were performed as Stackridge Lemon.

No gigs at Taunton are recorded in the gig guide until July 1975, when the line-up of Andy Davis, Mutter Slater, Keith Gemmell, Rod Bowkett, Paul Karas and Roy Morgan played The County Hotel there.

As you'll know, very many gigs were played by the band at colleges/universities and within the West Country too but this is the only noted instance of a Taunton gig from the initial eight year performance period. Hope this helps...

Jeff Ward. - Norfolk England 10/03/2014
So glad to hear your comments Bruce. I agree with everything you stated. I used to live just across the lake from you in Rochester NY. we often drove up to Niag-on-the-lake for the day. Since I returned to the UK, I have watched with eager interest to see if there was any news from Stackridge. But alas for many years all was quiet. Then one day some news appeared on the website saying they had re-formed and planning a tour. they are still touring today and if you get the chance to come over for a gig, I am confident you will not be let down by their performance. I hope they continue and with such great comments from people like yourself, only good can come of it.

Thanks mate!!

Jeff Ward.

Bruce Ashmore - Toronto, Ontario, Canada 08/03/2014
Just watched the rooftop interviews on the Forbidden City DVD and while it is refreshing to see musicians without inflated egos, I was slightly taken aback by the self-deprecating tone the band has to the consistency of its discography and lack of commercial success. While it is accurate to suggest Stackridge's wide range of styles made it more difficult for the non-discerning music fan to connect to, it is ironically this very quality that makes you so great. And while even the best eclectic groups (i.e. The Bonzo Dog Band) have music that runs the gamut from brilliant to mediocre, what sets Stackridge apart is the remarkable consistency of the material (and performance). It would be easy to attribute this solely to the talents of the core four, but that doesn't explain the plethora of terrific material Rod Bowkett contributed to the sublime Extravaganza or John Miller's yeoman's work on Something for the Weekend. Certainly music is subjective, even more so to those who wrote and recorded it, but I cannot think of another band where I can listen to any of their albums and the experience is tantamount to listening to Abbey Road or The Village Green Preservation Society or Badfinger's Wish You Were Here. That is a legacy any artist should be proud to hang his hat on.
Response:Thanks for that, Bruce. Over the years it is true that we have , for whatever reason attracted great musicians to contribute to our fluctuating line up - their joining us was certainly never about money ! Now in 2014 I guess we have a slightly more pragmatic approach, with the 5 piece line up reflecting economic reality of playing live, on the road. Obviously we have to perform material from across our extensive back catalogue to please the audience & to have such superb players as Eddie, Glenn & Clare adding their talents to the mix brings new life to the "old chestnuts". It is good to know that people like you appreciate what we have achieved musically since 1970 !

Rob Clutterbuck - Walkhampton, Devon 05/03/2014
It could just be my imagination,but I'm sure Stackridge played at my art college Christmas "do" in Taunton in December 1969. It seems too early, even for Stackridge!

Keith Nuttall - West Yorkshire 05/03/2014
Got my ticket for Leeds in May 2014. Brudenell SC is a great venue. This will be my third Stackridge gig, and I'm relying on the old adage "third time lucky" for an airing of Essence of Porphyry (my favourite Stackridge tune). I'll try not to hold my breath though, just in case.

terry - lincolnshire 02/03/2014
I had your original album since 1972 and always loved it... was lucky enough to see you at wembley stadium in 75 .. magic !!!!!
Thanks for those fantastic memorys
Response:Thanks Terry. Would be great to see you at one of our 2014 gigs ( although we have nothing in Lincolnshire at the moment). Check the gigs page on this web site for details of where we are playing.

Bruce Ashmore - Toronto, Ontario, Canada 26/02/2014
Just discovered Something for the Weekend, Sex & Flags and
A Victory for Common Sense and was delighted to find them up to the quality of the seventies albums (no small feat). I suppose the chances of ever touring in Canada are unlikely, but we can always dream.
Response:Thanks for the kind words, Bruce. We dream of touring/gigging in North America often, but the costs of getting there are prohibitive. Unless we can find someone to underwrite & sponsor us it remains a dream.

Laurie Hensman - Korcula Croatia 10/02/2014
Having enjoyed a "Stackridge" night at Birmingham University in the 70's, the memory has stayed with me the past 40 years....................fantastic !!!!

Mick - Hitchin 27/01/2014
What no Stables,Wavendon gig on the Spring tour
Response:Booked for Autumn Tour - Sept. 12th.

Dale Fairbrass - Southampton 24/01/2014
I for one would like to see you tour as the Korgis. With James on bass and Andy behind the keyboards. Dig out the dark glasses and long ties. Next I will be wanting a new Korgis album............ Oh well I can dream.

Mike Webb - Abbotskerswell 17/01/2014
Tickets for the Stackridge/DLM gig at Abbotskerswell on 12th April arrived today from the printers so I can start sending them out. See gigs page if you want to order any.

Geoff - West London 14/01/2014
The Korgis are an optional extra on life's playlist. Stackridge are absolutely essential - and I cannot wait to see 'em this spring.

Paul - Dorset 13/01/2014
There's an item on the BBC News website today about how 1980s British bands like Depeche Mode and Lloyd Cole are huge in countries such as Serbia at the moment.Maybe an arena gig in Belgrade beckons for The Korgis...

MJB - UK 12/01/2014
Wouldn't cross the road to see the Korgis but would travel many a mile to see Stackridge, nuff said.

Tim Hawkins - Cornwall 09/01/2014
Bill Blake was doing a DVD of the Making of AVFCS. Whatever happened to that project ?
Response:The project was shelved sadly. Many reasons including financial .

Richard - Yateley, Hampshire 03/01/2014
I always make it to your gigs at Farncombe which are great but have you considered a short acoustic set by the Korgis to support Stackridge on tour. Appreciate that you are more or less one of the same and that you include Korgis songs in the Stackridge set but it would be good to have different sets for a change.

I would love to hear some of those other great Korgis songs as well. I was brought up on them in the 80's so went from Korgis to Stackridge whereas others did the other way round. What do you think ? Might sell a few more tickets as well ?

What about doing the 80s rewind festival as Korgis ? Good way of getting noticed again ?
Response:Hi Richard,
There has been some discussion about also performing gigs as "The Korgis" using the same current line up . Nothing decided yet but we are waiting for reactions from some agents & promoters who have expressed some interest.

Tony - Cardiff 16/12/2013
I first saw Stackridge in 1972 when the band I was roadying for, Bone, was one of the support bands at a concert in Hull's East Park.

Although I kept an interest in the band, I never saw them live again until I moved to Cardiff and have been lucky enough to see them twice in 2013, at The Garage in Swansea, and then last night at The Globe in Cardiff.

Both times I have brought a friend along and Stackridge now have two more fans.

Looking forward to seeing you again in April 2014.

Tony Sell - Milton Keynes 05/12/2013
So sorry to hear of the demise of Syracuse the elephant. It appears that after Hollywood he visited a town and ended up in a steakhouse! At least they named the town after him. Visit for details. At least they don't appear to offer elephant steaks!


Mike Webb - Abbotskerswell 02/12/2013
Well in response to play more gigs I'm organising one for Abbotskerswell Village Hall near Newton Abbot, Devon on Saturday 12th April 2014.
Arrangements should be finalised soon. Watch this site for news on tickets.

ian leggott - thorne nr doncaster 02/12/2013
I spent a couple of years of my misspent youth following the band round the country .they were a fabulous band and fabulous people
Response:Thanks Ian. We like to think we are still a fabulous band & fabulous people ! We are playing "up your way" next May , so why not come along & judge for yourself ? !

Greg - 'stol 09/11/2013

janis - weymouth 01/11/2013
Can't wait for a gig down in this neck of the woods! 2014?
Response:April 5th @ The Square & Compass , Windmill Hill , Near Illminster closest to you so far, Janis .

Mary Smith - Worcester Park 01/11/2013
Did anyone else happen to hear 'Do the Stanley' played on 'This Week' last night on BBC1 - they had Boris Johnsons Dad, Stanley, on the programme ... and kept playing it throughout his article! Quite amused me!

Andy - Dorset 31/10/2013
Thanks for a really fantastic Saturday evening in Bath. The technical hitches only added to the enjoyment. Long may you continue to entertain us. Hopefully we can look forward to a new album in 2014?

bren brennan - luton 31/10/2013
fantastic gig @the borderline on friday followed by graham parker and the rumour @the 02 shepherds bush on saturday what a w/end

Paul - Dorset 27/10/2013
Great gig at the Borderline Club last Saturday.The band played for nearly 2 hours and were rocking better than ever with a superb set.

Martin Jeffery - Nr Southampton 26/10/2013
Just back from the gig at the Borderline last night. Took my daughter, for her first Stackridge gig & she, like me (a veteran) thoroughly enjoyed it. The band were on top form & relished in the almost capacity audience. All together a great evening, and two encores! Thank you, chaps and Claire. BTW, does Ed the drummer double up as Paul Hollywood's stuntman? Uncanny resemblance, you know.

Phil - Watford 26/10/2013
Thanks, I absolutely loved the gig last night. I only have the MCA albums so I'll need to do some catching up.
Hearing you play Dora it got to me wondering whether anyone had ever investigated if you had a case against Nickelodeon for breach of copyright? As I understand it (thankfully I'm not a lawyer) shorter titles don't have any protection, but "Dora the Female Exploer" is a longer title and is a concept too!

Lynden Williams - Warminster 02/10/2013
Just to let you know that former Stackridge violinist, Rachel Hall, plays on the closing track of the Deckchair Poets album, Who Needs Pyjamas? Rachel's recorded twenty one tracks with the band so far, and it's good to start the ball rolling with this rather fun album's worth of songs.
Deckchair Poets feature, amongst others, keyboard player, Geoff Downes, and drummer, Nick D'Virgilio. I have the great honour to be the band's singer, and as I'm a long standing Stackridge fan, from way back in the early 70's, I had the good fortune to recognise Rachel's great talent, and to eventually persuade her to join in with the Deckchair Poets wonderfully daft musical party.
Like everyone else I'm obviously looking forward to a new Stackridge album. A Victory For Common Sense was wonderfully impressive. Naturally I love all the old albums - I bought all the vinyl, and now have all the cd's - Extravaganza's a bit of a fave of mine.
Anyway, thanks Stackridge for pointing out Rachel to me, she's a very special musician.!!
Response:Give Rachel our love Lynden . She also recently contributed her talents to the Big Big Train Album "English Electric" so it is good to see / hear her on even more great music .

dale fairbrass - Southampton 25/09/2013
I get well excited when you play "If I had you" live. (And yes I did sing along) I forgot to ask, has James still got that pink bass?????
Response:No , the pink bass is long gone but I don't recall where ! James .

dale fairbrass - Southampton 23/09/2013
Just got in from Brighton. You never cease to amaze and Amy and I thoroughly enjoyed our evening at the old market. Thank you Thank you Thank you.

Graham - Chelmsford 17/09/2013
hi, saw the High Wycombe concert too and sure brought back memories. First time i saw you was at the Albermarle youth club in Harold Wood on a sunday night. Got converted and bought your first album instantly, and have played it regularly for about 40yrs!!!! it is still my favorite of yours and would of loved to of heard Grande Piano or Percy and SLARK - still another time. well done - keep it up and keep gigging.... Also liked the venue - shall we call it atmospheric.

Keith - Oxfordshire 15/09/2013
Saw you in High Wycombe on Saturday - first time in decades, literally! What a fantastic show, loved every minute. Must see about getting the DVD. Thanks for a great evening.
BTW there are a few photos from Saturday at:

Mary Smith - Worcester Park 15/09/2013
Superb evening on Friday (despite the weather), at the Boom Boom Club, Sutton. Supporting act Blackheart were also very good.

Pete Williams - Peterborough 11/09/2013
Any chance of the tabs/chords for various songs being published on the web site at some point? Dora, Friendliness, Teatime and (Waiting for you and) England to return would get my vote. Ta muchly & keep on clucking!
Response:No plans to do that at the moment , Peter. We might think about it for the future ( if we can remember them ! ) Why not ask the gang @ the zorgansgal yahoo group ...there are several good musos there who have worked them out !

Tim Hawkins - West Cornwall 07/09/2013
This may be a little premature but when Stackridge return like migrating birds to the recording studio, could there be any creative input from Mutter and Crun ? Also what of the unused stuff from AVFCS ?
Response:Hi Tim. All things are possible ! If Mutter and/or Crun have any songs "to spare" & which can be adapted/adopted by James & Andy when the time comes then there is always the chance that something may turn up on a new Album.

Tim Graves - Barnet 03/09/2013

Just returned from a great family holiday in California and Arizona. Listened to a lot of Eagles, Jackson Brown etc. in the car. I remembered seeing them, Joe Walsh, the Beach boys and Chaka Khan support Elton John at Wembley Stadium in 1975. One of the first stadium gigs (link to bizarre US TV advert attached). And look who opened - Stackridge!

Saw your last three gigs in Barnet and hope you return again soon. All the best.

Mike - Bournemouth 28/08/2013
As an avid an of Stackridge in all manifestations since 1973 (sorry I missed the beginning but I was then young and naive), I feel slightly embarrassed to reside in an area which seems to be unlucrative regarding gig attendance.I've seen you guys 4 times in the last 18 months, at Swanage,New Milton and Southampton (twice)and on all 4 occasions the audiences were small in number but huge in support. I do my best to promote locally, but what else can I do? inances dictate I can no longer do over-nighters, but please reassure me you are still willing to play gigs within an hour's driving distance rom Bournemouth.
Response:Thanks for your support Mike. We do try & accept bookings anywhere & everywhere in the UK and we do constantly try to find new Venues to play ....including "within an hours drive of Bournemouth "! Nothing booked near you so far in 2014 but keep on checking here & on Face Book & Twitter for the latest updates.

HairyGT4 - Yorkshire 19/08/2013
Been giving my old vinyl a spin recently - Extravaganza has lost none of it's magnificence over the years. Volunteer never fails to make me grin!

David James - Lincoln 16/08/2013
Read in the sleeve notes of one of the Stackridges CDs that they don,t sound like Stackridge in a sense that the Beatles always sounded like the Beatles and so on. This is what makes them sound so amazing I think. I have just bought most of their back catalogue and I just love their music. It,s different to anything I,ve ever heard in my life.

Dave&lindsay - Kingston Seymour 10/08/2013
What news of Andy?
Response:Feeling a little better thanks .

Paul - Dorset 03/08/2013
I see Davies Lindley Mullan are playing the Hilton Music Festival in Bridgnorth on 11 August.Will they be playing any more gigs this summer/autumn and are there plans for a CD release?
Response:DLM are playing at The Coronation Tap Pub in Clifton Bristol on November 3rd. That's their only other gig so far this year. Various combinations of Andy Davis, Clare Lindley & many other musicians have been recording Andy's songs for a while but not finished yet . Hopefully this will be released sometime in 2014.

Mike Webb - Abbotskerswell 30/07/2013
If I Had You played today on Ken Bruce Radio 2 49 minutes into show.

Jeff B - Gateshead 20/07/2013
World of difference between Stackridge and the Korgis me thinks. Good to see 'If I Had You back' in the set but also 'God Speed The Plough' and 'Lummy Days'by the mighty Stackridge. Any chance of the brilliant Stackridge playing Newcastle again ? It's years since the last gigs at The Cluny, both of which were great.
Response:As always , Jeff we do try to play in all areas of the UK & Newcastle is on our target list for 2014 . So far Venues / Promoters seem somewhat reluctant though in that neck of the woods.

Stephan Schell - Salisbury 18/07/2013
Hi - I'll be coming to the Bath and Borderline gigs in October. Is "Something about the Beatles" in the current set-list? My daughter insists on knowing before she will commit to the Borderline gig with me!!!!!
Response:We have not decided on the set list yet for the next run of gigs. We always have several days of rehearsals before each tour & only then ( after much discussion ! ) do we decide. Sorry we can't be more specific .

Kev Bush - W London 17/07/2013
Yes, the Korgis name is better known, but that means people who are unaware of the Stackridge connection will come along expecting to see "The Korgis" on stage. Hope this doesn't cause you an unwanted backlash, as the advertising for the show does seem a little unclear in this respect. Thanks for explaining the real position here though - at least anybody who reads this will know what's in store.

Kev Bush - W London 16/07/2013
Thanks for the response. Can you tell me who the support acts are at the Borderline please? Had not realised that Stackridge and Korgis were now considered to be one and the same thing, that's really interesting. Cheers Kev.
Response:Blackheart ( duo) will be support act @ The Borderline. We don't want to confuse the issue about Stackridge / The Korgis . They are/were "one & the same" only in that they were fronted by the main writers Andy Davis & James Warren. Andy has said that had Stackridge not broken up in 1976 then "Korgis songs would have been Stackridge songs". Since we reformed in 2006 the emphasis has been on Stackridge material with just a few Korgis songs ( often revamped to suit) in the live set. As The Korgis did have two Hit Singles they are better known to the general public & so are mentioned in advertising - there are still a lot of people who do not know the connection.

Kev Bush - W London 15/07/2013
That Borderline show in October is a definite maybe for me. The club are advertising it as "An Evening With Stackridge, The Korgis and friends". So will The Korgis be doing a separate set? Who will be the other "friends" that night, and are they playing support set/s, or appearing on stage with Stackridge?
Response:Slightly misleading that. Refers to the fact that Stackridge & The Korgis ( e.g James Warren & Andy Davis) are one & the same ! Because The Korgis are slightly better known the Venue is plugging that aspect in the hope more people will come . So ......there will not be a separate set . The friends bit refers to the support act we suppose.

george batt - bristol 14/07/2013
great gig at bath. First time there. Full house all was singing along. Will see you again in sept.

Pete Fisher - London 12/07/2013
Morning one and all! Just posted "Do the Stanley " on Facebook to give everyone a lift. Hope you don't mind, no intention of breaching copyright, etc.ore power to you, any gigs in London soon? Kind regards, Pete
Response:Next London gig is at The Borderline on October 25th. Full details on the Gigs Page here. Tickets on sale now.

María José - Seville (Spain) 27/06/2013
James Warren: You've got one of the most beautiful voices in the world.

Paul - Dorset 23/06/2013
I think the Korgis song Martin Jeffery was asking about was Cold Tea.

I see that on the 10 February 2009 James Warren posted an item on Guestbook about the then forthcoming album A Victory For Common Sense mentioning some of the tracks to appear on it including one called In Our Town which,in the event,was omitted.Could this be recorded by the current line-up to be included on any future release with eg the singles,the songs Clare sings,the full version of EGTLS,acoustic Squirrel etc?

Paul - Dorset 13/06/2013
Great gig at The Talking Heads,Southampton last night.It was good to hear Slark again after so long with some superb flute-playing from Glen.
The support band Willowen were excellent too.

Martin Jeffery - Nr Southampton 13/06/2013
Thanks for the excellent (as usual) gig at The Talking Heads last night. I really enjoyed the set with the new old songs such as Highbury Incident & God Speed the Plough. Just after GStP there was a Korgis' song which I hadn't heard before which sounded very good. What was it?

As I type this, hopefully the band will be playing at the IOW Fest. Hope everything went well for you all over there with none of the troubles of last year.

Some new material on CD would be most welcome, even an EP, or live stuff from 2012. Any chance between now & Xmas. Looking forward to catching one of the gigs in the autumn.
Keep up the fantastic work you are doing, chaps & Claire.

dale fairbrass - southampton 13/06/2013
just got back from talking heads southampton. as always another great time was had by all. they were rocking in the isles. just wondered why no one gave that extremely large plant that appeared late, on stage a ukulele???

Mark Gardner - Bilbao, Spain 04/06/2013
Haven't Stackridge enough uncollected songs lying around (Over the Horizon, Beside the Sea, Seek and You Will Find and others I've read about here but never heard) to be able to get a new CD out there quickly and cheaply? Produced by one C. Hughes for a (very) small fee?

Or am I being over-optimistic?

Dafydd Richards - Cheltenham 29/05/2013
Dear Lads(and lady) I have been meaning to write for a few weeks so here goes. I saw you at the Tithe barn near Cheltenham a few weeks ago....what a great Sunday evening! I have seen numerous lineups of the band , with and without big names, old buggers etc. Arriving at the gig I was disappointed to hear that Mutter and Crun were not on the current tour....I apologise folks! The concert was brilliant. Great sound, great set featuring many highlights but God Speed the Plough was magnificent and Plimsoll(my all time Stackridge fav) was probably the best I have heard it even without Andy playing electric guitar...I must add that I really like his electric playing . At most concerts there are some fillers and bits where you look at your watch and wonder if you need to catch the last trolley bus home...there was none of that. The harmonies were spot on and the new( Scottish?) lady up front was a real bonus.Well done chaps! Oh and I met up with the Japanese couple who are number one fans...What on earth do they make of the English whimsy? The Korgis tracks never fail..really strong tunes beautifully delivered...what's not to like? Regards, Dafydd Richards

Ade Macrow - Radstock exile 22/05/2013
Hi Bonnie. No, The Korgis version was recorded before the Stackridge cut, hence my stating there were five Korgis originated songs in the 2013 Spring Tour set. Will there be more/others in the Autumn/Winter? Time will tell....

Paul - Dorset 21/05/2013
In the paper today it's reported that Britain's first official spaceman,Major Tim Peake, will be taking with him into orbit an iPod with a "pretty good playlist" on it.
If he was sent on behalf of the band a copy of the "Purple Spaceships Over Yatton" compilation CD then perhaps at last Stackridge's music will be heard round the world!

John Cghapman - St.Ives Cornwall 19/05/2013
History has been made. Bren Brennan of Luton left message 1000 on here on 08/05/13. I really should get out more. - Miami, USA 19/05/2013
Ref the message below from Ade, surely the song "Something About The Beatles" was released first by Stackridge on Something For The Weekend album - well before the Korgis recorded and released their version?

Rie Yaguchi - Japan 13/05/2013
Me and Seiichi, my husband were really happy to attend 3 gigs, Farncombe, Wavendon and Bishop's Cleeve.

Luckily, these 3 venues were distinctive each, a church, a hi-tech hall and a historical village hall.

' Over the Horizon' was a new wonderful song. I love Clare's voice. Can't wait a new album releasing.

And I'm planning to go to High Wycombe in September with my 11 year son.
Me and Riku, my son (call him, Rick) are looking forward to seeing Stackridge and Zorganists !!

Rie xx

steve clegg - Upper Batley, West Yorkshire 12/05/2013
What an awesome night at Hebden Bridge on the 4th of may,All band was fantastic, Clares violin work awesome, especially on GSTP,Always had great affection for stackridge so unique and always give a great performance, Fantastic musicians, well loved UP YORKSHIRE THA KNOWS,Can,t wait for next gig up here.

dale fairbrass - Southampton 10/05/2013
I think it is nice to see korgis tunes slipped into the stackridge live set. There are some cracking tunes hidden away on all the Korgis LP's. Lets not forget even Mr McCartney would pop the odd Beatles hit into his live set when he was in Wings??? I started life as a Korgis fan, only realising they had a previous life a couple of years ago. So, for me a mixture of both is fine.

Steve Clegg - Upper Batley, West Yorkshire 10/05/2013
That was one awesome performance at Hebden Bridge on 4th of may with Clares blistering violin work on gstp, Andy,s fish in a glass and Jim and Andy,s Korgis If i had you,but every number was fantastic every band member was fantastic, Have followed Stackridge for years, Best night i,ve had for years, Stackridge very well liked in Yorkshire for years.

Ade Macrow - Radstock exile 09/05/2013
There are, in fact, FIVE Korgis-originated songs in the Stackridge set, as five of them saw their initial releases as Korgis numbers. These are Everybody's Got To Learn Sometime, If I Had You, Boots And Shoes, Cold Tea and Something About The Beatles.

In the case of Boots, various differing mixes of the song can be discovered on differing CD releases and there are 'unplugged' versions of EGTLS and Cold Tea on the 'Korgis Unplugged' DVD.

The joke Clare cracked about GSTP being her "audition piece" was simply that - a jest but it was, admittedly, a very amusing one. Another small encapsulation of why The 'Ridge are such a unique band.

Jeff Cooper - Gloucestershire, UK 08/05/2013
Thank you Stackridge for another fantastic Spring Tour, ...already suffering withdrawal symptoms after catching 2 superb performances, but heartened to see via another post here that you're back at The Chapel Arts Centre Bath on 26th October. Already looking Over The Horizon to that one. You guys (and gal) just get better and better and better.

bren brennan - luton 08/05/2013
thanks for another fantastic night @ club 85 in hitchin

Nick - Hertford 08/05/2013
First saw Stackridge at George Cadbury Hall in Birmingham around 1971/2. Was totally taken with their musical prowess. Most recently seen at The Bull in Barnet - audience was a little reserved - but concert was an absolute triumph. Lots of new and old stuff and some I had not heard for 20+ years in the Roundhouse, Camden. Thanks guys, you make such fabulous music. Long may it continue.

Paul - Dorset 07/05/2013
Just been watching the great footage on YouTube of the band playing Over The Horizon at The Robin2,Bilston-a haunting and unforgettable song featuring superb vocals by Clare.Are there any plans at all to release it as a download and/or CD?

Martyn Winters - Bridgend 07/05/2013
By the way... what was the first song you played? I don't recognise it.
Response:Its a new song written by Clare Lindley & Eddie (drums) John. "Over The Horizon". We have not recorded it (yet).

Martyn Winters - Bridgend 07/05/2013
Absolutely loved the gig at the Garage in Swansea. It's a long time since I've had the pleasure of seeing Stackridge - indeed you were the very first band I ever saw unchaperoned: at Llandaff Tech, Cardiff - way back when (early seventies). It's good to see you're still flying the flag. Come back to Wales soon.

Steve - Sale 07/05/2013
Just got to share with everybody the extra special gig at the Hebden Bridge Trades Club where either the band was on something or the audience were ... or was it both?!? Right from Clare's spellbinding opening Over The Horizon something between band and audience just clicked into place. Rapturous applause greeted every song and the band were clearly taken aback by this response.

We enjoyed sublime slide guitar from Andy on If I Had You, driving bass from Jim on Long Dark River (his Fleetwood Mac The Chain moment) and some wonderful harmonies throughout added to a memorable night. I was a little unsure of what to expect on this tour but was delighted with every song - some old, some new and some surprises. Not heard God Speed The Plough (Clare's audition piece!) played live for many years which was a real bonus as was a lively Rainy July Morning - one that Jim told me afterwards that he campaigned hard to be included in the set. Although no Earthworm this time, there was plenty to compensate.

A packed house just didn't want the night to end and we were rewarded with not one but TWO encores - after Funamentally Yours & Dora, the band kindly agreed to come back again for a second rendition of Venezuela. Not seen that at a Stackridge concert before.

The moral of the evening is simple - come back to entertain your adoring Northern fans again soon. You will be most welcome! Thanks a million guys and gal, you are the best!

Hugh - Stevenage 05/05/2013
Fantastic night at Club 85, Hitchin. 'God Speed The Plough' has been repeating in my head ever since!

Ian - Newtown, Powys 05/05/2013
Bugger! You guys played Shrewsbury recently and I knew nothing about it!! My loss, evidently. Stackridge were the first band I ever saw, back in August 1974 at the Barry Memorial Hall, and one of the more recent, courtesy of their appearance at Sonic Rock Solstice a year or two back (had a nice chat with their violin player at the bar afterwards. Apparently she was only 3 yrs old when I saw them for the first time). Is Crun Walter still part of the line-up? Anyway, carry on, chaps!
Response:Sorry you missed us at Shrewsbury. "Crun" Walter retired from touring last year & is no longer playing with us. This means that James Warren now plays bass , which was always his best & favourite instrument .

Pete Howarth - Halifax 05/05/2013
Forget last message, It's " over the horizon ", found it on you tube.

Pete Howarth - Halifax 05/05/2013
Saw another stunning performance from Stackridge last night at Hebden Bridge.
Could you let me know the name of the first song you did as it's one new to me.
Regards Pete.

Steve - Hebden Bridge 05/05/2013
Another superb night with Stackridge at the Trades Club. Great.....nay.....hysterical audience lapped it up. Has to be an annual event!

Iain Elliot - Worcester 04/05/2013
I was at the Tithe Barn, Bishops Cleeve gig on 28 April. Thanks to all: it was a great gig in a great venue. I especially liked all the Korgis-vintage songs as I first got to listen to Stackridge via the Korgis.

Keep on doing the Stanley...

John - Diss 03/05/2013
Great gig at the Ropetackle Arts Centre in Shoreham on 25/04/13. Best gig we've been to in a very long while. The sound mix was spot-on. Superb intimate venue also. Looking forward to the next one.

David Jowett - Stroud 02/05/2013
So why bother to see Stackridge again after nearly 40 years and seeing them at scores of gigs?

The answer came halfway through "God Speed the Plough" at Bishops Cleeve last Sunday. And again, on "Long Dark River". And again on songs that I had never heard live before.

Please keep playing and we will keep coming!

John Clifford - Burnham on Sea 02/05/2013
Coming up to 40 years from seeing Stackridge at the Fairfield Halls in Croydon the night before my Economics 'A'Level. I was top of the class but managed only an 'E' pass. Thanks Mutter, Crun, Mike, James et al from stopping me from becoming a merchant banker ( and that's NOT rhyming slang !)

bren brennan - luton 01/05/2013
thanks for the fantastic night at the stables in mk on saturday

Mick - Hitchin 01/05/2013
Excellent show at the Stables on Saturday. It was the first time i had seen the Crun-less version of the band, did seem a bit weird seeing Jim on bass. I will be seeing you for 2nd time in a week as you are playing my home town and i can walk there. See you on Friday then.

bren brennan - luton 30/04/2013
fantastic night @the stables wavendon milton keynes

David Jones - Kingston seymour 30/04/2013
Fantastic gig at Bishops Cleeve last sunday, loved the new Claire/Eddie song which would make a great single. Any chance of a Bristol gig in the near future?
Dave and Lindsay.
Response:There might be a Bristol gig in December - one of our Christmas/Festive specials. We are @ Chapel Arts Centre in Bath on 26th October

Theo Goodall - Exeter 30/04/2013
Lovely show at Bishop's Cleeve on Sunday. Given me great pleasure with that wonderful noise since North London Poly in 1971 - and you made four new fans too - they're almost as old as Marzo but still new!

Time to come to Exeter.

Mick - Hitchin 29/04/2013
Top draw evening at the Stables on Saturday.It was the first time of seeing the Crun less version of the band, it was a bit weird seeing Jim on bass. Cracking version of the Crun song Long Dark River.
Now looking forward to seeing you again on Friday at Club 85 Hitchin

Tony - Milton Keynes 29/04/2013
Wow What a Gig!! It was like being back in the 70's with real music, lots of head banging to the beat (or perhaps Head nodding considering our average age) with James and Andy still in their 20's. This should have been called their Rock Tour although of course it was still their individual sound of the Strawbs meets Quo but so melodic at times, time to close your eyes and drift away to a magic place.
Not forgetting the rest of the band, especially Claire who must have Stackridge running through her like the Stackridge (seaside) rock. She captures the unique sound of stackridge so well living out every note on stage.

It was great hearing those new to Stackridge so enthusiastic about the band's special sound as those of us who knew and loved them back in 70's. 40 years on and Stackridge is still a part of my day to day music.

Thanks Guys for a great evening and long may it continue well into your 30's!


dale fairbrass - Southampton 28/04/2013
If I had you and Cold tea! LIVE!! At Shoreham. THANK YOU THANK YOU THANK YOU. If you really wanted to make an old man happy any chance of I just can't help it??? I love that song.

Simon Royal - Potton, Bedfordshire 28/04/2013
Great gig at The Stables in Wavendon last night - my 18 year old daughter was an immediate convert! First saw Stackridge in Swansea in 75 (or maybe 76) on the Extravaganze tour - not sure if it was in the Patti Pavilion or the Brangwyn Hall. Woudl have loved to have heard 'Nothing's more important than the earthworm' live again though. Maybe on May 3rd in Hitchin .... please !

Derek Grant - Oakham, Rutland 28/04/2013
Saw Stackridge at the Stables near Milton Keynes last night. The band remains on top form, sharing old favourites and new songs with the fans. Each tune evoked memories of key stages of the band's long and fruitful career, and the playing and singing of Andy, James, Claire and the band remain powerful, entertaining and often throat-catchingly (?!) moving. No spoilers, but you will find plenty of tunes to treasure when you go along. And ukuleles! An appreciative crowd helped Dora home in an encore that came all too soon. Thanks, Stackridge – loved it!

andy a matthews - little brickhill ( just for the night ) 28/04/2013
Enjoyed yet another Stackridge show, at the pleasant and auidence friendly Stables, Wavendon. My first was way back in Canterbury 1973 as I recall.
Good as last night was I do have a few comments to make.

I do wonder if three , yes count them, 3 Korgis songs should be included in a Stackridge set especially as we were only given one encore.
For me the highlight of the set was the instrumental 'God Speed The Plough '. this dramatic wonderful tune swept me up and engaged my attention and imagination ; the rest of the set held no surprises , high or lows , it all seemed too easy . Would it not be great if the band could stretch the songs a bit, they are all accomplished musos so why not some jamming and improvision rather than almost note for note playing . If you are going to more or less recreate the recorded version onstage you may ask ' what is the point ?
Surely live shows should offer something a bit more than what you get on a cd ?

Anyway I put my thoughts out there and look forward to reading comments both for and against

Nick Linfield - Steyning, West Sussex 26/04/2013
Fantastic gig at the Ropetackle in Shoreham-By-Sea last night. Brilliant to hear 'God Speed The Plough' in the set and a real (and pleasant) surprise to hear Rainy July Morning. Had a great time : thanks so much, guys and gal. Great as ever!

Tony Sainsbury - Bedford 25/04/2013
Does Crun remember Tony and John Sainsbury from Brookfield Park, Weston, BATH? Love your new stuff keep up the good work. John played guitar with you once at a gig in Bath at the Domestic Science Building!

spud - wantage 25/04/2013
Have you seen these animations

Beside the Sea drawn by Year 6 children.

Steve Hammond - Wolverhampton 25/04/2013
Wonderful gig last night at The Robin. Loved the new song, Horizon, that was the opener. Good to hear such a widespread selection of songs. Just a pity that there weren't more people there to witness such superb musicianship. Not sure what more you need to do, as £12.50 to see a show that good is an absolute bargain. I look forward to a repeat performance next Wednesday, in Shrewsbury.

Mike - Swansea 24/04/2013
James and friends. Thanks for speaking to me in the Uplands Tavern tonight (I was one of the many, probably, who said they first saw you forty years ago in the Patti). Superb gig. Haven't enjoyed myself so much on a night out in a long time. My 'newbie' mate felt the same. Looking forward to the next time. Thanks a load :)

mike aldron - swansea 24/04/2013
saw the band at the GARAGE swansea on the 23/04/13 ....had a chat with mike, and andy ....then the gig....suberb, i knew what to expect from james, andy, and glen ...but the violinist and percussion were 12 out of 10,,, cracking gig all the best to all of the band....mike

Patrick Tiernan - Nuneaton 23/04/2013
First time I saw Stackridge was in King Edward's Grammer School ,Nuneaton about the same time as Friendliness came out. 1972/3 I think. I remember James saying sorry to any skinheads for playing reggae. There weren't any in the hall. Later in the year me and some friends hitched to Clevedon. Slept in a tent by the road in Yatton. Didn't see any Spaceships. Last time we saw Stackridge was in Worcester in a chapel. They were great. Going to see them in Milton Keynes soon. Looking forward to that. Love the Common Sense album.

Paul - Dorset 21/04/2013
I'd like to echo the comments of Graham from Norwich about last night's superb gig.
The band were on top form and it was great that there were so many people there.
Is there any chance of Clare and Eddie's new song Horizon being released on a CD (with All I Do as track 2,perhaps) as happened with Beside The Sea/Dummies? I can't wait to hear it again!

Graham - Norwich 21/04/2013
Just back home from the fantastic gig at Barnet. Full of surprises from every album. Thanks so much. Wonderful to hear several favourites not played recently.

Markus - Billericay 11/04/2013
I am a life-long fan of Stackridge having been introduced to Bowler Hat when I was around 14 in the USA. A series of unrelated events have landed me married with a daughter and living in Blighty these past 4 years....imagine my delight to find out that one of my top 5 bands EVER was still playing and in small venues. I was at 100 Club a few years back and will be cheering at The Bull Theatre for the first Spring 2013 show. Victory for Common Sense has not left my car CD changer since it was purchased. Funny enough, my two year old daughter loves Boots & Shoes (she tries to sing along) and the whole family sings along to Red Squirrel and Cheese & Ham....well done and not too bad for a bunch of old people.

Tony Wright - Romsey, Hampshire 07/04/2013
Been a fan since seeing Stackridge in Chelmsford at the time the first album was released at the beginning of the seventies. Seen several times since. I've never understood why you guys were not one of the biggest names in pop. Been reading other comments in the guestbook about the difficulty of booking venues. I wondered if you've ever contacted the organisers of the Great Dorset Steam Fair. I think your style would be really appreciated there.

D W MORGAN - NEATH 05/04/2013
Tickets booked for Swansea gig, great to welcome you back across the bridge, and i'm bringing along two friends to their very first Stackridge live experience & have promised them a night to remember!! Both are fans of the ukelele so want to know are there plans to include any songs from 'The Jerk' in this years set-list?

Steve - Sale 24/03/2013
I agree with Phil Williams and would like to see a long overdue return gig in the NW. I too have attended gigs at the Cavern, Bury Met and St Helens Citadel as well as Hebden Bridge, Crewe Limelight, Birkenhead Pacific Road Arts Centre and York but really feel there is a sufficient fan base in the NW to merit something closer to home. How about Sale Waterside Arts Centre? Please consider a venue nearer to the Manchester / Liverpool next time round. What do other Stackridge fans in the NW think?
Response:Hi Steve, Rest assured we do try & get gigs in the NW but so far Venues & Promoters seem to be reluctant to give us a try. Part of the problem is that to travel the distances from out West Country base we have to ask for slightly higher fees to cover fuel, Hotel rooms etc & we can only accept bookings if there are at least two , preferably more in the area. Maybe to convince Venues that we do have a following in the NW a concerted effort by all of you "up there" to contact them & request they book us might work ?

Dave Patman - Perth, Australia 21/03/2013
Maybe this isn't the ideal place to mention other bands, but I have been greatly enjoying the music of the English band, Big Big Train, over the past couple of years. More obviously 'prog' than Stackridge but sharing the same absolute English-ness in both musical style and themes, and also featuring on the last two CDs, some wonderful string arrangements and violin playing by one one Rachel Hall. Just a tip if you haven't encountered them yet.
Response:Hi Dave, Yes we know Big Big Train thanks to Rachel telling us about her sessions with them. A fine band indeed and we agree very "English". Good to see/hear Rachel doing some great work too.

Phil Williams - Liverpool 27/02/2013
Is it something we said? I went to the Cavern, Bury Met and Citadel gigs but you're not making it easy for me. The nearest you're coming is Hebden Bridge (60 miles) Can't you get any nearer guys? There must be 2 million folk in the M62 corridor between Manchester and Liverpool.
Response:Hi Phil , In these tough times it becomes even more difficult to persuade venues & promoters anywhere in the UK to book bands like us. We do try to get to all areas but did not manage to obtain a booking in your area. We will be on the road again in Sept/Oct so will make an effort to get a gig or two in the NW. If lots of good people like you contacted their local venue & demanded ( requested politely ?) that they book Stackridge that might help.

Paul - London 27/02/2013
Have just purchased & downloaded Victory for Common Sense, my god what a joy to know there are still musicians making intelligent, accomplished music. I think I'm just going to listen to it forever.

Treeny - UK 26/02/2013
Fantastic exposure for Stackridge on the Johnnie Walker show on Sunday. It was a great listen and so good to see the band get such long overdue recognition. If people didn't know the mighty Stackridge are still playing they do now !

Piet vdW - Shropshire 25/02/2013
Just booked by tickets for Shrewsbury on 1 May. First saw the band at Leeds Uni in 1972. They were on with Man and a new band called Genesis. Stackridge were by far the best of the three and Friendliness became one of my all time favourite albums. My 19 year old daughter is also now a huge fan, but can't make the gig unfortunately.

D W Morgan - Neath 24/02/2013
just caught up with Andy & Jim on J Walkers Radio 2 show via the old iplayer... great to hear them talking & cant wait to see them playing live again in April - full speed ahead for The Garage in Swansea on the 23rd. Have i said i cant wait ???

Charles Pollard - nr Dorking 24/02/2013
I enjoyed hearing you on the radio a while ago. I have always cherished your LP - a second`s research showed me it was your first- and can remember so many of the songs. If you are to be anything like the group of old on tour now, I will make a point of coming to hear you. Good luck with enchanting new admirers.

Jeff B - Gateshead 23/02/2013
Great exposure on BBC 2 'Sounds of the 70s' show tomorrow (Sunday) with Johnnie Walker. James and Andy on the show which runs from 3-5pm. Hopefully some Stackridge music will be heard.
Also good news about an Autumn tour.

Ade Macrow - Radstock exile 14/02/2013
Should have also added that another live version - from The Rondo, Larkhall, Bath on Sunfday 1st April 2007 - appears on The Forbidden City 2CD set (Angel Air) and clocks in at 7.36.

Ade Macrow - Radstock exile 14/02/2013
Kevin, the 7.21 version of Fish In A Glass is only available on original vinyl copies of the Mr Mick album. The longer 7.50 version can be found on the resequenced The Original Mr Mick CD issued by Demon/Edsel and on the later 2CD Angel Air set.

The Live At Kings College bootleg CD includes a 6.42 take from October 1975, from the Mr Mick tour, which has the slightly differing original lyrics at the Pick Of The Crop CD issued by Dap in 2000 and recorded on 12th August 2000 during Stackridge's first appearance at The Cropredy Festival runs to 7 minutes exactly.

Kevin Thompson - Durham City 13/02/2013
Is the longer version of "Fish In A Glass" available on vinyl does anyone know? Thanks.

David Jones - Kingston seymour 13/02/2013
I was nearly dissapointed when I called to by my tickets for the gig at the Tithe Barn Bishops Cleeve they are vitually sold out, only a couple left!

Karen Burrage - Shropshire 07/02/2013
I have just looked at the Theatre Severn website and found that you are playing there,can't wait! I first saw you back in the 70's and have loved your music ever since.I was not lucky enough to see you again until over 30 years later in Worcester where you were just as I'd remembered you. It was a great night, but you didn't play my favourite piece,"No one's more important than the earthworm". It would be great if you could add it to your play list for Shrewsbury. Thanks, Karen

gordon haskell - an island in the aegean 04/02/2013
Fantastic music . Just seen the Red Squirrel video. I hope I can get the new work. No credit cards (I'm a professional outlaw now), but I'll get around it like I got around 'them' all my life. I love being in possession of the facts as I sense you all are now. Good luck, I'm with you. Lying low just now. Hope one day the miracle comes. Keep up the good work-seems a trite thing to say under the circumstances, but we all must try. Again, fantastic.
Response:Thanks Gordon. Fantastic to hear from you via the wonders of electronic communication. If you care to send an E Mail to our Manager ( Mike Tobin - who of course you know well ) he will make sure you get a copy . His E mail address on the contacts page. With more snow forecast over here a Greek Island sounds like paradise !

Mike Webb - Abbotskerswell 18/01/2013
I often run the merchandise stand for Stackridge, when Ade is unavailable, and know that any new items sell really well. Andy Davis found some original copies of his CD Andy Davis Band together with the original artwork and these sold like hot cakes. Suggestions have been put to the management and band about what perhaps they could think about releasing ready for the Spring tour so who knows.

Carolina - Spain 18/01/2013
Hola amigos de Stackridge y familia. Thanks so much for so many moments of happiness. Un beso

Paul - Dorset 17/01/2013
It was interesting to read the comments of Mike from Dorset.Stackridge went down a storm at the Wimborne Tivoli in 2008 & 2009.I hope there's still a chance that the band might play there again this year.
If the Christmas gigs were recorded then could there be highlights live CD released as it seems there won't be a new studio album out for a while? It'd be good to have on CD live performances of songs such as "Acoustic" Squirrel,Everybodys..(inc. the 2nd verse),Seek and You Will Find,Dummies,Boots and Shoes and the encores as well as classics such as Something About The Beatles which went down well at the Borderline Club.Maybe a live album of the present line-up might help to spread the word about the band.

Mike - Dorset 16/01/2013
As a resident of the fair county of Dorset I'm dismayed by the poor management of local music venues. We have had hard times for a few years now but there is no excuse for not promoting acts that have been booked. Take Wimborne Tivoli, they are happy to take on second rate "tribute" bands, that actually put people off the originals because they are just not professional, and happy to allow the likes of Jim Davidson to perform, but they won't take risks with original bands like Stackridge. I may be wrong but I understand from a friend that the Caravan concert at Bridport tonight is the only one of the tour likely to fail to be close to a sell-out. I was at Swanage last Spring and saw Stackridge at their best in front of a 30-something crowd (not talking age here), yet people show up at the BIC, and other bigger venues to watch inferior acts all the time. Now I hear A Genesis tribute band have secured a gig at the Tivoli, and that confirms there is a bias against original acts, because I saw them withing a weeks of Stackridge at the same venue just after the release of A Victory....., and the attendance was probably about half that of Stackridge. I love you guys to bits, and I know a lot of local people do too, shame aout the smaller venues being so misguided.
Response:Thanks Mike for that interesting comment. It is true that many ( most ? ) small to medium size venues throughout the UK ( not just Dorset ! ) prefer to book Tribute Bands - claiming that they are guaranteed to sell tickets . There are many Venues / Promoters that use that Income to subsidise booking "risks" - good for them !

Terry Huckstep - Ramsgate, Kent 14/01/2013
First saw you at The Winter Gardens in Weston-Super-Mare then in Herne Bay. Great fan ever since. Hope you get back to East Kent sometime as I'm not getting any younger Lol.

lyn jones - bucks 11/01/2013
Have been a fan since 70s love the amazing music can't wait to see you all this year. Happy New Year.

Treeny B - Newcastle 01/01/2013
Happy New Year to all who sail in the good ship Stackridge !
May 2013 see the band go from strength to strength.

Dave Richardson - Annen. The Netherlands. 26/12/2012
It was nice to hear North St. Grande on the the Roger Day show. (BBC). Christmas Eve.

Andy - Dorset 24/12/2012
The gig in Bath was tremendous and just the thing in the lead up to the Festive season. I was really impressed that fans had travelled from Japan and Australia. That's what you call keen! For those of us who missed the limited run of Beside the Sea, it would be great to see this form part of a new album. I'm already looking forward to the Spring and Summer gigs.

Mike Webb - Abbotskerswell 24/12/2012
Beside the Sea was replaced by Seek & You Will Find for the three pre Christmas gigs.

Nick - West Sussex 22/12/2012
Just like to echo Paul's comments about the fabulous gig at the Borderline on Tuesday. Great set - though where was ,=Beside The Sea? - and good to see such a full venue. Bravo!

Peter White - Trowbridge 21/12/2012
I just want to say what a fantastic set you performed in Bath last night. I want to keep coming back for more, please gig in Bristol/Bath/Wiltshire next year.

Martin - Romsey 20/12/2012
Thanks for the gig at The Cellars, Eastney last night, everyone. The band were in great form & it was nice to see "Tonight You Belong to Me" added to the repertoire. I was particularly impressed at James' trombone solo! Or was it another instrument? Loved the 2 "tunes" in the encore before Dora. Looking forward to Farncombe gig next April.

Paul - Dorset 19/12/2012
Superb gig at the Borderline Club last night.Great to see the band enjoying playing to a packed house.Third time I'd seen the band this year and this line-up just gets better and better.Can't wait for the Spring Tour now.

King B - Gateshead 15/12/2012
All the best to the mighty Stackridge for the festive gigs. Roll on April and May for the Spring tour.

Dave Richardson - Annen. The Netherlands 11/12/2012
Wednesday at 19.00 hr GMT. An interview with Mr Warren on the Roger Day show.
BBC Radio Kent, Berkshire and Oxford.

Paul - Dorset 09/12/2012
I agree with Alan D that it's time for a new album.In 2013 it'll be 4 years since A Victory for Common Sense was released.I play it frequently but it'd be good to have a new studio album by the current line-up.
Re Mike T's comments recently on Guestbook about the band's difficulties in finding venues for gigs,has the Tivoli,Wimborne been approached? They might be interested.
Response:The Tivoli was sent details for next year's tour. They did not bother to reply.

AlanD - Portsmouth 28/11/2012
Great to see the website image has been updated at last and it would be heartening to see some forward momentum with the band going into 2013. Our party of five have our tickets for the Cellars gig in Eastney on 19th December (tickets still have Mutter & Crun pictured on them!) and we're all looking forward to it immensely. We're also planning a return to the marvellous St. John's Music Club in Farncombe in April following our visits on the previous two tours - and what magic nights they both were! What this exceptional line-up needs now is a new album in 2013, to establish their profile as one of the finest Stackridge line-ups ever,a fact already evident from the sparkling live shows since the multi-talented Clare moved up front. See you at Southsea...

Jeff B - Gateshead 25/11/2012
Next year is going to be a good one ! STACKRIDGE back on tour in the spring and another quintessentially English band, FAMILY,back together for Two Nights Only at the Shepherds Bush Empire at the start of February. Stackridge and Family are my two favourite bands so a cracking few months to look ahead to.
Will be off to London and then somewhere up north to see the mighty Stackridge in April or May. Times may be hard but there is always a silver lining !

John Coote - Cheshire 18/11/2012
I'm a few years late with this but I've just discovered the new version of Purple Spaceships and wanted to say nice one, thanks. I first heard this track - the original - when twiddling the dial on my radio one night in 1972 I think and it has haunted me ever since. I didn't know what it was then but I think realisation must have dawned while I was at Bristol Uni 1973-6 when I probably saw the band at a Student Union gig. It still filters back through the consciousness and takes me by surprise sometimes :-)

Martin T - Blofield, Norfolk 12/11/2012
Any chance of you guys adding an extra gig somewhere in East Anglia to the 2013 Tour???? Haven't seen you live since the early 70's - I well remember stomping on the seats at the Theatre Royal Norwich to 'Lummy days'.....ah, the memories.
Response:We would love to play East Anglia ! Indeed we would love to play anywhere in the world that wants us. Problem is finding Venues and Promoters that are interested is difficult - but we do keep trying.

Mike - Bournemouth 01/11/2012
Sad to hear about the passing of Dave Borthwick, his images are part of the phenomenon that has always been uniquely Stackridge.

Dale & Amy (father & daughter) - Southampton 31/10/2012
We have just bought tickets for the festive tour at the Cellars club is Eastney. We were going to wing it and buy tickets on the door, but for all the love in the world we couldn't risk getting there and being turned away. We hope to see you down south (is it asking too much) for your spring tour, don't grow old, never die.

Nick - Brighton 27/10/2012
Glad you got your scarf back from Waterstone's in Bath on Thursday, Jim! Also great to see that you're playing Shoreham Ropetackle in April. Cheers!

Paul - Dorset 19/10/2012
It's good to see the details of the gigs scheduled for December and next Spring.
Will "The Lyder Loo" be included in the set in December following the reissue of the BBC Sessions CD and is there any chance of a gig at the Tivoli Theatre,Wimborne next Spring?

melanie cheetham - Thrupp Glos 28/09/2012
Just been watching Dickinsons Real Deal and a lady offered a autograph book . She worked at Rainbow Finsbury park and she mentioned one of the bands Stackridge signed it. Went for £800 to a aussie

David - Ohio - US 22/09/2012
I have been a big fan of Stackridge for some time. In the 70's I would ride around blasting Stackridge from the 8-track, most of my friends didn’t like it but then, they were mostly idiots! I have all the albums, yea vinyl, and have downloaded everything I could find on the internet. Stackridge is the reason I started playing the flute, but I stuck to the bass, and most people are happy about that. Stackridge is one of a kind. From a lifelong fan, thank you!

Paul - Dorset 13/09/2012
Good to see Stackridge mentioned in the extract in Monday's "Times" from Caitlin Moran's new book.
Is there any news yet on whether the band will be releasing a new album and/or single in time for Christmas?

dale fairbrass - southampton 01/09/2012
so excited your coming to southsea. when i looked in my diary and saw i was off work on dec 19th i screamed like a girl? { did i just say that out loud } i dipped out on talking heads gig in my home town. couldn't get the time off! you work for these large blue chip companys who say there going to look after you. then refuse your holiday request!!! never mind can make it this time' every little helps!

Paul - Dorset 29/07/2012
It's a shame Stackridge,as the definitive Glastonbury Festival band,weren't asked to perform by the "Glastonbury Tor" mock-up during the warm-up to the Olympics opening ceremony.A set of eg. Teatime,Waiting For You And England To Return,Red Squirrel and Dora would have been most appropriate and entertaining,I think.

Jeff B - Gateshead 23/07/2012
Great to hear of some proposed Christmas dates and also that there will be another Spring tour next year. Time for fans to make requests to put on the mighty Stackridge at a venue where they live. Is there any likelihood of Crun being back in the fold for the tour next year or is the line up likely to be the same ? Whatever the make up of the 'Ridge - always a cracking night.
Response:Most likely scenario is that the live band will remain as a five piece as on this year's tour . If that changes of course - announcements will be made here ( & on Face Book )

Mike - Bournemouth 20/07/2012
I don't do tweeting but I have to say I learned something new today, that A Victory for Common Sense was produced by George Martin in the 1970s. Guys, what took you so long to release it? Just kidding, I'm sure it was a mix up by the tweeter.

Lesley Edwards - Peterborough 09/07/2012
aah, so glad to have found this site as have very happy memories of seeing you guys in gigs at Guldford Civic hall many thimes, and like some others was also at the Elton John gig that you opened- fantastically if I recall!!! Fav song is "The volunteers"- I think thats its name- with the line, "hands off c...s and on with socks"

Brian - Leeds 02/07/2012
If there could be one more gig before the Christmas snooze - please let it be the Hebden Bridge Arena! How about a vid of the latest line up - it needs recording as it works and needs to be remembered.
Response:Not possible to return to Hebden Bridge in December - but we will almost certainly be there in May 2013.

Paul - Dorset 25/06/2012
Sorry to hear about the band having to miss the Uttoxeter and IOW festivals.
Any chance of a gig or two this Summer (eg. at High Wycombe if the venue's now available)so as to keep us going until the Christmas tour?

Jeff B - Gateshead 25/06/2012
Tragic that the mighty Stackridge were unable to play at the Isle of Wight Festival after getting stuck in the traffic congestion on the island and missing their slot. A miss for the festival goers me thinks and a gutter5 for the band. Any news of Christmas gigs or a new album ?

Andy - In Holland 21/06/2012
Paul, I was at that '75 Wembley gig (coincidentally on this very day, June 21) which may just have been the best I've ever been to. Somewhere I have a cassette with Stackridge highlights - best from memory was the Zappa-tinged Who's That Up There With Bill Stokes? Also supporting our boys that day - Elton John and The Eagles.

Mike - Bournemouth 06/06/2012
If there was any justice the Beach Boys would be supporting Stackridge....Good call though

Paul - Dorset 04/06/2012
I see The Beach Boys are playing Wembley Arena on 28 September but,as yet,no support act has been announced.When they played Wembley in 1975 Stackridge were also on the bill and I wonder if they'd be interested in Stackridge supporting them this time.I think the band would be a very suitable choice for the occasion and would hope that Brian Wilson would be in favour,given George Martin's past work with Stackridge.It'd be a superb gig so would be worth a try,I'd have thought...

monica - Italy 01/06/2012
Dear guys,after this "slight mishap" taken place here in Italy,at North,where I live(some earth tremors from May 20 up to May 29,as you all probably have heard from tv news also there,in England),I'm happy to know I have the chance to see you at Isle of Wight Festival the day before it starts,June 21st,on the Garden Stage.I have never been on the Isle before,I do not know the exact location where the Festival takes place and I'd be thankful if one of you would let me know-in details-the spot I have to reach,and if the ticket can be bought once on the Isle(and not before,here,in Italy,considering the situation in this disaster area),also because I wish to flight to England as soon as possible!Thanks just from now if you'll be so kind to help me. Monica(a new fan of Stackridge group).

Paul - Dorset 30/05/2012
Very good news that there should be some more Stack gigs later in the year-with perhaps a live CD out in time for Christmas too? I saw them twice on the tour and thought they were playing better than ever.
In the meantime it'd be great if the band were to play at some of this summer's festivals.

Liz Hampton - Ash Vale, Surrey 30/05/2012
Wrote this to Mike Tobin 29/5/12 as I am neither a Twit (well, hopefully not, anyway) nor a FB-er and wanted to communicate my happiness, nay Friendliness, at being finally reunited with Stackridge forty years on:
As a 17/18yr-old in the early 1970s, I was lucky enough to see Stackridge more than once at the Civic Hall, Guildford and still have Stackridge & Friendliness on vinyl. Having missed them several times in the past few years when they've played this neck of the woods, I was determined to see them at St John's Church, Farncombe and took my extremely depressed 24-yr-old son who has just come back from living in Dublin, having had his heart well and truly broken by an Irish girl. Not an auspicious beginning, really, as he wasn't in the best frame of mind to accompany his old mum to see a band that she'd been a fan of forty years before.

I have to say Stackridge worked their inimitable magic and, by the end of the evening, he was a fan, too - he said the gig totally brought him out of himself and took him away to another place entirely. He was won over by the sheer musicality and virtuosity of the band and came straight home to listen to Red Squirrel on YouTube. I think his mother's taste in music has just risen several notches in his estimation, also - which can't be bad for a 57-yr-old.

Not being a Facebooker or a Tweeter (or any of those other new-fangled things), I thought the best thing was to contact you and pass on my joy and thanks to have rediscovered something that, like the best wine, has got better and better with age - and they were pretty damn good to start with. I think my son will always remember that evening - maybe we'll even persuade my husband to come next time.

Mike - Bournemouth 29/05/2012
I am not a twitter, but I will deinitely come to any gig anywhere in the UK I promise in December if you guys are kind enough to do some shows. The Spring Tour 2012 was a triumph of music over hype, Stackridge should have been a global megastar band, but I suspect you guys kind of prefer the artistic compromise. There is no better British band than Stackridge, others may have the financial clout to add lazers and pixels and varilights, but for raw musical talent and emotion, Stackridge can hold their own agaonst the very best. Count me in, and I don't even want a discount. Bread and Water would be a good reward for being so positive though. ;)

Jeff B - Gateshead 29/05/2012
After the success of the Spring Tour some Christmas gigs - as mentioned on Twitter - would be just the job. We saw the mighty Stackridge at Hebden Bridge where it was standing room only at the back as all the seats were taken. A great band, whatever guise it may take. A Stackridge gig would set up the festive season nicely. The Sage Gateshead anyone ?

Satu & Jari (AKA 'The unpronounceables') - Finland 22/05/2012
We had an absolutely marvellous evening with the mighty Stackridge at Chapel Arts Centre on Saturday. We enjoyed every minute of the show immensely (the main set from the front of the stage; for encores we retreated to the back, for a swift exit to catch the 22.43 to London Paddington). This was the third time we've had the pleasure of witnessing the band after they reformed. It may not sound that impressive, but believe you us, at our gig-going rate it is (mostly due to the amount of travelling required, as most bands we'd love to see steer clear of Finland). Our most recent Stackridge encounter had the added pleasure of it taking place in Bath which is always a lovely place to visit, and now we love it even more. We even had Stackridge providing musical backing to our lunch (they were preparing for the show upstairs while we had our lunch at Chapel Arts Café). We'd also like to say a BIG hello to everybody we met - all of you really made us feel very welcome (a veritable VIP treatment). We hope to see at least some of you next time around (although it can take us some time to get out and about again - shall we say 2014?).

Julian - Luton 20/05/2012
Thanks for your wonderful performances over the last couple of weeks both you and Blackheart were outstanding. Many thanks.

Doug - Surrey 19/05/2012
Fantastic night at Farncombe. I loved every second of it. Cheers!

Ray Knight - Brighton 18/05/2012
I was at the Stackridge gig in Hove recently. I hadnt seen the band since I saw them doing Extravanganza at the Roundhouse in 1976?. They were brilliant - then and now!. I was a big fan/follower in the 70s and as social secretary, booked them for my colleges May ball (Chichester) in 1970 and the band slept on my mates floor - one of my mates - Dave Morell even gigged with them for a bit. It was a delight to see the band again sounding so good - and with a great addition in the form of Claire Lyndley. My wife and I are looking forward to seeing them again. Thank you Stackridge - keep on cluckin.... (Why are they not more popular?)Ray

Mike - Bournemouth 16/05/2012
I'm delighted to hear the gig on Friday night is sold out, and that the party gig in Bath is selling well. I attended two poorly attended but exceptionally brilliant performances by Stackridge on this tour and they were two of the best live shows I've been to. I love the current Stackridge live experience, sadly I will miss Saturday's finale but I hope Stackridge decide to keep touring beyond 2012, I can assure you that whatever the reason people choose to ignore you, they are the fools. I am 57, I have been to many hundreds of gigs over the years, and Stackridge 2012 are as good as any I have personally witnessed. A crying shame the public are so apathetic. However I was really impressed that you did the professional thing and didn't cancel any gigs due to poor advance sales, and also gave poorly attended shows like Swanage and New Milton (personally witnessed) such passionate and brilliant musicianship.

Bloody Retsof - Yuzovka 16/05/2012
Farncombe (18 May 2012) - anyone having spare ticket? Was expecting Smegmakovitch to provide but old comrade now hard of hearing and nearly blind. Will open account in Yuzovka for payment or maybe cash its better? Long way going for coming back no ticket.

melanie melrose - Thrupp Glos 16/05/2012
Mike it would be interesting to see how many people did come to see Stackridge. Maybe award the fan with the most attendances at gigs. Sorry a bit anal this but I hope you got rewarded for all your hard work.

Steve Tuffnell - Portsmouth 13/05/2012
Amazing gig at the Talking Heads last night,last saw you guys at the Tricorn club in Portsmouth in the early seventies.Clare is such an incredible violin player,well done lads and lasses.Looking forward to the next tour.

Paul - Dorset 13/05/2012
Great gig in Southampton last night.It was a good venue,the band were on top form and Jim sang the second verse to Everybody's Got To Learn Sometime.
Looking forward to the next tour.

Steve - Sale 13/05/2012
There are some great videos posted on YouTube from the recent York gig (16) and one from Hebden Bridge.

I think these are by Rie and Seiichi from Japan who were visiting to take in a few shows so many thanks to them. I just love Beside The Sea and Tonight You Belong To Me.

Well worth checking them out. Thanks for sharing.

monica - Italy 12/05/2012
Dear James,my name is Monica and I'm writing you from the north of Italy.I counted on being at your concert(with Stackridge band)tonight in Southapton,I managed to come to England in time but this has not been possible yet,I'm so sorry&disappointed that I felt the need to tell you first!!!I first saw you appearing in "Everybody's Got To Learn Sometime" video-clip two weeks ago with the Korgis,fell in love with your music and bought "Don't look back-The very best of the Korgis" wich I received yesterday from U.K. I recently watched the video posted on youtube with you performing at Carlo Conti's tv show "I Migliori Anni"(last november,25th),are you coming soon back to Italy?I live by Modena,in a town called Mirandola,I officially invite you&group to perform here!!!Anyway I hope to reach Bath in time for your last gig-tour concert next week,so to come back to my beloved England I feel I belong to(since ever)!Wish to see you soon live,all the best for tonight!Monica

Mike Webb - Abbotskerswell 11/05/2012
Just heard from Mike Tobin (Stackridge's manager) that tonight's show at Nags Head, High Wycombe has been cancelled. Burst pipe, venue flooded, declared unsafe.

Steve - Halifax 10/05/2012
Agreed Stuart! Stackridge were a pleasant surprise when we first saw them on the same bill as Genesis and Man, at Leeds Refectory in 1971. Only 50pence then. How times change, but Stackridge have remained our dearest memory of those great times, and didn't disappoint at Hebden Bridge. Truly, a memorable evening, hopefully to be repeated on an annual basis. Best wishes to all band members and like-minded ageing ravers.

Amy - Southampton 10/05/2012
Hello!!! I recently saw Stackridge play in Brighton... best gig so far. Third time i have seen them. And now they are going to play southampton Talking Heads!!! So i get to see them twice!

My Dad grew up loving the Korgis, then we discovered Stackridge more recently and love them just as much! Everytime my dad sees James Warren he still gets all excited!

Will see them and you all Saturday night!!

Stuart - York 08/05/2012
Great gig at Hebden Bridge. The last time the three of us saw Stackridge was at Leeds in the early 70's. 'Love the new ones as well as the oldies. Hoping to make it an annual re-union so keep playing!

Steve - Sale 08/05/2012
The Duchess at York was a dark cave of a venue but was illuminated by another sensational Stackridge performance on Sunday night, 6th May. This was the third show we have seen on this tour after St Helens and Hebden Bridge and was equally brilliant.

The first magical moment came towards the end of Blackheart's set when the talented Clair joined them to play some lovely improvised violin on the their last two numbers, Not Over Yet and Wednesday Afternoon. This perfectly complemented Chrissy's delicate vocal and Rick's intricate guitar.

When Stackridge took to the stage, the audience moved out of the shadows in this dimly lit basement to be enthralled by songs old and new. Andy's acoustic intro to Red Squirrel was a great opener quickly followed by old favourite Road To Venezuela and new favourite Beside The Sea. Clair's violin has brought both colour and drive to these songs whilst James's has seldom looked happier playing some driving bass on Long Dark River and the Last Plimsoll.

Another truly magical moment was the wonderful ukuele accompanied Friendliness but the highlight was Clair's Tonight You Belong To Me with Eddie joining her to whistle the melody in mid section!

We still had time for guitar heroics from "Derek Clapton or is that Clackton" (Eric's younger brother) before a rousing finale of Boots & Shoes, a fiddler's reel and Dora ... God bless her! What more could you ask for?

In these harsh times of austerity, we humble punters need something to lift our spirits and there is nothing better than a Stackridge gig. Many thanks for entertaining us so brilliantly and please, please , please find a way to keep going in the future. You a national treasure!!

Keith Rule - Tonbridge 07/05/2012
Harrrumph! What have we in the South East done to offend the boys and girls that we don't deserve to hear Slark roaring forth in all his fiery glory! I managed to get to all three of the gigs I could easily reach, and not a sniff of his sulphurous fumes anywhere to be found. Now I learn that he's been putting in regular guest appearances to the north and east. Not really sure that I can manage to haul my vast and corpulent frame all the way off to Godalming, but it seems I shall have to try my best. (Bet they don't play it there either!!!) ...Harrrrumph!!! (or did I already mention that?)
Response:It's what the business world calls "supply & demand" Keith !
In other words the current set is designed to include 2 encores ( if demanded by the audience). At some gigs on the tour the demand for a third encore was so great that we slipped in "Slark". The dragon will return on the next tour dates if the demand is strong enough ! It's up to the audience(s)

Ade Macrow - Exiled from Radstock 07/05/2012
Deepinder - a fellow 45catter on here at last! Pity you weren't at following night's Wavendon gig or Saturday's Hebden Bridge gig, as you could have come over to the merch stall and introduced yourself to me! (And been sold an item or two). I can indeed supply the setlist for this tour, which runs as follows:-

1. Red Squirrel
2. Beside The Sea
3. The Road To Venezuela
4. The Last Plimsoll
5. Dummies
6. Fundamentally Yours
7. The Long Dark River
8. Everybody's Got To Learn Sometime
9. Lummy Days
10. Friendliness - Part 1
11. Tonight You Belong To Me
12. Fish In A Glass
13. Something About The Beatles
14. Big Baby
15. Lost And Found
16. Boots 'N' Shoes
17. Julie Delaney's/Andy Broon's (aka Fiddlers Elbow)(encore)
18. Dora, The Female Explorer (encore)

and, sometimes,

19. Slark (encore)

Steve - Sale 07/05/2012
The Trades Club, Hebden Bridge - what a wonderful and magical evening on Saturday night. We really enjoyed the show played in front of a near full and enthusiatic audience in a very friendly venue where the hosts made everybody welcome.

A great set opened with "acoustic Squirrel" which gave a new twist to this great song from AVFCS - well done Andy! Newer songs Beside The Sea and Dummies are now well established in the set and enhanced by Clare's melodic and at times spooky violin. Pleased that our favourites Road To Venezuela, Lummy Days, Fundamentally Yours and Dora all made an appearance. A great night was rounded off by a second encore of Slark before chats with all the guys and gal after the show.

Nice to meet Rie and Seiichi who have travelled over from Japan to take in a few Stackridge shows in the UK. They really enjoyed themselves and loved Jim's namecheck! Hope you both enjoy your vacation.

A very entertaining set from Chrissy and Rick of Blackheart opened the show with 40 minutes of spellbinding songs and amusing stories. They complement Stackridge so well and are not to be missed if you are coming along to one of the gigs on this tour.

After such a great night out, we have decided to make the trek to York tomorrow for our third show on this tour - it is that good!

Dave - Banbury 06/05/2012
another great performance at the Stables in MK, one of the highlights was "tonight you belong to me".claire just melts my heart!!cant wait for the next tour,well done again guys!!

Andy Gilson - Shropshire 06/05/2012
Hi - just to say thanks for the Bilston gig last Wednesday.

Despite the absence of Crun, this was still a superb show with the tripartite front line clicking together exceptionally well.

Plus ca change then - but still very much Stackridge at its best.

Full marks too to your sound crew - clear, clean, good dynamic range, etc.

Hope to see you again soon. Cheers, Andy

phil orton - Bolton 06/05/2012
Just been to the Hebden Bridge concert and yet again you have given an amazing performance.Every song was a highlight but finishing off with slark was a bonus.Hope you will tour again next year i just cant wait

David - Cumbria 06/05/2012
Thanks Stackridge for providing all of us with an enjoyable evening's gig, at Hebden Bridge, last night

Derek Grant - Oakham, Rutland 05/05/2012
Saw Stackridge in Lowdham Village Hall last night - Friday 4th May. Delighted to say hello to Andy Davis before the gig as he got some fresh air at the venue front door. I spoke to him during the interval, too, and he was a delight to talk to, answering questions about Stackridge's career helpfully and straightforwardly. No backstage pass prima donna airs and graces. Thanks, Andy - a chat I shall treasure.
Of course the gig was sheer delight. I was sorry to find neither Mutter nor Crun would be appearing, but James, Andy, Claire the violinist and their supporting musicians swung the whole evening along. Quite right to put Claire centre stage - she's a real crowd pleaaser!
As a fan for over 40 years I appreciated the mix of old and newer songs, plus previews of material not yet released, which sound well up to par. How can you beat an encore of "Dora the female explorer" and "Slark"? Listen out for new song "Dummies", too - just as good as anything they've ever done.
I don't just enjoy Stackridge for nostalgia. I enjoy them because they're brilliantly talented songwriters, performers and entertainers today. If you're planning to go see them on this current tour, you're in for a real treat. Rhubarb and dustbin lids optional! Thanks for everything, gents (and lovely Claire).

Neil - Wolverhampton 04/05/2012
Saw Stackridge for the first time in Bilston,enjoyable concert in a venue they are getting to know well!Great playing and melodies,with the trademark mix of humour and wistful musings in the lyrics.The band seemed to absorb their recent loss of members,and blended together nicely.

Tony - Milton Keynes 04/05/2012
Hi Guys great gig in Milton Keynes last night! lots of different numbers which was good. Great Energy!! A special mention for the Wonderful Claire. Brilliant, obviously the Stackridge blood is well and truely in her veins now. She seemed so quiet looking back at the 2009 video clip on your site.
Good luck with the rest of the tour, hope to see you back in MK soon!

Best Wishes


PS How about a touch of Percy or Marzo at the next gig?

Pete - Burnham, Berks 04/05/2012
Tonight, after a 36 year gap, I saw my favourite live band again at The Stables in MK. I had mused long and hard about whether or not i should go. Would i be disappointed that only two of the original lineup were left? Would i be more disappointed if i missed the opportunity?
In the end, curiosity won and i packed my wife in the car and headed off for the motorway. I didnt tell her where we were going, and as we arrived at the venue i could tell what she was thinking - a SAGA convention.
When she spotted the merchandise "supermarket" she announced that she'd guessed that might be who we were seeing - she knew of my love of the band although she didn't really know anything about the music.
Meanwhile, I stared at the waiting crowd wondering if I might recognise someone from back then. I spotted a face I thought I recognised and (amazingly) I was right - Mike Tobin. He updated me on a snippet or two of news, and reassured me that there was a bit of the old stuff in the set.
We entered the theatre and were treated to an entertaining session from Blackheart (sorry, haven't "Liked" you yet - your website won't open on my iPad) but I must be honest, I was only there for one band.
When Stackridge came on, I felt genuine excitement - along with nostalgia, curiosity and several other emotions. The gig was, as ever, great. I was thrilled that we were treated to so many oldies. I'm sure there's a chance that the newer stuff would grow on me but you must remember I've been listening to Lummy Days and Road to Venezuela for DECADES and to me it's these old tracks that have the real class.
At the end of the show, I chalked up a couple of firsts. My wife's first exposure to the band. My first Stackridge gig where I sat down. The first time I've seen them without having a chat after.
Like every historic gig, it left me wanting more and I'm certainly trying to find a way to fit in another one before the end of the tour - maybe with some or all of the kids next time.
I was a little disappointed with myself for not hanging on to try to see Wirren and Dirty, but I feel conscious that I was just one of many back in the good old days and I can't imagine them knowing me from Adam. So it's great to have this site where I can say "Thank you". To them and the new boys (and girl). Thank you not only for a great experience tonight, but thank you for all the music and memories that you and the other "old boys" have given me.
Keep on clucking...

Steve H - Wolverhampton 03/05/2012
My mates and I loved the show at The Robin; a great selection of songs and brilliant performances alround. Clare really has come to the fore and the ukulele pieces worked very well. It was the most enjoyable Stackridge gig that I've seen. The only negative for me was the turnout; although a very appreciative audience it was smaller than I'd hoped for.

Spread the word and encourage all your friends to see Stackridge - they won't be disappointed!

Keith Rule - Tonbridge 03/05/2012
Of course "Tonight You Belong To Me" was also featured on the album "Mum's The Word" by 3 Caballeros, featuring a certain Mr Andy Davis! - Any chance you could let us know the exact words to that 2nd verse of "Everyone's Gotta Learn Sometime" James? ...I listened hard at Hove, Chislehurst & Sutton, and I thought I had 'em fixed, but now they've gone again. (It must be me age, dearie!) I just keep singing bits of it as I go about the house and it's really most annoying to half know something with no means to check up!

Deepinder Cheema - West Midlands 03/05/2012
I was thrilled to be lifted beyond my expectations when I saw Stackridge for the first time on Weds 2 May 2012 at The Robin Bilston. Most of these great bands from the 1970's having reformed since the mid 1990's still have a pedigree which reflects the magic of jugging along in a transit,meals at the Blue Boar and throwing buns at groups from Charisma and other labels; also having no money yet financing others children through skool fees. If anyone can put up the set list I would like to recreate the experience. So do all the sets start with Red Squirrel?

Mike - Bournemouth 01/05/2012
When I first saw the clip of "Tonight you belong to me" from "Songs from the Shed on Youtube, I idly tried to recall where I had first heard the song. Vaguely I thought it might have been Laurel and Hardy, plausible but not quite. So I finally resorted to Wikipedia and it finally resolved the mystery, it was featured in Steve Martin's "The Jerk". That said, despite the SM version being my favourite moment of that classic cult film, I have to say Stackridge trumped it big style on this tour. Well done Clare and the boys, even if Andy let his best Ukelele at home!

Efrem Zimbalist Jnr - London 30/04/2012
What is the name of the 1920s ukelele song that Clare sings? It's going round and round my head as I go about my business. Also, what time are you on at High Wycombe? Thanks.
Response:"Tonight You Belong To Me " . We will be on stage at High Wycombe some time between 9 & 9.30 pm.

CP - Brighton 29/04/2012
LIke one of the other guest bookers I've never bothered to see a band twice on a single tour - but enjoyed the Brighton gig so much we travelled along the coast to the fleshpots of New Milton to see the band a second time. Another fantastic gig. Please release Dummies on an album soon. Only Stackridge would be perverse enough to limit a potentially big commercial release to 300 pressings.

Mary - Worcester Park 29/04/2012
Brilliant evening on Friday at the Boom Boom Club - thanks guys and Claire. Thought it was exceptionally well attended, too!
Andy: thanks for signing the CD!

Mike - Bournemouth 29/04/2012
Again a great performance last night at New Milton, the band have really excelled on the two shows I've seen this tour and anyone who maybe thinking of skipping this tour on the grounds that Crun has followed Mutter through the exit door is totally misguided. This is the tightest, most enjoyable Stackridge show I've seen, all the songs sound fresh and the ukelele mini set, Claire's vocals and her excellent violin parts add a new dimension. Andy enjoyed himself more last night than I've ever seen before and James has adapted the songs to his own bass style brilliantly. Thanks for a great night out!

Jeff Cooper - Cheltenham, Glos, UK 29/04/2012
Just back from seeing the totally wonderful Stackridge & Blackheart at the fab Memorial Centre, in New Milton.

I really don't think I've heard the 'ridge playing and sounding better than this of late. A small-ish but very appreciative audience witnessed the current Stackkers line-up at the top of their game. And Blackheart were truly sublime in support - again.

We sailed home through the wind and the rain on a high, and with A Victory For Common Sense on repeat all the way.

Thank you *everyone* and good luck to Keith Collins for all future ventures at what is a really great venue.

Jeff & Jane Cooper

PS. And at a mere 19 years old, our traveling companion proved - at her 2nd Stackridge gig in the space of a year - that this band can attract a new young discerning audience too. Keep up the great work y'all...

Mike - Bournemouth 27/04/2012
Although a veteran of maybe 100 or so live concerts by various people, I have always thought it better to ration myslf to one gig per tour. I have only ever seen two other bands more than once on the same tour, Genesis and It Bites. I have decided to throw caution to the wind and travel to New Milton tomorrow to catch the Stackridge ensemble once again after thoroughly enjoying the Swanage gig. Keep on clucking boys (and Clare), one of the best bands of the last 50 years, shame on the majority of the population being oblivious.

Efram Zimbalist Jnr - London 27/04/2012
Ade, it was more of a physical 'manful struggle' than a musical one that I was alluding to. It's a larger and longer instrument. James' playing was wonderfully melodic (hence the McCartney comparison). Only to be expected from the writer of some of pop's sweetest melodies.

Ade Macrow - Exiled from Radstock 25/04/2012
I think James would take issue with your description of his 'manful struggle' with the bass, as it was, and remains, his first love and something he played all through the first 'Stackridge' LP in 1971, as well as always playing the same instrument when with The Blue Meanies, James Warren & Friends and/or any other offshoots.

His playing at Barnet was a tribute to his fluid style. Crun had his own 'signature' on the bass and Jim (once again) has his. Both complement Stackridge's sound perfectly, methinks.

CP - Brighton 24/04/2012
Superb gig at Hove - criminal that there weren't more people there. I'm a devotee of the band from the 70s but there seemed to be a lot of new material (to me) played. I've managed to identify some from the internet but was there stuff from an upcoming album? - I thought it stood up incredibly well.
Response:Everything you heard at the gig in Hove is available on one or other of our Album releases , except two songs "Beside The Sea" & "Dummies" . Those two songs were released last year on a limited edition CD single & sold at gigs or from the shop on this site. Sold out now - only 350 copies pressed. We may re-record them for future inclusion on a new album , maybe next year ! We also performed 4 songs from our current album "A Victory For Common Sense" ( 2009 Helium Records). Clare sang an old 1920.s song which we have not recorded.

Sion - Haywards Heath 24/04/2012
Great gig at Hove, thanks guys.

Mick - Teddington 23/04/2012
Really enjoysd gig at Barnet Sat night. Great atmosphere great set list. Look forward to seeing you all again at Bath in May

Efram Zimbalist Jnr. - London 23/04/2012
Smashing night in Barnet on Saturday. It seems that no matter how many band members fall by the wayside (hopefully only temporarily in Crun's case), the quality of the songs, the excellence of the musicians and the warmth between the band and the audience somehow makes the band go from strength to strength. As a hole appears, someone steps forward the fill the breach. James' manful struggle with the bass guitar was a palpable success - almost McCartneyesque at times. Clare's ever expanding role is great to see, and her lead vocal was superb. Might even venture into deepest suburbia for another portion. Up the 'ridge.

Dale Fairbrass - Southampton 23/04/2012
Just got back from the Brighton gig. Wow I,m still buzzing! Wide awake and i have to be up at 5am? had a great time and meet some nice people. And no one was cross that i started life as a Korgis fan. Now i love Stackridge too. See you all at southampton's Talking Heads

bren brenan - luton 22/04/2012
what a cracking night @ barnet fantastic encores loveley crowd good set happy person be seeng you

Ade - Exiled from Radstock 21/04/2012
Great 7 song 'mini gig' at Flashback Records, Crouch End, London this afternoon, to celebrate Record Store Day. The perfect aperitif for tonight's gig at The Bull Theatre, Barnet.

Full review on my Zorgan's site but highlights included a wonderful acoustic rendition of If I Had You. The shop was rammed full and all present enjoyed the set hugely.

Jane - Wareham 20/04/2012
I first got acquainted with your music when I heard The Man in the Bowler Hat as a student in the 70's. It has taken me 35 years to get to come and see you which I finally did in Swanage - and it was worth the wait! Fantastic evening thanks. Man in the Bowler Hat remains in my top ten albums of my life to date. (To the Sun and the Moon remains in my all time favourite tracks)
Hope the rest of the tour goes well for you all

Mike - Bournemouth 20/04/2012
Wow! Great performance in Swanage last night guys, I love the way you have adapted since Mutter and Crun moved on, Claire has confidently taken centre stage to complement the old masters. Strange experience in some ways as Swanage is out on a limb and it's a shame there weren't more people there but hopefully the Bournemouth and Poole crowd are saving up for New Milton. Thanks for a great night and Blackheart were freat too.

Mike Baxter - wirral 19/04/2012
Hi ,seeing as the Pacific Road Centre( Birkenhead ) has been closed , is there any chance of the band playing at the Floral Pavlion, New Brighton, Wirral ?
Response:We will certainly check that Venue when we look at booking another tour. We did like The Citadel , St.Helens when we played there on March 31st so a return visit there in the future might be possible.

Mike - Bournemouth 18/04/2012
Don't worry about the wet and windy weather for the Swanage gig lads, the theatre is all of 10 feet from the low tide mark, at least where the audience sit. Bring appropriate diving gear to be on the safe side

Sicksquid - South Petherton 17/04/2012
What a fabulous night at the David Hall on Saturday. The five piece line-up worked brilliantly. They played some of my fave tracks - old and new. It was also really nice to have a chat with Mr Warren and Mr Tobin during the interval. Quality music and a quality night out.

David Burton - Cumbria 15/04/2012
To Andy, Dorset - I think you mean red squirrel. Good to hear it was an enjoyable gig

Steve - Sale 15/04/2012
Wow, that's clever Andy. Has the squirrel has changed colour from red to grey?!?

Seriously though, the current 5 piece line-up is an excellent touring band and not to be missed. Roll on Hebden Bridge.

Andy - Dorset 15/04/2012
I went to South Petherton last night worried that there would be something missing in the 5-piece Stackridge sound. All worries disappeared within seconds as the band went into a great rendition of Grey Squirrel. What a really enjoyable set, with a good mixture of some of the old favourites and some of the newer songs. Surely it must be time for another album. I only hope I can get to one of the other tour dates.

Tony - Gloucester 14/04/2012
Shocked and thrilled to hear Johnny Walker playing 'Do the Stanley' on Sounds of the Seventies last week!

Mike - Bournemouth 12/04/2012
Have to skip South Petherton due to grandparent responsibilities, but we'll be at Swanage next Thursday and also New Milton a couple of weeks later, all being well. Have fun and keep touring! I have everything you guys ever recorded (I think). Nice to see a new album on the way, any goodies for completists by any chance?

Mike Webb - Abbotskerswell, Devon 12/04/2012
South Petherton is easy to get to. Just off the A303. Good venue, free parking, nice people.
A revamped set. Worth a trip to support Stackridge. Also new polo shirts on sale with "preserved" motif and CD Preserved-Best of Volume 2.

Paul - Dorset 07/04/2012
It's great to hear how well the tour is going.Not long now till the Swanage gig.
Are there any plans to release a live album from the tour,either on CD or via Lummy Days like the 2008 Cropredy gig? "Beside the Sea:Stackridge at Swanage" sounds a good title..

Response:We will be recording all the gigs on the tour to see if we can come up with anything good enough to release.

Chris Emmerson - Bristol 06/04/2012
Thanks for another fantastic night at the Fleece in Bris last night ! Obviously sorry not to have Crun's cheerful, smiling face alongside, but the band really does go from strength to strength regardless. Loved the new tweaks on some old favourites, and Clare really revelling in the role of front-woman. 'Everybody's gotta learn sometime' still a sublime pop moment with a huge throat-lumpening vocal from James and solo from Clare, and 'Dummies' a real highlight. Really a band on top of their game ! Now how far is South Petherton exactly ?

Martin Allen - Bristol 06/04/2012
I have just got home from the Fleece. What an excellent night, thanks guys for a hugely enjoyable evening, I took a couple of friends who have never seen or heard of Stackridge before I lent them my discs 2 weeks ago and needless to say they are converted fans. See you in Bath have a good tour.

Glyn - Liverpool 02/04/2012
I think i'm in love, Clare your smile would light up even the most darkened room and indeed The Citadel was enlightened by your presence on Saturday night. As for the rest of you guys (love you to)..thank you for transporting an old man back to his teenage years and the the memories of hugely enjoyable Stackridge gigs of old. Saturday night was a joy, fun, funny and foot tappingly brilliant, playing such an intimate theatre brought the music even more to life and resulted on numerous occasions in bringing a tear to my eye. Long may you reign and please return to the frozen north as soon as you can.

Steve - Sale 01/04/2012
Thank you so much for returning to the North West last night after a two year absence for a brilliant show at the Citadel in St Helens. It is really appreciated.

I was intrigued how the new five piece band would cope with the absence of Mutter and Crun (and indeed the lovely Sarah) but need not have worried. Stackridge has evolved into yet another exciting band drawing on the creative genius and witty banter of James and Andy. New songs Beside The Sea and Dummies played early in the set were enhanced by Clare's effortless and skillful violin playing. Her contribution cannot be underestimated as she has not only solved the dual violin problem but also gone a long way to replacing Mutter's presence centre stage.

Glenn kept things moving with his multi talented keyboard playing and the occasional flute. Eddie maintained a steady beat and even stepped forward to display his whistling skills at one point! James clearly relished returning to bass guitar duties in Crun's absence and played some wicked rhythms, particularly on Long Dark River and Last Plimsoll.

It was good to hear the return of Fundamentally Yours, the classic Road to Venezuela, a liberal selection from AVFCS and not forgetting Dora of course! It was a treat to hear Andy and Clare's ukelele transport us back to the 1930s with a delightful ditty and Clare's fiddle jig as an encore ended proceedings on a high.

Credit also to support act, Blackheart, who opened the show with 40 minutes of wonderful folk songs and amusing stories. Chrissy and Rick are a perfect duo to complement Stackridge and not to be missed if you are coming along to one of the gigs on this tour.

Great to chat to all the members of the band after the show who are clearly loving being back on the road and looking forward to the 2012 tour. There were a few minor mistakes missed by most of the audience but picked up by the band who revelled in the banter this created onstage. After such a great night out, we are looking forward to Hebden Bridge in May.

Simon Malia - Liverpool 01/04/2012
Once again the ever-changing, ever-constant Stackridge magic was on display in the show at St. Helens last night. What a band this is! I've been lucky enough to see some great shows in recent months, but this one beat the lot. Welcome back to our lives Stackridge - long may you run! And thank you.

David - Preston 01/04/2012
Marvelous and magical 90 minutes in St Helens last night. I have now seen the band three times in the last four years, each time with a different line up and set list. Sometimes you think when someone as important to the Stackridge experience as Mutter or Crun is not there something may be lost, but the band just go from strength to strength. Clare has taken her leading role really well and the rest of the band is as tight as ever and sounding great. Who said you couldn't better perfection!! Long may you go on and keep us entertained for many years to come.

Phil @ Barrow Bridge - bolton 01/04/2012
just been to St Helens gig and what a great night cant believe how after all these years they still put in such a brilliant performance keep it up see you at Hebden Bridge

melanie melrose - Thrupp Glos 30/03/2012
May the muses go with you on your melodious way around ye olde avalon. See you in Petherton le sud.

Mike Webb - Abbotskerswell 25/03/2012
A good idea m@rt. Another way would be to come and say hello at the merchandise stand which is a usual gathering place for fans. Also I may be able to sell you something!

m@rt - wallasey 23/03/2012
It would appear that I will be attending the St. Helens gig on my lonesome, as my girlfriend is suffering from clinical lack of taste. Not wishing to look like a sad and lonely old fart on the night, I have this proposition; anyone approaching a Scotsman in dark glasses on the night who says ' You are from Glasgow, and I claim my prize' will be presented with a genuine replica ticket from the Stackridge gig at Edinburgh University in October 1973. Hard to believe, but true. Have you got one? No you haven't.
The lengths I will go to to to have people say 'hello' is, I realise, remarkable, but there you go. See yer there

Citadel Arts Centre - St Helens 19/03/2012
Hey guys, we are all really looking forward to you visiting the Citadel on Saturday 31st March. It's gonna be a great gig. We still have some tickets if anybody would like to come along, they are priced £15/£13 and you can book them on our website at or give us a call on 01744 735436.
The Citadel, Waterloo Street, St Helens, Merseyside,WA10 1PX

Jeff B - Gateshead - Gateshead 18/03/2012
Like the previous post I am also disappointed that Crun will not be part of the Spring Tour, especially as he has been a regular in the reformed Stackridge. Now it is the Fab Five !
Sincerely hope 'Inspiration' remains part of the set, a classic song.
Fundamentally Yours
Jeff B

Virgil Pompano - Isle Of Dogs 17/03/2012
Sorry Crun won't be part of the spring tour. Hope he's back on board for the next one. In the meantime, good luck to the remaining group - hope they can find a good rhythm guitarist to step in, if James in taking over on bass.

Colin Carberry - Warwickshire 16/03/2012
Hi Chaps.

Very much looking forward to seeing you at The Robin in Bilston. In the meantime, I've purchased today a digital download version of Victory for Common Sense from the Interweb site. I haven't received the email with my download details on it yet. Could you have your extensive IT Department sort it our for me please? Ta Muchly.
Response:Hi Colin,
That site is not run by us but by the label Helium Records so you need to get on to them. We will however contact them on your behalf as well.

Paul - Dorset 16/03/2012
Sorry to see that Crun won't be on the tour though it's good to hear that rehearsals with the new line-up are going well.Will the band be looking to take on more gigs and festival appearances now and maybe produce a new CD single for sale on the tour as they did with Beside The Sea/Dummies last year?
Response:We are not looking for any more gigs on the tour , but are still trying to get on one or two more summer festivals. Nothing new has been recorded for release and there are no immediate plans to go back to the studio. However Angel-Air will be releasing a new "Best Of Compilation-Vol.2" in May & we are also asking fans if they would buy a special Vinyl souvenir LP of "A Victory For Common Sense". We need to know how many folk are likely to buy it before we decide if it will be viable.

sicksquid - South Petherton 08/03/2012
Very much looking forward to seeing Stackridge at the David Hall again for the third time. I was too young to know them first time around so was really pleased when they reformed. I got to know Mike Slater when he ran a car hire business in Yeovil in the eighties. He supplied me with some cassettes of Stackridge and I loved them. I was doing music myself at the time and Mike kindly played some flute on a couple of demos we were recording in a local studio. I'm still "doing music" these days and I think a little bit of the Stackridge sound has infiltrated my own writing and recording. I love the latest album and hope you record more stuff soon. I will try and say hello at the gig.

Steve - Sale 04/03/2012
We are really looking forward to the Spring tour and have our tickets for the St Helens and Hebden Bridge shows. Might even try to get across to York too if funds and time permits.

In terms of setlist, I'd love to hear Fundamentally Yours, Slow Train and, if at all possible, the wonderful No One's More Important Than The Earthworm which I've not heard live for many years. I trust there will still be a liberal sprinkling of songs from the marvellous AVFCS which is such a great album.

We are really pleased to hear that our friends, Chrissy and Rick from Blackheart, will be playing support for most if not all the Spring tour dates. They are an excellent folk duo and very engaging with their audience with interesting and funny stories to tell. I think they will complement Stackridge perfectly. They have had a tough time last year after their tour bus was written off by an HGV destroying their guitars not once but twice!! Nevertheless, they have soldiered on and deserve a warm welcome, which I'm sure they get, from Stackridge fans.

We are eagerly awaiting the tour and counting down the days ...
Response:Hi Steve, Yes we are looking forward to working with Blackheart too, lovely people & great songs . Rehearsals are under way but it is early days to decide what will be in the set , we have so much to choose from. Likely that there will be some songs from AVFCS though. Make sure you come & say hello - we try & meet everybody after the show @ the Merchandise stand.

Derek Grant - Oakham, Rutland 03/03/2012
First heard "Stackridge" in my 6th form common room in 1970. Poor old Percy the Penguin... Only time I've ever seen you - Xmas 1973, Oxford Polytechnic - Andy, James, Mike (who sang "The Laughing Policeman"), no Mutter that night. Loved your music ever since. Coming to Lowtham near Nottingham May 4th. Best of luck with the Spring tour.

Efram Zimbalist Jnr - London 22/02/2012
Suggestions for set list upcoming tour...

I've said it before and I'll say it again - would love to hear 'C'est La Vie' tackled.

Also the return of 'Fish In A Glass' and 'Lummy Days' wouldn't be sniffed at.

And finally, would the suggestion of 'Pinafore Days' just be too silly?

Paul - Dorset 18/02/2012
Re the request on the Home page for suggestions for songs for the Spring tour as the band are starting rehearsals,it'd be great to have Purple Spaceships Over Yatton,Slow Train and Lummy Days back in the set.Also,it'd be good to hear any of (Don't Go) Drinking And Driving,(Waiting For You And) England To Return,Everyman and No-one's No Important Than The Earthworm,none of which have had an airing lately.
Finally-since you're asking-maybe in rehearsals the band might consider trying out Here Comes The Sun with Clare on lead vocals,just to see how it sounds?I think it'd sound like a hit-it could be this summer's festival anthem (ie.the kind of thing they play over the PA when the sun emerges after the inevitable rain showers so as to get everyone back in the mood).
Anyway-I'm looking forward to the tour,whatever's in the set.

Farrington - Romsey 16/02/2012
Wow, was very excited to see the 'Ridge playing the IOW Fest as I will be going, only to then see you're playing on the Thursday evening for the campers, when I won't be there. Ah, well never mind. I will catch you in Swanage and/or Farncombe in the spring. Keep on rockin' chaps.

Ade Macrow - Radstock exile 16/02/2012
Phil - the only known sheet music for any Stackridge song was for 'Dora, The Female Explorer' back in 1971 and precious few of those were printed, either. Sorry this isn't more positive news!

David Harpin - St Albans Herts 16/02/2012
Many a happy day at city hall st albans/friars hall at aylesbury in my youth.Bowler hat and rubarb were the dress of the day.Remember a gig for college end of term some place in the midlands with Crazy world of arhur brown headlining.Was in for rehearsals and you were playing rock and roll numbers. Now that was something different.Will be at barnet or Milton keynes or both.Can't wait to hear you live after all those years.

Phil Barton - East Lancs 14/02/2012
Is it possible to buy the music/chord books for Extravaganza or other albums you did in the 70's? Going to see you in Hebden Bridge, I know it's in Yorkshire, but it's worth the sacrifice! Not seen you for 35 years.
Response:Sorry Phil -as far as we are aware there are no music or chord books for any of our songs. Come & say hello @ Hebden Bridge - maybe we can help you ?

Brian McGinnis - Runcorn Chesire (via New York City) 10/02/2012
LOVE Stackridge!! Have followed them since their New York release on SIRE produced by a good friend of mine. However the English title of The Man in the Bowler Hat MUCH more creative than Pinafore Days (USA title)!!!
Have ALMOst everything. Now If i could just find Lemon and recent rare single (Dummies?) I would be in heaven!! Would have loved to have seen them live!!
PS: noticed Annie Haslam out here as well.another GREAT band, Renaissance and beautiful voice on abeautiful person. Hello Annie!!
Response:Hello Brian . You are a friend of George Martin ? Great to hear from you. "Lemon" was a one off CD produced between the 1999 & 2006 incarnations of Stackridge. We don't have any copies left. However all of the tracks that were on "Lemon" were reissued on the Album "Sex & Flags" which is available from Angel-Air Records worldwide. The "Dummies/Beside The Sea" limited edition single CD is still on sale from our Tee Shirt Shop on this Web site - just click on the Teapot picture ! Only a few left though so best to order quickly - we won't manufacture any more .

Jeff B - Gateshead 08/02/2012
Tickets for Hebden Bridge in May booked. Really looking forward to the Spring Tour and seeing the mighty Stackridge in action again. It's been awhile since 'A Victory for Common Sense' so really hoping the band will be looking to record a new album in the not too distant future. Until then much to look forward on the live front and the usual magnificent Stackridge mix of the old and the new. Cracking stuff !

Mike Webb - Abbotskerswell 07/02/2012
Ellis Paul from the USA has done this as well. Pledgers receive extras over and above just the CD.

Julian - Luton 04/02/2012
Have you thought of recording eith "pledge music"? I like "Ellen and the Escapades" they have funded a record release this way. Quite a few other artists are doing it aswell perhaps Stackridge or DLM might do something?
Would really like to hear something new. Looking forward to the tour, got several tickets already sorted.

Brian Ingersent - Levens, Lake District 03/02/2012
Also good to hear Annie is well and performing. Loved Renaissance as well but sadly never got to see them live. Did Stackridge and Renaissance ever play on the same bill?

Annie Haslam - USA 03/02/2012
Hi Guys
Great to see you still out there performing, I have such fond memories from the 70's. I always loved your music, so uplifting and so much fun!
I am in the USA now, would be great to see you touring over here!
Renaissance are back at it again, with Mr Dunford and I at the helm!
Its going well... never say never right!

Sending lots of Love to you all.

Annie Haslam xxx
Response:Annie- how wonderful to hear from you ! It is great to know that you are also , like us still performing. We would love to play in the USA , if only we could find agent/promoters to take the risk. An unfufilled ambition for us, although we did manage to fly over to Hollywood in October 2010 to film for CBS TV ( eventually broadcast in March 2011 ). Love to you too , from Andy, James & Crun & manager Mike T.

Michael LeBeau - Phoenix,Arizona,USA 26/01/2012
I just "discovered" Korgis/Stackridge on YouTube.
I have always been a fan of soft/pop/rock----I don't know how I missed them!Over here in the States we have been known to miss a few.I cannot see how "All the Love in the World" and "Something about the Beatles" did not chart over here---they are just so wonderful!I wish to thank this band for their gifts to us.It is all new music to me---I am very grateful.----all the very best to the good people of England!-------------Michael J.LeBeau
Response:Thanks Michael. Great to know we have a follower in Arizona USA. We still have ambitions to play in the USA one day and "by the time we get to Phoenix" ( cue for a song!) you will be our honoured guest. Greetings from Andy,James,"Crun", Clare, Glenn & Eddie.

Marco - Leipzig 21/01/2012
Humiliation and God Speed the Plough are probably the best pieces of music George Martin ever produced. How much was him?

Tommy Trendle - Troon 17/01/2012
Heard the great interview with Andy on Radio Bristol yesterday. What a man, and what a writer. Can anyone shed some more light on John Halsey's membership of (or appearanmces with) Stackridge? There are various references to him drumming with the group (including his website and Andy's), but when was this? Was it full membership, or just occasionsl (or one-off) live performances? How did he get the job, and why did ho not stay longer? Thanks to anybody who can help with this.

Simon - Melton Mowbray 16/01/2012
Hi, Just booked my tickets for the Lowdham gig on May 4th. This will be my 3rd Stackridge gig. The 2 previous gigs being at Leicester YMCA & Stamford Arts Centre. I've always loved THE KORGIS so hearing "If I Had You" would be nice. hint hint!! :-) Anyway, I'm really looking forward to this gig!! See you all there!!

Paul - Dorset 10/01/2012
Thanks for the update,Mike.I'd certainly support a petition to get the band on the Jools Holland show.I think they'd fit in well on the Graham Norton show too.
However,I should think the band would need a new album or single to promote if they're going to get on TV.If there isn't a new album ready then perhaps a download single could be prepared.You have explained to me before that radio producers are unlikely to include an original song by the band on their playlists and TV producers would be reluctant to book them for their shows as they've never heard of them before.In any event a plugger would be needed at a cost of £1,000.
My suggestion therefore is that the band release a cover of Here Comes The Sun.I am not saying they should become a Beatles tribute act.My point is that the producers will know the song if not the band.If it's released in time for the Spring tour then,using a plugger's services,it might stand a chance of getting on the playlists and be a hit if it strikes a chord with the public glad to see the back of Winter.Who knows,maybe the DJs will be saying something like "Summer's coming,Stackridge say Here Comes The Sun and I say it's all right" etc.
If,on this occasion, Clare,whom others on this page have rightly observed has star quality,sings lead,as she does to great effect on DLM's All I Do Is Dream Of You on Youtube,then that would distinquish the track from The Beatles' original and Steve Harley's 1976 cover.
If a video is produced like the band's 4 X 4 DVD or DLM's Youtube videos then when TV producers see the band in action with Clare singing lead and James & Andy on backing vocals then maybe they will decide to book the band for their shows.
As regards the plugger's fee,a physical CD could be released with another hitherto unreleased track as the "B" side (I think it'd be great if it was a re-recording of Slow Train with James,Andy,Crun & Eddie on vocals and Glen on keyboards which ought to sell a few copies at the Swanage gig and elsewhere) at a price of £5.If 200 of us buy a copy then that's the plugger's fee covered.
I do understand that even if the track is a hit then the majority of the royalties will go to the composer,in this case the late George Harrison's estate.However,the benefit to the band of having a hit,I would have thought,would be that they could release one of their own songs for the follow-up (as they'd no longer be unknown) and the success and new public awareness of the band thereby achieved might mean that sponsorship for overseas tours and festival appearances could be forthcoming.Maybe radio stations in Europe,the USA and Japan might pick up on the track too with the possibility of it being a hit in those places too.Well,it could happen though it's hard to imagine now.
That's my suggestion,for what it's worth,from a fan of many years (I first saw the band at Leeds in 1972).I hope this doesn't give offence as that isn't my intention and I know that it is,of course,entirely the band's own decision as to which songs they record and perform.It does just occur to me that a cover of Here Comes The Sun,given the Stackridge magic and with Clare singing lead,would sound great and might just be a hit and what's needed for the band to make the long-awaited breakthrough to wider exposure and success which have undeservedly eluded them for so long.
I dare say someone else will come up with a better idea!
Anyway,I can hardly wait for the Spring tour to start.

Paul - Dorset 09/01/2012
I trust I am not too late to wish Stackridge and their management a Happy New Year.I hope that 2012 will be a very successful year for the band.
Will the band be releasing a new album to coincide with the Spring Tour and,if so,is there any chance of our seeing them appearing on TV shows like "Later with Jools Holland" to promote it?
Response:Hello Paul. At the moment there are no plans for a new Album release this year . As always things can change , but that is the situation at the moment. "Later With Jools" is a very difficult programme to impress. As it is the prime (only?)National TV programme devoted to the current music scene every band / artist / label / manager is hammering at the door demanding attention.We have tried & tried but so far to no avail. It would take a massive clamour from the public demanding that Stackridge are booked before they might take notice, that would require thousands of messages. Anybody reading this want to start an E-Petition ?

Jeff Ward - Norfolk 26/12/2011
Re; Message from Mr Rudge

Sir, why do you say "happy descending" instead of happy ascending?. I think you need help, go see a psychiatrist who specialises in optimism. I know of a good one who resides near me in Saxmundham.
Jeff Ward. PSY CO PRAT.

Madjulie - Liverpool 25/12/2011
Yes, indeed, Mr Rudge. Let's hope we can keep the Stannahs away for another year or two. Looking forward to much to the forthcoming tour.

Denis Rudge - Herfordshire 24/12/2011
I dont know about all this Christmas nonsense, but 25th Dec is National Staircase,Ramp and Ballister Day!
Happy Descending to you all.

Jeff Ward - Norfolk 24/12/2011
A very merry Christmas to Stackridge, Mike Tobin and all others connected with the band. Keep on doing what you do!
See you in 2012.
Jeff Ward.

Denis, yes that one - Beeston Nottingham 23/12/2011
It's getting closer, the info is out there, it'll be here before we know it......................................... No not Christmas, the wonderful tour by the best band in the world.

Oh to turn the clock back nearly 40 years, the hours spent trundling up down and across the country following the lads. But still reality bites and at least I get to 1 maybe 2 of the dates. Unfortunateley holidays also have an impact. Still lets just be grateful that there is a tour and that the word can continue to be spread.

Merry Christmas and a Happy and prosperous 2012 to all out there and keep on thrashing.

Rie - Japan 18/12/2011
Hi everyone from Japan!

I've got tickets of Lowdham and York on the Spring Tour. And I'm waiting for Hebden Bridge. It hasn't sold yet.

Buying tickets in advance is the best way to appeal my passion for Stackridge to the promoters, I think.

See you in the North in May 2012.

Best Regards,

Jeff Bowron - Gateshead 15/12/2011
Quite agree with Mike - get your Stackridge Spring tour tickets early. We're going to the Hebden Bridge gig in May and will be getting the tickets as a Christmas present. A Stackridge gig ticket sounds the ideal Christmas present to me !
Great to see the Lummy Days podcast back.
Compliments of the season to everyone in Stackridge Land, and in particular the band - top notch.

melanie melrose - Thrupp 13/12/2011
Lets vote for stackridge on please

Mike Webb - Abbotskerswell 12/12/2011
If anyone intends to see Stackridge on the Spring tour it would help if they could get tickets in advance as pre sold tickets help to ensure the gig won't be pulled by the promoter.
Response:Mike makes a very good point here. In these tough economic times Promoters & Venues do worry if advance ticket sales are slow as they can never totally rely on a last minute "walk in" on the night.

Madjulie - Liverpool 28/11/2011
Agreeing with Fudge Fancier! I loved the podcasts too. I've just read an excellent John Peel biography and Fatty Fudge almost takes over where Peely left off. Let's hope he can soon free up some time to entertain a small portion of discerning music lovers once again.

Ade Macrow - Radstock exile 28/11/2011
'Happy In The lord' (a Stackridge cover of a Phil Welton song, not an original) is not about cricket per se, although that is one of the stylistic references contained within the lyric but is about the unthinking way so many British people used to be content with their perceived certainties in life, like religion or warm beer etcetera, without pausing to really think about things. (Which doesn't mean they'd necessarily change their minds - but at least they'll have given these subjects some thought).

Well, that's always been my interpretation of it.

Robb - down the road 26/11/2011
so sad to hear the news ref ET gods speed big guy

Redmaid91 - Adelaide South Australia 24/11/2011
ve been a fan of the band snce I was a boarder at Redmaids' in (1970 -77) Bristol where I was known as 'a girl in a Bowler Hat'. A man's bowler I bought in a junk shop in Westbury on Trym in 1976. My question is about the song on Extravaganza that has a chorus 'happy in the Lord' It is about Cricket is it not?

Glyn - Liverpool 22/11/2011
Ah, can't wait for spring to be in the air, any chance of a Southport or Crosby gig?

Stalk Wielder - Texas 19/11/2011
Hi Stackridge team,
After George Martin produced the third (and greatest) Stackridge album, Man In The Bowler Hat, did he retain the multi-track master-tapes from the project? And were those tapes used in preparation of the CD re-issue a few years back? Is the producer the legal owner of those tapes under UK law? Also, was that album recorded at the Air Studios complex in Oxford Street London? I believe it was above one of the big department stores at the time, but are those studios still in existence? Thanks, and regards from the Colonies.
Response:Hi "Stalk" ,
No the Producer does not normally own the tapes - usually the Record Label itself. If they don't "do anything" with the tapes for 25 years then the Artists can normally ask to have them back . Which is what we did. Sadly we could find now trace of the original master tapes so Angel Air did a great job of remastering the record. Yes Air Studios was where Bowler Hat was made and was on the top floor of the Peter Robinson store on Oxford Circus. It is no longer there as far as we know.
Always good to hear from friends in the USA ! We are so pleased that there seems to be quite a lot of you - over there !

Bowler boy - Halifax 18/11/2011
Hebden Bridge gig! It must be Christmas, well nearly . Send me tickets. Ok I will buy some even though I am a Yorkshireman.

steve - birmingham 18/11/2011
i first saw stackridge in the early seventies at aston uni and went to see them many times. i told my daughter and son-in-law about them who said they didn't exist and were a made-up band! when they reformed i went to see them but my daughter and son-in-law persisted in their notion that it was all in my mind! this continued for ages and then they gave me a t-shirt that they had made for me stating " STACKRIDGE - Despite what my daughter and son-in-law say, are NOT a made-up band!" where did i go wrong! see you at the Robin in may

Robert Rozoff - Two Rivers, WI USA 17/11/2011
From a long-time member of our nation's midwest fan base...

Mutter. For me, North Street Grande has become my favorite anti-war poem/song. I tear up when you speak of the photo in your broken fingers. You have made this song seem like a first-person account. Thanks!

Bill - Warren,Oh. U.S.A. 15/11/2011
I was asked to share this story,that I had posted about Slark on youtube.When I was 15yrs. old,I heard Slark,I was so crazy about the albulm,that I had my mother drive about 50 miles to get it.They were the only record store that carried it near us.(I had called them all)We got stuck in a snow storm and had to spend the night in a motel.All this because I was so crazy about the music,and I had the best mom in the world!Every time I listen to any Stackridge music,it brings back one of the greatest memories from my youth.Keep up the great music guys.I love ya!!

Dave - British Columbia 14/11/2011
Hope there would be possibilities for you in British Columbia. Stackridge are one of the bands I've always hoped to catch live but haven't had opportunity to.
Response:Anything is possible, Dave . Playing in North America is a dream the band has harboured for a long time . Touring "over there" is an expensive proposition, so we do need sponsors to help with the costs.

M@rt - Wirral 08/11/2011
I'm sure you meant to say "We love receiving messages from around the world, and the Wirral" I am a sensitive soul and easily moved to tears if rejected. I can feel a sob coming on now......if you'll excuse me.....Is the spambot image an alien spacecraft from Area 51? I know it's not a 'dusbin'!
Cheery bye.

John - Manchester 05/11/2011
On the Andy Davis site, there was a download of Slow Twitch Fibres. The site seems to have disappeared. Any chance of something on here? They were a damned good band.
Response:Andy closed that site a while ago. Why not join the zorgansgal yahoo group ? They have a wealth of extra info & the fans there interact daily. Just click on the Y link on the front page .

Paul - Dorset 05/11/2011
It was good to hear The Korgis' "If I Had You" on Ken Bruce's show yesterday.I'd been listening to the Korgis' Klassics CD in the car and it was a pleasant surprise that they were playing when Radio 2 came on.
It's also encouraging that Stackridge are getting on the bill for next year's festivals.The Acoustic Festival's paragraph about the band on their website seems to be giving the impression that Mutter will be appearing with James,Andy & Crun but I take it this won't be the case?
Lastly,will DLM be releasing a CD of the excellent songs they're seen playing on the YouTube clips?
Response:No Mutter will not be appearing at The Acoustic Festival - thanks for letting us know about the mistake on their Web Site - we will try & get that changed. There are plans to record DLM at some time in the not to distant future.

Mike - Bournemouth 04/11/2011
Glad to hear the confirmation of South Petherton and Swanage gigs. I would be ecstatic if the support act was DLM, but recognise that might be too much to hope for. Love the clips of DLM, great to see such fresh creativity from the most under-rated singer-songwriter of the 20th and 21st Centuries
Response:DLM will not be the support act on any of the Spring Tour gigs. Andy & Clare will need to concentrate on the Stackridge set ! There is a good chance that we will have the same support act on most of the tour dates which we are all excited about. Watch out for announcements

Brian Ransley - St Albans 30/10/2011
Have you any plans to revisit St Albans next year, or will your only trip to greater London be the gug in Barnet?
Response:We have tried to find a Venue or Promoter in St Albans as it was a "stronghold" for us in the 70,s but -----no success. So the gig in Barnet is a way of satisfying folk in North London & also in St Albans & surrounding areas. It is a lovely theatre.

John Jones - Bristol 30/10/2011
Any plans for a Christmas performance in Bristol/Bath?
Response:Sorry John - no plans for any Stackridge gigs before the Spring Tour 2012. ( Bristol on April 5th @ The Fleece ).

Fudge Fancier - Birmingham 29/10/2011
Will there ever be any more Stackridge podcasts? They were great, and i really miss them.
Response:We do hope that there will be some more Lummy Days podcasts in the future . Our genial host Fatty Fudge has been so busy with other work this year he just has not had the time to spare. Keep checking in though & cross your fingers

Paul - Dorset 29/10/2011
Great Youtube clip of Davis Lindley Mullan playing "Who's That Up There With Bill Stokes?". Thanks for the link from the Home page.
Will DLM be scheduling any gigs in the near future?
Who will be the support act when Stackridge play The Mowlem Theatre,Swanage on 19 April 2012?

Response:DLM are searching out bookings for next year . Keep checking their Face Book page for news. The support act at the gig in Swanage will be announced very soon - it is likely that the same act will be appearing on most if not all of the Spring Tour.

melanie melrose - Thrupp 25/10/2011
I dont know now you wait for one band to come along and then there's 2. My mind is totally confused which gig Stackridge or Steps!!!!!

Mike Tobin - Bristol. UK 23/10/2011
How time flies ! A year ago this weekend I was in Hollywood with all the gang, filming @ CBS TV for The Craig Ferguson Late Late Show. Seems like only yesterday !

Regan Harris - Los Angeles 16/10/2011
Tag, you're it.
Response:I beg your pardon ?

John Brien - Beverley 10/10/2011
Stackridge were always very popular in the Hull area in the 70s - several gigs at what was then called Malcolm's and after a few changes is now Laserquest ! Also at a secondary school in York which was only half an hour or so drive for me careering along in my creosote car. The band was well received in Yorkshire in 2008 - we saw them at Sheffield Boardwalk (where Glenn broke his foot falling through the stage) and York Fibbers so how about a Hull gig in 2012 ? There's the legendary Adelphi Club or Hull Truck Theatre which does weekend concerts quite regularly (Rick Wakeman last week) or what about a fundraising do for the charity I support - the City of Hull Young Musicians' Friends' Association at the wonderful new Albemarle Music Centre.
Response:Spring Tour Details were sent to both Hull Truck & The Albemarle some time ago , John - neither has responded .May be if enough supporters in Hull put a little pressure on they might think again ? !

Anne Marie Hawkins - Vale of Glamorgan 09/10/2011
Bacon is simply not dangerous enough in south Wales and the hedgehog on my fence can see too few galloping gauchos, so why not come to Cardiff? Clwb Ifor Bach (on Womanby St., I kid you not) would suit you down to the ground and save me the anxiety and bafflement of driving to Bristol where I always get lost. I will offer you the additional enticement of a slap-up home-cooked nosh just half an hour from Cardiff. Course, back in the days of our yoof we were less focussed on food and more on other things, but I am a Matron now and it's after the matinee, so good grub is all I can entice you with. I bought "the Man In The Bowler Hat" just on spec in 1973. I'd never heard of you (what planet was I on?) but the music has given me pleasure ever since. Keep at it!
BTW, I have nothing to do with Clwb Ifor Bach - it's just a venue that would suit you very well.
Response:Thanks for the suggestion Anne Marie, we will certainly check that Venue out. Did you see us the last times we played in Cardiff - @ The Globe ? Offer of food is very kind of you , there are 2 vegetarians & 1 vegan mind ! Keep in touch.

Ade Macrow - Radstock exile 08/10/2011
It's a pleasure, Gary. Glad to help. As for your 'error': we've all made them, so don't worry about it!

If you want more about all manner of Stackridge/DLM/Korgis and non-Stackridge - non-music often - topics, feel free to join my zorgansgal Yahoo group for debates, Q&A, mindless nonsense and all manner of things in-between. You - and anybody/everybody else - would be very welcome.

Meantime, keep the faith.

Gary Blackman - Southampton England 05/10/2011
Thanks for your help Ade.
Can't believe I got the song title wrong.
How embarrassing!

Ade Macrow - Radstock exile 05/10/2011
You mean 'Dancing On Air' of course, not the 'Snowman' theme song!

This has never been issued as a studio recording by Stackridge; only in its live incarnation, although it was performed often 'live' in the 1970s, including a memorable rendition of The Old Grey Whistle Test.

It did appear as the 'A' side of Mutter's solo single on Rocket Records, with 'Solitude' as the obverse.

Gary Blackman - Southampton England 04/10/2011
I have been looking for several years now for a studio recording of Walking on air but can't seem to find it on any album.
Could you please help?

Bev Lees - West Bromwich 03/10/2011
ADE MACROW - Ade,thanks so much for your response to my 'EARTHWORM' video request. I have sent you an E mail with my details, and look forward to hearing from you, cheers. STACKRIDGE, great to see ROBIN 2, BILSTON on the tour for 2nd May 2012. All West Mids Thrashers, lets get it rammed and do our bit for the band we've loved for over 40 years, and are here for us again. One of the gigs I attended in 2010 was STACKRIDGE supported by GIRLYMAN, Hereford 9th October, another brilliant band. They are in the UK in spring 2010, represented by Grapevine, and I just wondered if the same combination might happen again on one of the dates. However, STACKRIDGE firs
t and foremost guys, just keep adding the dates, and we'll be there! Love from Bev.

bill - michigan 26/09/2011

Shaun - England 20/09/2011
Great to see you guy's back and doing it, first saw you a my school way back when banging dustbin lids.
All the best.
Shaun K.

m@rt - Wallasey 15/09/2011
Put The Kettle On Mother; I'll Tell You A Story.

Many years ago, in the lummy days of my youth, I had breakfast with Werner Von Braun (the famous rocket scientist) in a small hotel called North St. Grande at 32 West Mall, Bristol. We sat at the three legged table and had sausages, eggs, dangerous bacon (of the type that has gone so crispy that it splinters when one puts one's fork in it!) and fish. In a glass, on the table, was my orange juice.
After the war many of his German 'employers' had taken the road to Venezuela and other South American retreats, but for them, there is no refuge. It would be the day the world stopped turning. Under the protection of the Allies, Werner had been kitted out with suits, shirts. new boots and shoes (mostly sourced from the lost and found) and then returned to the old country. For Von Braun, the war had been a long dark river in which he had been forced to swim.
Amazingly, Agnes the landlady swept in and, putting the Slater's Waltz on the old gramophone, insisted that Werner took a spin round the room with her. Her friendliness was doubtless due to the fact that she was a regular church-goer; happy in the Lord and in herself. I watched them dance; Von Braun in his shabby suit and Agnes in her crisp gingham pinafore.
Days before, I had said, “Werner, if you can put the humiliation of the war behind you, someday I'm sure your work will take rockets to the Sun and Moon. The credit for that will be fundamentally yours”.
Rufus T. Firefly and the other actors in the room above were boisterous, with their laughter and grease paint smiles.
Werner asked, “Who's that up there?”
With Bill Stokes gone for the day, we had the house to ourselves and decided on some sport.
“Anyone for tennis?” I asked, my hand in my pocket.
“ Billiards perhaps”. replied Von Braun “And who will be the volunteer to set things up?”
I knew that he meant me. He was taking liberties. What a slark!
Mais; c'est la vie mes amis, n'est pas?
I would take the matter up with him at teatime, perhaps while we enjoyed some of Agnes's excellent cheese and ham sandwiches......

I really should get a life.

Glenn - Bath & Twickenham (@ the RFU) 15/09/2011
Hi Geoff fro Austin. My son James is resident in Austin (Wilke Dv) & is the bass player with the Zack Walther Band - check them out if you can.

Best Glenn.

Geoff Thomas - Austin, TX. U.S.A. 14/09/2011
It would be great to see you guys over here like at SxSW or the ACL fest ? It's bin' like what? 40 years! Jeez give a guy a break!~!
Oh you are ,of course, awesome in all your musical endeavors ( excuse the american spelling) and continue to befuddle minds everywhere. Well done indeed. Special love to James, Andy and Mutter. I'll never forget you guys. My therapist is ecstatic.
Geoff......(and Lisa)

Ron McGregor - Glasgow 12/09/2011
Any plans for Scotland?
Glasgow etc?
Ferry again? or ABC? Inn at Lathones?
Response:A fresh mailshot to numerous venues including ones in Scotland will be sent out this week. Still plenty of dates to fill on next year's Spring tour. Don't forget that the Stackridge Acoustic "off shoot" Davis Lindley Mullan are playing @ The Inn at Lathones at the end of this month.

Mike Hoare - Lowdham 12/09/2011
We were thrilled when somebody came all the way from Sydney, Austalia to see Cara Dillon so would be very pleased indeed to welcome Rie from Japan!

Sion - Mid Sussex 11/09/2011
Any chance of either Clair Hall in Haywards Heath or the Martlets, Burgess Hill, on the next tour? Loved the gig the last time you were in the vicinity at the Latestmusicbar in Brighton last year supported by my friends Bruise.
Response:We will certainly check those Venues out, Sion. Thanks for the suggestions.

Rie - Japan 11/09/2011
Hi from Japan!
I had wonderful time at the gigs in Banet and Frome in May 2011.

I'm considering about going to England with my husband in May 2012, to attend the gigs of Stackridge in Lowdham and Hebden Bridge (the Frozen North!) :-)

We'd love to meet Zorgans in the North!

Best Regards,
Rie and Seiichi Yaguchi

Hoggy - Dorset 10/09/2011
My doctor told me I was suffering from cold red squirrel, I need an urgent remedy somewhere around Bournemouth or Poole please.........

Pete Williams - Peterborough 09/09/2011
A little behind the drag-curve here I admit, but the new purchases ('Victory' & 'Forbidden' CDs & DVD) have not been off the CD/DVD player in simply days, m'dears. Absolutely brilliant, both of them - for completely different reasons, despite the absence of any galvy dustbin lids (ah, they were the days). 'Victory' has to be, IMHO, the best thing since 'Friendliness'; really lovely warm sound and all of them, beautifully crafted songs. Absolutely mortified Mutter has come to the decision he has, but 'C'est la vie' (sorry!)- thank you, though, Mutter, you're a top bloke, as are the rest of you. Keep on clucking, chaps, keep on clucking!

Melanie melrose - thrupp 09/09/2011
It would be good if the gig coincided with the Medieval Fayre in Tewkesbury but thats July but there would be a lot more people around. Gloucester Guildhall always seem a soulless place for bands.

Gary Moody - Ruislip Middlesex England 09/09/2011
Hiya guys...have never stopped playing your music even up untill yesterday..( transferred all my albums to cd some years ago..including the scratches )am now in the process of buying new cd' definately going to come to a gig next year ( will never forget gigs at Roundhouse & Bristol in early 70's )and bring the wife as shes never seen you...watched some youtube clips you are still safe and lucky...gary Moody...( Moods )

Robin Horton - Malvern, Worcestershire 08/09/2011
I should have mentioned that Gloucester Guildhall and Roses Theatre, Tewkesbury put on live acts and maybe a possible venue.

Will - West Bridgford 08/09/2011
Fantastic!Stackridge back at Lowdham next May. Nice one Mike.Brilliant venue and beer served in the hall. Warthog Promotions are very friendly and welcoming so come on Stackridge fans, lets fill the place!

Robin Horton - Malvern, Worcestershire 07/09/2011
I can remember your 70s gigs at the Malvern Winter Gardens, and the band played twice in August the one Summer. Great nights with Mutter and the band. Fondly remembered.

Ade Macrow - Radstock exile 07/09/2011
Bev - some ten years ago, I was involved in putting together a short DVD that showed two Stackridge OGWT performances (2 songs in each). One was from the BBC Studios in Bristol, t'other in Manchester. And yes, No-One's More Important Than The Earthworm was the other song on the performance you refer too. The other show included Steam Radio Song.

I'm going away early tomorrow morning (Thurs 8th Sept) until mid/late September but if you contact me on, I'll happily provide you with a copy of same when I read your email after I return. (The band members were all sent copies at the time).

Keith Nuttall - Shipley, West Yorkshire 06/09/2011
Just heard that there's a date at Hebden Bridge next year. Yipee!
It's taken 40 years to see Stackridge. Beats my existing record of seeing Van der Graaf 25 years after buying their records.
Now ... I wonder if Brian Wilson's touring soon? ;)

Bev Lees - West Bromwich 06/09/2011
Hello again Stackridge! Some great videos on You Tube of course, including the OGWT Dancing On Air. As I recall this was around spring 1975, and the show also included an unmissable live rendition of NO ONE'S MORE IMPORTANT THAN THE EARTHWORM. Does the band, or anyone else know please, could this be provided in the same way? Have only seen it that one time, so could technology take me back - I'm sure Thrashers old and new would love to see it. Love from Bev.
Response:Sadly the BBC in their infinite wisdom "wiped" so many programmes including many episodes of OGWT. As far as we know "Dancing On Air" is the only performance that still exists

Graham Ollerenshaw - Hull 05/09/2011
Re gigs in Hull, a guy called Gary at GJM Music in Hull
has recently been putting gigs on at Hessle Town Hall near
Hull (Martin Turner's Wishbone Ash, Letz Zep). May be
worth contacting him at

John Brien - Beverley 05/09/2011
Yes I remember Stackridge from playing in Hull and York in the 1970s. A New Year gig at Hull City Hall with Van der Graf Generator for one. Then saw them in Sheffield and York a couple of years back. So how about Hull ? There's the Hull Truck Theatre or next door to it the Albemarle Music Centre. I won't half miss Mutter if he's not there though !
Response:Hi John. We will have a look at those Hull Venues you mention & see if they might be interested. Thanks. The first confirmed Spring Tour 2012 dates have been just announced on the gigs page. There is one in Yorkshire at Hebden Bridge.
Sorry but Mutter has made up his mind not to tour with us any more & we can't do anything about that.

JB - The Frozen North 05/09/2011
Can someone put the Stackridge 2012 confirmed Spring dates on the gig list ? It will be good to plan ahead. Any chance of a new album in the forseeable future ? Great band - looking forward to seeing the mighty Stackridge again next year.
Response:First dates just announced on the Gigs page JB , including 2 in the "frozen north " ( ! ). More to follow.

jason flanders - margate 29/08/2011
dear stackridge i would like you to play at the winter gardens in margate or the gulbenkian theatre in canterbury. looking forward to seeing you play there. from your fans who are ruth, mick and jason

Bev Lees ( bloke ) - West Bromwich 28/08/2011
I became a dedicated follower of Stackridge on the college circuit from 1970, also seeing the band with Wishbone Ash, 1971. My original era spanned Mike Evans ( lids ) to Paul Karas ( Earthworm ).Splits sadly emerged, life went on, was pleased to see the Korgis success, but to see news that Stackridge were back again nearly 40 years on, magic! Have seen the reformed band several times, met them at last, including having a drink with Mutter in Bromsgrove, ( great shame to lose him, but Clare is brilliant, and looks that bit better! - no offence Mutter ). I will always travel far and wide to see Stackridge, but my local gig is Robin 2, Bilston. Hope the band have noticed the increase in crowd there over 3-4 years, so please include us in your 2012 plans. Try to avoid weekends guys, as I am a working muso (Just Bev), and if you would like a free support anywhere, it would be an honour. Thanks Stackridge, for then, and for now. Love from Bev.

SimonE - Sheffield 26/08/2011
I love you guys - since I first saw you at the Black Swan, Sheffield in 1970ish - Mutter was the DJ - what a surprise when he then appeared in the group :)

My kids absolutely love your music, fun, fun, fun - every bbq I do has You can do the Stanley and Slark in the foreground - very loud btw - timeless gems - love your music - you should have been bigger. I even visited Yatton :)

All the best chaps - you helped me grow down :)

M@rt - Wallasey 25/08/2011
I've said this before and I'll say it again; without promoters like Dave C we would not have the option of Stackridge gigs at all.
Re the Pacific Road gig mentioned before, I seriously considered promoting that gig myself and had got as far as mentioning available dates to Mike. Everything Dave points out is absolutely correct Band fee, venue hire, sound, security, accomodation adds up to a huge total for the event which the promoter risks.
From memory, Pacific Road required a turnout of about 300 people to break even. My guess would be about 100 turned up. The maths are easy. I couldn't afford to take the risk, but Dave did, and does.
The sad thing is that Pacific Road, a Council owned venue, is under threat of closure. QED if promotors don't put bands on, the bands don't get to play. If no bands use the venue, it will close. And the promoters lose money!

Here's a thought; all of us dyed in the wool Stackridge fans could pay a premium on top of the general ticket price to the general public who, let's be honest, have no idea who the band even are. Friends can always be persuaded to attend.
Case in point; told a customer about Stackridge and gave him copy of AVGCS. He loved it and has now bought Friendliness with more to follow.
Dave, you're a bloody hero. Hope to see you all again soon.
Ta ta, my dears.

Bob Stroud - Stratford upon Avon 25/08/2011
Firstly a very happy birthday (wont mention the age!!) to James. As a founder member of the Kingston mob I have been following Stackridge since the 70's and have notched up 70 gigs over the years.
I am delighted to hear they are planning a spring tour. Ever considered Cox's Yard in Stratford upon Avon?
Response:Cox's Yard have been sent the Promo Material for the Spring Tour 2012, but so far - no response. Maybe if some followers in the area got in touch with the Venue asking them to book Stackridge they might take notice ? ( That goes for any Venue !)

Phil Williams - Liverpool 22/08/2011
We have seen you guys at the Cavern and Bury Met over the last couple of years but looking at previous posts it seems we missed you at Pacific Road Spring 2010. I thought you cancelled? We will turn out again at St Helens, see you there. By the way, it's sad Mutter has gone but for me Davis and Warren are the songwriting heart of Stackridge and the future of the band.

David Cartlidge - Wigan 22/08/2011
RE STACKRIDGE SHOWS IN THE NORTH WEST- First , I 'd like to correct an assertion that was made. Neither of the Stackridge shows at Bury was " virtually full". Capacity at the Met is (with full seating)239. The first show got 154. I thought that was not bad, given when they last played in the area. The second show got (weirdly) 156. Out of this comes band fee, hire of venue, PRS, cost of venue processing credit card sales, food and drink for the band The costs for Kendal were higher, and ticket sales significantly lower. When you promote a gig you need to be certain you have a good soundman. You also need to be aware of whether the band are playing another gig at a venue nearby. If you ignore this , then the audience is split between the two venues. Resulting in the promoter losing , and the venue not being keen to book the band again . I worked very hard on promoting the 3 Stackridge gigs I've done ( as I do with all the gigs I do). I go to radio stations , newspapers, I bang out dozens of e-mails to potentially interested parties . However, I am left with the notion that some of you think this is much easier to do than it is. I will be asking Bury Met for another booking , let's hope they say yes. In conclusion I remember someone suggesting they do the Lowry. How much do you think that costs to hire ?
Response:Thank you, David for posting this message from the Promoter's point of view . From the band's angle the story is much the same . The costs of "going on the road" are enormous & rising all the time . Anybody who has filled a tank with diesel recently will see how many hundreds of pounds it can cost to travel from say Bath to Manchester & back ! Somehow Musicians have to try & make a living , so do Promoters - without the efforts of people like you bands like Stackridge would have to say at home. We really appreciate the fans & followers who do make the effort to buy tickets & come to gigs - we need you . At the same time we need 239 people @ The Met Bury next time - if David takes the risk for another promotion there .

chris - nyc 19/08/2011
would love it if you stopped by manhattan, brooklyn, or hoboken (maxwell's) during your 2012 tour!
Response:Hi Chris - we would love it too ! Trouble is the costs of getting the band over to the USA are enormous so unless we can find a sponsor , or until we find an Agent willing to take this on board we are stumped. We have tried & will keep on trying.

Stuart C - Worcester 17/08/2011
Just to second that from AlanD. When I first saw the band Mutterless he was missed both musically and stage-presencely. When I last saw them in Farncombe they blew me and the rest of the audience away and Mutter wasn't missed at all (sorry Mutter). Don't think I have ever seen Stackridge so tight - the latest incarnation in full flow really is outstanding IMHO.

AlanD - Portsmouth 16/08/2011
Hi Brian in far flung Canada, regarding point 4 of your message, don't forget Glenn has been playing some marvellous (real) flute solos from behind his bank of keyboards on that incredible last tour - maybe that's why you didn't spot him! The band really hit a new live peak in 2011 and I can't wait to see them again - roll on 2012...

Nick Linfield - Steyning, West Sussex 15/08/2011
How about the Ropetackle in Shoreham-By-Sea. I think you were planning to play there once before (?)
Response:We have offered a date on the Spring Tour 2012 to a Promoter who wanted to use The Ropetackle - but we are still waiting for him to come back with a confirmation.

Brian Steffensen - Toronto, Canada 15/08/2011
Point 1: Why do you look so bloody miserable on you home page! Yeesh!! Stackridge are finally being recognised (rightfully) for being an incredible band (one of England's best). You've produced your best album since "Bowler Hat" and your messages to us loyal fans are as witty and insane as ever. So why so miserable and scarily serious?? Please cheer up!

Point 2: Where should appear next?? After your breakthrough appearance with Craig Ferguson on the US telly, may I suggest a short tour of North America. Toronto, New York, Boston, Chicago, San Fransisco and L.A. should cover it!

Point 3. As long time member of the "Rhubarb Thrashing Society", is there any chance of this organisation reconstituting itself?

Point 4. Could someone restate Mutter's situation with the band. I am assuming he is still part of the band, but just not appearing regularly with the band for the live performances (reminds one of Brian Wilson and The Beach Boys in the late 60s). I really hope this is the case, because his contribution to the last album was spectacular (Composing, Flute Paying and Singing). The live sound is fine with the new regular violin player, but the synthesized flute solos sound horrible (IMHO) so I hope a regular flute player can be added for live dates soon (Is Mr. Gemmill doing anything?)

Point 5: Any chance of a reunion with Mike (please)?
Response:That's a lot of questions Brian.
Point 1: I guess it was an effort to be taken seriously for once ! No point in pretending we are young men any more so we decided to emphasise our "maturity" in those photos. Maybe we overdid it !
Point 2: Your suggested tour is exactly the sort of thing we had in mind. The problem is (as always) finance. The costs of getting the band over to the USA are enormous & then we would have to cover the expense of travel, equipment hire etc etc once we were there. We keep trying various avenues but so far no agent or promoter has been willing to take the risk of touring a virtually unknown act in these tough economic times.
Point 3 : The old R/T Society is thriving but under the name "zorgansgal" via. a Yahoo group. Just click on the link on the front page and it will take you there. Join !
Point 4 : Mutter , because of his "day time job" & responsibilities & because he lives some way from the rest of the band just feels that he can no longer be active with us. He may contribute to future recordings, but is highly unlikely to ever play live with the band again.There are no plans to expand the line up on live gigs - again a financial decision.
Point 5 : Absolutely no way !

peter smith - warton preston 10/08/2011
how about a return to bury met,or even king georges hall in blackburn,we would love to see you up here again,great band !!!

steve beal - wantage,oxon 08/08/2011
One of my first ever concerts when I was a young 'un in Shrewsbury. It was Stackrdige (and Camel) on the bill, and we all did the 'stanley'...a fan ever since..thank you troopers.

Mike - Kent 06/08/2011
First live gig I ever went to - Black Prince Bexley around 1973 as I was only about 16 and blagged my way in.
Just downloaded the live album and thoroughly enjoying it - Maybe get to see the band live again.......

Steve - Sale 06/08/2011
It would be brilliant if you could arrange a long overdue return to the North West, specifically in the Manchester or Liverpool area, as part of the Spring 2012 tour.

Are there any plans for a return to the Bury Met? The band have successfully played fantastic shows in recent years at this marvellous venue to virtually full houses with great atmosphere and audience reaction.

How about trying Trafford Waterside Arts Centre which is a cracking little venue and would be ideal for a Stackridge show or the Altrincham Garrick Playhouse that hosts a number of bands as well as plays and musicals?

There is certainly demand in this area to see the wonderful Stackridge. So come on guys (and gal) - please return to the North West soon ... your audience awaits!!!
Response:Hi Steve, We are looking at a number of options for gigs next Spring in your area. We will certainly be playing at least 1 venue in the Liverpool area, and maybe Manchester as well. Watch for announcements soon on the Gigs page here.

Mike Baxter - Wirral ( Birkenhead ) 04/08/2011
Hi all, saw you @ Pacific Road Arts Centre , Birkenhead , January 2010. You were brilliant, and I really hope you come back again
Response:Hi Mike,
The Spring 2012 Tour will kick off at The Citadel, St.Helens on March 31st .

Willie Hershaw - Fife 04/08/2011
Great to see DLM coming to Kinross and St Andrews. What about the whole band at the Queen's Hall Edinburgh, famed for great acoustics? Have seen Fairport there many times.

David Nutting - Stourbridge, West Midlands 03/08/2011
Glad to hear that plans for 2012 shows are being made. Request that the West Midlands is included - back to the Robin at Bilston, please? Failing that, Worcester or even better for me - The River Rooms, Stourbridge!! Thanks Stackridge for many years of taking music not so seriously and yet taking it seriously - if that makes sense?!

Dave Richardson - Annen. The Netherlands. 03/08/2011
I agree with Justin (31-7-2011). What about a trip to the continent, even better the Netherlands. Come on lads I'm sure it would be worth it. What would we have to do to make it possible?
Response:You would have to convince Venues/ Promoters that it was a viable proposition. Sending messages to Venues requesting they book Stackridge can help, but it would need a lot of people to do it ! The Paradiso Amsterdam would be a good start .

Grant Maintained - Keyworth, Nottingham 01/08/2011
Lowdham village hall (up and coming venue!) was a sublime gig. Great sound quality and very memorable show. It was also good of them to move the bar staff and the real ale across the road from the local pub into the hall.

Nottingham, Derby, Leicester area would be great. Failing that, Huddersfield, Halifax, Brighouse maybe?

Perhaps I'm too nostalgic but there's something incredible about seeing a band live, then finding out almost 40 years later that they have lost none of the magic.

Rob Winwood - Cambridge 01/08/2011
Any chance of playing the Latitudes festival? You'd fit in very well!

Also anything with 50 miles of Cambridge would be appeciated in 2012. I did get to The Stables in Milton Keynes - and it was my gig of the year!

There has been so much good stuff in the recent back catalogue to catch up with, such as Bread and Water, Red Squirrel & Waiting for You ( and England).

Purple Spaceships over Yatton is still spellbinding though .........

Anyway lads, thanks for continuing to give us so much pleasure - I look forward to renewing the aquaintance in 2012!

Response:We have tried to get on the line up @ The Latitudes Festival for the last 3 years, but to no avail. Perhaps if enough supporters contacted this Festival before 2012 they might be persuaded. Also that wonderful magazine "The Word" is closely associated with Latitudes ,so pleas send in their direction might have some effect.

Justin Richardson - Groningen, The Netherlands 31/07/2011
I would like to see Stackridge perform on the continent in 2012, preferably in the Netherlands!

Hogweed - Bournemouth 30/07/2011
Sorry I missed this run of shows, family circumstances meant it was difficult to travel and the only gig I was able to get to at Lyme Regis coincided with a nasty sickness virus. Never mind, the Youtube footage I've seen shows a seamless transition post-Mutter and I look forward to a new tour next Spring. I know you tried to get in at the Wimborne Tivoli this time but they didn't budge. If they don't give you a slot next time round I will stand outside the venue with a placard pronouncing that the World will stop turning until they get their act together

Denis, yes that one - Beeston Nottingham 29/07/2011
Ken Bruce played the wonderful Korgis on his 'Love Songs' spot today. Any chance he could be persuaded to play some 'proper' Stackridge numbers? Well at least nag his producer.

John Chapman - St Ives, Cornwall 27/07/2011
A real treat for all Stackridge fans. Whatever you do don't miss Stackridge being heavily featured on Out & About with Lord John on Penwith Radio.

Listen to the show Live @ and listen live @ 12noon this Friday 28th July.


Ade Macrow - Radstock exile 18/07/2011
Cornbury setlist was as follows, Alan. Teatime/Dummies/Beside The Sea/Red Squirrel/Everybody's Got To Learn Sometime/Lost And Found/Big Baby/The Long Dark River/The Road To Venezuela/The Last Plimsoll/Boots And Shoes/Slark.

(Full details of every Stackridge setlist since re-forming in 2007 can be found on my Zorgan's Gal Yahoo site)

Marzo - Enfield 18/07/2011
Alan - Giglist as follows
Teatime, Dummies, Beside the Sea, Red Squirrel, EGTLS, Lost and Found, Big Baby, Long Dark River, Venezuela, Plimsoll, Boots and Shoes, Slark
Hope this helps

Steve Eyre - Peterborough 18/07/2011
Sad that the current run of gigs has come to an end - appreciate that the guys and gal need a rest.
Hope that we will be able to see you again soon.
Thanks for the continued enjoyment that you give to us fans, we are truly blessed.

Alan Colgan - Charlbury 17/07/2011
Could someone please tell me what the set list was for the Cornbury Festival gig?

Sue - Derbyshire 16/07/2011
I managed to get to see 3 of the this year's gigs and can say that the band was playing as well as I have ever seen them - and that's saying a lot! Many thanks to the band for giving such pleasure. Hope it's not long before we get another chance to see you play - a Christmas gig would be fantastic?!

J.Walter - Herefordshire 14/07/2011
Thanks to everyone who came to see us perform during our recent run of Gigs-you make our day,really. Hope to see you all again soon. Rock On!

bren - luton 12/07/2011
thank you for a fantastic day ay the r.o.t.w. festival in hitchin on sunday 10th july

M elanie - thrupp 07/07/2011
No I dont think James could pass off as Simon le Bon. I am still waiting for a review of the band at Cornbury. If I win the euromillion this friday will endeavour to put the band on in some exotic venue and provide glamping for all!!!

Paul - Dorset 06/07/2011
It's good to hear that the band's performances at festivals recently have been so well received.On the strength of the great reviews is there any chance of them filling any of the vacancies left by Duran Duran who have had to cancel appearing at several festivals due to Simon le Bon being unwell?
It'd be superb too if they were able to get on the bill at Camp Bestival down here in Dorset.

Hurstie - Swindon 05/07/2011
Well - you guys were just brilliant at Cornbury!! Thanx for a great hour of beautiful music on a beautiful summers day. And like most of the guys watching... I fell in love with Clare!!! Looking forward to the next time and ordering the album now.....Hurstie

prillie - Hitchin 05/07/2011
Will be at Rhythms of world with partner David Oakley Hill on Sunday 10 July 2011.
We have had many happy times listening to your music and it would be great if you could wish him a Happy Birthday on Sunday afternoon when you are at Rhythms of the World.

Big thank you if possible Prillie

Hilary Finch - Bristol UK 01/07/2011
Great to see peeps of my generation still out their grooving, making music and writing good lyrics!

billy - usa 30/06/2011
you guys are truly great!
thank you!

Jack - York 26/06/2011
I have a Stackridge tattoo!
Response:If this is true, Jack we want to see a photograph - it could well be a world first !

Rie - Japan 25/06/2011
Hello all,
Does anyone know who the group owner of Zorgansgals(Yahoo!Group)?
I'm awaiting approval by the group owner.
I'd like to join the group soon!
Response:It's Ade Macrow, Rie but he is away on holiday at the moment & unable to answer E Mails . I am sure he will let you in as soon as he gets back.

Clive Buckland-Bork 21/06/2011
Bloody marvellous to see you at the Sonic Rock Solstice - a very welcome breath of fresh air and very definitely the best thing at a very curious festival...! Hope you enjoyed it - and hope to see you again sometime soon. Clive (Invisible Opera Company of Tibet)

Paul - Dorset 18/06/2011
Had to say that the animation for God Speed The Plough by Spud is superb-as good as the film he did for Waiting For You And England To Return.
I couldn't help noticing that Spud and several of those who left comments on the YouTube site listen to The Archers as we do in our house.There's been mention in recent episodes of a possible rock concert at Lower Loxley (the local stately home,I would explain for non-aficionados) and it strikes me that Stackridge are probably just the sort of band that'd be hired for such an event.I can well imagine that the likes of Kenton,Shula and maybe even Linda Snell would have been Stackridge fans in their younger days
so it'd be great if the band did appear on the programme in that context.They've had real-life people such as the Gardeners Question Time panel and the Duchess of Cornwall on the show earlier this year so why not the best band in the world too?Doubtless their appearance fee would have to be donated to charity (maybe there's one to do with red squirrels) but the publicity would be worth it given that the programme has a worldwide following.Well,it's just a thought.

David Cartlidge - Wigan 13/06/2011
Dear M@rt,
It occurs to me that I'd better not let your mummy down...( Watch this space)

Paul - Dorset 12/06/2011
Given that The Korgis were big in Europe back in the day,maybe European festival promoters might be interested in booking the band for some of the many festivals held in France,Germany etc. in the summer if they were reminded of Stackridge's Korgi connections.The band might have to reinstate If I Had To You to the set to go with Everybody's and Something/Beatles but it could go down very well.When I was in Brittany last year there were posters for a huge 3-day festival at Quimper with,top of the bill,Roger Hodgson whose hits with Supertramp were from much the same era as The Korgis which seems encouraging for the greater spread of the band's music.

Mark Handoll - Combwich 10/06/2011
Just back from a great holiday in Kefalonia (Greece) Wandering around the beautiful harbour village of Fiskardo, I heard music coming from within the taverna. "Everybody's got to learn sometime!" Made my day that did. Wonder in which other far flung places your fantastic songs have been heard!

M@rt - Wallasey 09/06/2011
Just wanted to say what a great night I had in Kendal and thanks to all concerned. It was nice to meet Dave Cartlidge, albeit briefly, a man to whom all of us ageing thrashers owe a debt of gratitude for promoting the band.
I've never been to the BAC Kendal. What a great venue.
I carried on northward to Glasgow on Sunday to visit my mummy. I hadn't visited for ages and when I told her that my trip was largely down to Stackridge she said you must be very nice boys and girls and will you be performing one of your musical evenings in the North again soon? I think she was fishing for another visit, bless her.
Take care y'all.

spud - wantage 07/06/2011
I have been beavering away at an animation of God Speed The Plough, mainly because Mike Tobin said "I imagine horses and a rural scene.." at a Rondo gig. It is on Youtube under An Everyday Story of Country Folk (an archers fan as well) You can also search for Taylorsfromwantage channel in youtube to see other animations as well. Hope you like it (press the like button if you do!) and leave a comment.
Also if you can see DLM then do go.. saw them live in Bristol and it was brilliant.

Alan James - Weston-super-Mare 07/06/2011
I have just come across your web-site and spent a happy time reading your "Views" and looking at the photo's. It brings back good memories of Chescombe to see the group in the porch and the kitchen. Much has happened in the past forty and more years, but I'm glad you are still "at it", congratulations, and long may you continue.

Simon Malia - Liverpool 31/05/2011
Thank you - a very BIG thank you - to Stackridge, and all who assist them, for the astonishing show at the Brewery Arts Centre in Kendal on Saturday night.
A great mix of material old and new - with the new songs fitting in superbly with the heritage of the older facourites - performed by probably the tightest-sounding Stackridge line-up ever. It was a delight from start to finish. And lovely of you all to take the time and trouble to have a word with us all afterwards. As I say: "Thank you".

John Chapman - St.Ives Cornwall 31/05/2011
Its tuesday and I have just got home from fridays Farncombe and Saturdays Kendal gigs. What a blast. Take my word for it going to Stackridge gigs is a fantastic way to see the country.Rather than going to a local gig why not book a cheap b&b or travel lodge and do a Dora and explore.The Lake District was something else. Thank you Stackridge for two lovely gigs. It was great to see so many friends from all over the country.

David Saunders - East Kilbride 31/05/2011
Wonderful gig at the BA Centre in Kendal. Everyone was on fire and having Clare centre stage added a new dimension to the band. Wonderful and scarily talented musician (and a Scot too hehe)but everyone was sublime over the course of the show. Great to hear the classic older stuff and the equally wonderful newer material including the brand new songs.

My wife is now a die hard Stackridge fan and despite the journey time and the horrendous parking, it was worth all the time and effort to see the most criminally under rated band on the planet.

Hope to see you north of the border in the near future.......please guys.

Ned Flanders :-)

Simon - Addlestone 31/05/2011
Really enjoyed the Farncombe gig and met some friends I hadn't seen for ages. You just seem to get better with time! Look forward to seeing you at Cornbury and recapturing my days of camping.

Lyn & Darryl - Buckinghamshire 30/05/2011
Thank you for a fantastic gig at Farncombe church, not seen since the 70's and even better than i remember.
Loved every minute cant wait till the next gig
Think Clare is an inspiration though Mutter was missed.

Anna - UK 29/05/2011
Hay! Im listening to Stackridge right now! Im listening to the 'Pinafore Days' on your 'Man With a Bowler Hat'!
I love you guys!
Anna xx

Lily 29/05/2011
James - the waitress from the Canary Cafe, Bath (1975) says "Hi"

Brian Ingersent - Near Kendal!!! 29/05/2011
Wow - what a great show last night at Kendal, simply superb! Having followed the band since 1970 I don't think I have heard better! Moving Clare to centre stage to fill the void left by Mutter is an inspiration - as James said midway through Syracuse last night, "Young, beautiful and talented"!! Talk about stepping out of the shadows! Great to hear some old stuff I'd not heard performed live before as well. Thankyou Dave for bringing the best band in the world to the frozen (well extremely wet)North. Trouble is I feel even more homesick for my native Westcountry now!

Farrington - Nr Southampton 28/05/2011
Standing room only last night at Farncombe Church. Well most were seated in the pews, and standing is always my preference. My first ever gig in a church, but what a good one it was! Arrived just as the 'ridge were finishing Teatime, hopefully it was the first number, as it was at Frome, and the set was, as expected, the same. Very appreciative crowd, lots of head-nodding along to songs from those seated patrons. Took along a Stackridge virgin, my chauffeur for the evening, and he rather enjoyed it. Half time break was fun, plenty of time to check out the merchandise & consume a refreshing South African cider. Well done Julian Lewry and the organisers at Farncombe & thank you Stackridge for an excellent evening.

Rie - Japan 28/05/2011
Hi Jeff,
How're you and your wife?
Very nice to see you in Frome.
I had a great experience, met a lot of Stackridge fans.
I'll be sure to go to England to attend the gigs again.

Thank you very much for your message. I'm pleased to hear from you!


Julian - Luton 28/05/2011
Thanks lads and lass last night at Farncombe was Brilliant!
Great venue,and I think you will agree a great receptive audience. Long live Dora and Stackridge.
All the best on your travels.

Sion - Haywards Heath 28/05/2011
The Farncombe gig was stupendous. I turned down a gig of my own to come, well worth it. The band was so tight, the dynamics and textures in the music were amazing. Clare gets better and better.

Jeff Ward. - Norfolk 27/05/2011
For Rie Yaguchi.
I hear it's your birthday.....Happy birthday from all in England.
I am just leaving to go see Stackridge at Farncome.
Jeff ward.

Doug Parker - Sunny Scunny 26/05/2011
Can't be there on Saturday night, unfortunately. Will not be watching the togger either. Hope everyone has a great night. Look forward to reading the reviews ( of both gigs)

David Cartlidge - Wigan ( and Kendal on 28/5) 26/05/2011
So you aren't interested in the football ( who's playing anyway?) You booked a weekend in the Lake Disrict , and planned on a lot of fell walking. However , the weather is rubbish. At least you can go and see Stackridge at the Brewery Arts Centre. At least there are some things guaranteed to improve ones mood

Brian Ingersent - Near Kendal!! 25/05/2011
Our ceilidh band does a version of Slark - so if you need a squeezebox player on Saturday night...........!!! :)

Keith Nuttall - The grim North 19/05/2011
'Stackridge' was the first album I ever played, when I was about 7 years old. One of my teenage bands played 'Slark'. It's still one of my favourite albums. It's great to see that there's a little corner of the internet dedicated to Stackridge.
Love and respect. Keith.

Mick Mc - Pudsey 17/05/2011
Thank you for your money and time in promoting Stackridge at the Brewery Arts Centre Kendal.Looking forward to seeing you at the gig.

Karen - Manchester 14/05/2011
Well done Dave for promoting Stackridge - I saw them when you put them on at the Bury Met - excellent evening. I am looking forward to Kendal and hope that it is a sell out you deserve it.

Stuart C - Worcester 14/05/2011
We have seen Stackridge many times since they reformed in 2007 but on this tour they are just the best ever. We loved the show in Worcester but we couldn't make any more of the mid-May gigs so will be trekking to Farncombe on 27th. They really are that good.

Brian Ingersent - Near Kendal!!! 14/05/2011
Just want to say thanks to Dave for promoting the forthcoming show at Kendal and bringing the band up North for a rare visit. The Brewery is indeed a great venue and urge anybody within striking distance to come along!

Hamish Price - Dublin 14/05/2011
Hope Stackridge can get over to the Emerald Isle soon, we have been waiting a long time. It sounds like the recent shows have been a blast. I have a couple of questions for those in the know.
1. Can I buy the new CD single online? I can't get to a gigs, and downloads are no good to me.
2. What has happened to the podcasts, I am getting withdrawal symptoms?
3. Where did Billy get his "Sparkle" surname from?
Response:Hello Hamish,
Stackridge would love to cross the sea & play in the Emerald Isle but so far attempts to interest Venues & Promoters have failed . Maybe you could start a petition - if we could convince them we have a following over there they might show interest.
At the moment the new CD single is not an official release & was created as a souvenir of the tour for sale at the gigs. There have been several enquiries like yours & once the tour is over we will see how many are left & possibly offer them mail order . Announcements about that will be made on this Website & @ "zorgansgal" yahoo group , on Face Book & Twitter too probably.
Fatty Fudge has been very busy with his business , becoming a Grandfather ! & marrying off his other daughter. There will be a new Podcast soon he says.
Billy felt his real surname was not "Roock,n,Roll" enough so as a bit of a joke called himself SPARKLE - it was in the days of Glam Rock remember !

John Chapman - St.Ives Cornwall 14/05/2011
Just in case anyone is confussed: When Stackridge dropped the lemon Mr.Tobin was clearly Mike,Michael was already Mutter and remained so but Michael on violin became Mike to make things simple. However at this time James was not yet Jim and the bass player who had been James was now Crun.Andy who was on keyboard then appeared on drums only to be reborn on lead guitar.

Paul - Dorset 14/05/2011
I would urge all fans who can get to either of the remaining dates on the tour to do so.I saw them at Lyme Regis and they were superb.I wish they could have played all night.They're definately the best band around now as far as I'm concerned.And Clare Lindley is a star!
One final point is that if you don't go to a gig then you won't be able to buy the CD single Beside the Sea/Dummies comprising two great new songs by the band and running for nearly 10 minutes.

John Chapman - St. Ives Cornwall 14/05/2011
I would like to second Mike Webbs comments of support for David Cartlidge. What David is doing is not easy if done properly. David is right,high risk is involved.As fans we need to thank and support people like David.I was so thankful to everyone that came to St.Ives to the launch of AVFCS. I dont know how far it is from Cornwall to Kendal but I will do my best David to see you there.

Andrew Lee - Grimsby 14/05/2011
I saw Stackridge last week at Bilston and I would go so far as to say that it was probably the best performance I have seen! I am hoping to be able to get to Kendaltoo and would urge anyone who is able to make it to get yourselves there and have the best night ever!

Private 89436271 - Haslemere 14/05/2011
As the Farncombe gig approaches, have a serious think about whether you can make it... we've got to support these gigs or, one day, we'll find there simply aren't any. And no live Stackridge is something we don't even want to contemplate. Farncombe's just south of Guildford, and there are direct trains from Waterloo (and they take less than a hour). And bring/co-erce/kidnap everyone you know - and think of the giant favour you'll be doing them. See you there for an unforgettable evening.

Simon Malia - Liverpool 13/05/2011
Stackridge - simply one of the very best live bands in the UK. I'm coming up from Liverpool to the Kendal show - and can't wait! Anyone need a lift?

Mike Webb - Abbotskerswell, Devon 13/05/2011
Stackridge (and other groups) need people like Dave Cartlidge. He risks his own money by promoting bands. Get to Kendal if you can. Stackridge and Dave deserve it.

David Cartlidge - Wigan ( and Kendal on 28/5) 13/05/2011
28/5 will be the third time I have promoted Stackridge. As i'm sure you know it will be their only northern gig on this tour I first saw Stackridge a long time ago , and I have all the official releases.
I am well aware that we live in economically strained times, but it does not stop me wanting to put Stackridge on again. My desire with the various concerts I promote is to not lose money , and that all concerned have an enjoyable well run evening.I Treat it as a bonus if I make some money. A workable concert is not just the responsibility of the promoter , as they cannot make the audience buy tickets. The Brewery is a superb venue , with a good restaurant next door . On the other side is the YHA with cheap available accommodation. I know that accommodation is a problem as it is the Bank Holiday. However, Lancaster is 20 miles away , and I would be surprised if there was no accommodation there . Kendal is within reasonable driving time of Liverpool, Manchester , and ( I think ) Newcastle. Getting to Kendal requires some effort but it is the Bank Holiday . Also , putting the gig on reqiures a lot of effort ( no , I'm not complaining) and a potentially large loss of money for me. So please support this band and this concert. finally a message for those of you who just moan , and don't actively support the band by going to see them . STOP IT

Mark Handoll - Combwich 11/05/2011
Really enjoyed the band at Frome on the weekend. New line up with Claire right at the front really works. Great to see her looking totally at home with the band. I've posted a video of Long Dark River on You tube as well as Facebook, so hope people who weren't fortunate to see the performance can enjoy the experience! Just one complaint....this was the first time I have taken a video of the band and James deliberately started songs without any introduction, meaning I don't always have the first few bars! I'll post some more over the next few days. Keep up the good work. What you do, and have done for many years, is really appreciated by a lot of people.

Jeff Cooper - Cheltenham 10/05/2011
Agree with every word from Keith Collins there. We miss Sarah very much, but still very much enjoyed the performances from the present line-up of the band.


David Jowett - Stroud 10/05/2011
We managed 2 gigs on this tour, Worcester & Frome but still want more. Each time I think they can't get any better, they step it up another notch. What a joy.

Get this latest line-up recorded on CD, DVD, any way ASAP!

Keith Collins - New Forest 10/05/2011
Have to say, considering the unpromising shedlike building, I thought the Frome sound was brilliant. Took almost my whole family, and was expecting to apologise for the reverb, but the curtain sure did the trick ! Was it Dave Tommey, I couldn't see ? Clair....................? What can you say ? Frontman par excellence, wicked grin, beautiful body language, true affection for the stuff which was tangible ! Fair fiddler as well ! Been avoiding posting out of concern for Sarah Mitchell, but I'm sure she would join us in our praise, she's way too nice not to ! Very fresh sound altogether, and me a Mutter fanatic and friend !!

AlanD - Portsmouth 10/05/2011
The recent gig at Woodmead Halls in Lyme Regis was one of the best Stackridge gigs I've been to since the band resumed gigging in 2007. Putting Clare centre stage was a real masterstroke, she seems to have effortlessly claimed Mutter's former position as central focus of the band and is really magnetic, the band's creative energy appears to flow out to the audience through her. 2010 proved to be something of a transitional year for Stackridge after the artistic highs of 2009, but they really are back on course now and are someting really special. At Lyme Regis they were simply magnificent. Catch 'em if you can.


Jeff Cooper - Cheltenham 10/05/2011
Just a word or 6 of thanks to everyone for 3 absolutely amazing gigs over the last week or so.

My wife and I got to Worcester and The Robin2, Bilston. I gave her a night off (she loves 'em really, no no she really does...) and went to Frome unaccompanied on Sunday. Altho' as always, at a Stackridge gig, there are friends to meet and share in the unique and delightful music the band produce.

At Bilston we went with 3 friends (none of whom had seen Stackridge before). Two are professional musicians themselves. They thoroughly enjoyed the gig, as did their 18 year-old Beatles loving daughter. 3 new fans there I think... And good to see 'youngsters' discovering the band too.

For me each gig was absolutely sublime, and altho I didn't really intend to go to 3 shows in a week, I was so knocked-out at Worcester with the new set list and sublime musical performances it just had to be done.

With a couple of new songs and new arrangements, the band sound very fresh and vibrant (that makes them sound a bit like toilet cleaner, but you know what I mean).

Highlights for me were Teatime opening the show, Big Baby, Something About The Beatles, the extended version of Seek And You Will Find and the new sog Dummies which has become a big personal favourite.

To be honest the whole concert(s) experience was a highlight - you know you've been at a great gig when time is not only suspended for the duration but simultaneously flies by and you don't want it to end.

If anyone is thinking of going to Stackridge soon, don't hesitate to get your tickets ASAP. You won't regret it. A truly uplifting musical experience.

Thanks again, Jeff

Chris Branch - Weymouth 09/05/2011
Just back in from Frome- sat at a table with 3 people who were not regulars, 2 had not seen the band before and the other guy saw them last in 1971! All v impressed.
I must admit that I really love the new looser format, and there was a real warmth in the music that shines through- Claire, centre stage doesn't tamper with the the classic violin lines, but is permitted to cut loose with improvised solos, and duels with Andy on a number of the tunes. I think this really works well.
The setlist has a really good balance, and the clarity of the sound achieved tonight was second to none.
Claire announced Crun is a grandad today (hooray!) and also dedicated Dora to Rie who had travelled from Japan and was standing in the front row.
One of the best 'Ridge gigs I have attended IMHO

Farrington - Nr Southampton 09/05/2011
Great gig at the Cheese & Grain last night & I spent out on CDs & a T Shirt. Agree with other comments that Claire is just what the band need up front, post Mutter. Great fiddle work from her too. Interesting how Mutters flute parts are being covered by different instruments within the band. How about Glen playing the flute & keyboards at the same time? Sister in law & her husband came, they rarely go to gigs, but they really enjoyed it, so much so that Paul bought the PSOY compilation. He's going to enjoy it!

Alan Colgan - Charlbury 08/05/2011
Nice to talk to you at Bilston. I'm the guy who was on his third gig of the tour. I've left it at that, any more might verge on stalking. Ironically, having driven about 500 miles to see you, I won't be around to see you in July, at the Cornbury festival, which is only four miles way. I couldn't agree more with Mark's comments about the new band dynamic and Claire's input. I reckon you're going to make a lot of new friends at the upcoming festival dates. I could cancel my holiday, I suppose.

Sion H - Haywards Heath 08/05/2011
Great gig at Barnet. The layers and textures of the music are unlike any other band around. Roll on Farncombe!

Alan Colgan - Charlbury 08/05/2011
Nice to talk to you at Bilston. I'm the guy who was on his third gig of the tour. I've left it at that, any more might verge on stalking. Ironically, having driven about 500 miles to see you, I won't be around to see you in July, at the Cornbury festival, which is only four miles way. I couldn't agree more with Mark's comments about the new band dynamic and Claire's input. I reckon you're going to make a lot of new friends at the upcoming festival dates. I could cancel my holiday, I suppose.

Mark Fowler - Chorleywood 08/05/2011
I hadnt seen the band since Bush Hall and in fact it was bit sad seeing them mutterless, especially when Glen picked up the flute (no offence to Glen). However, a slight shift in the group dynamic is refreshing and putting Clare center stage really works. She has grown in confidence and has this serene almost spiritual presence that brings back a bit more folkiness and early Stackridge. Did nt hurt that she looked georgeous and wow how she nails the Syracuse solo. I loved By the Sea. BTW Ade I beleive I was right in saying its 40 years since my first gig in 71 at Colston Hall. Thanks All, Rgds Mark

Julian Kaye - Luton, Beds 08/05/2011
Top band, have been for forty years, you guys and gal just keep rocking.
Don't know how you manage it, but please keep going. You bring so much enjoyment. Happiness is a Stackridge gig.

Ade Macrow - Radstock exile 07/05/2011
Everybody who loves and cares about this band should try and pester any promoters or venues they know, to persuade them to book Stackridge. You CAN make a difference! Never think "Oh, I'm too unimportant". No, you're not. Let's get Stackridge as much exposure - gigs, YouTube footage, gig reviews as possible. It's the least they deserve.

Incidentally, all setlists for every Stackridge gig from 2007 onwards can be found on my Zorgan's site. Seek and you will find...

Andy C - Walton on Thames 07/05/2011
Marvellous. Just marvellous. Gig at the Bull in Barnet confirmed and mightily reinforced the long-established fact that this is the finest band in operation today. The range, the array of musical resources in their kitbag, and the power on tap are beyond wondrous.

And big white-on-black polka dots are the new check trousers!

Paul - Dorset 07/05/2011
Lyme Regis gig-I was allowed to keep the set list as a souvenir so can say that the 2nd set comprised Can Inspiration Save The Nation?/Seek And You Will Find/Dummies/Beside The Sea/Everybody's Got To Learn Sometime/Long Dark River/The Road To Venezuela/Boots And Shoes with Slark and Dora as the encores.
The single Beside the sea/Dummies is a winner.Is it going to be available as a download so we can all pester DJs on Radio 2/Capitol/Heart whatever into playing it in the hope it might be this summer's big hit?
Response:No plans to release "Beside The Sea" as an official single so far. The version available at gigs was designed purely as a bonus limited edition tour souvenir.

Julia - Tamworth, Staffs 07/05/2011
Great to see you guys at the Robin at Bilston the other night. A really good gig and I though Clare was very good too. Keep it up

Tim Graves - Barnet, North London 07/05/2011
Popped along to see you with my 13 year old daughter last night as gig at the Bull in Barnet just five minutes from where we live. Sorry to say that I only had vague knowledge of you before the posters went up and no idea of your Korgis connection for instance! However, before the gig I downloaded some tracks from your excellent latest album and of course saw the gig last night. We were both bowled over by a fantastic display of musicianship and such great tunes and beautiful singing, not to mention the entertaining on stage humour. Sorry to have missed out on you all these years but bought a best of CD at the door and now catching up rapidly! All the best.

Jon Jones - Dudley West Midlands 06/05/2011
Saw you all at The Robin last night. Have enjoyed your wonderfully crafted and superbly played music since 'Friendliness'. Current material as good as ever. Keep going and give Dora her 50th birthday!!

Melanie Cheetham - Thrupp 06/05/2011
Loved the lyme regis set apart from few teething troubles with mix. Any chance of listing the songs as there was one I loved but did not know in second set. Hope all other gigs are as great.

Brian Woolcock - Birmingham 06/05/2011

Great gig at the Robin last night. Really enjoyed it. We only went on the strength of me having heard Bowler Hat about 30 years ago, but now I am left wondering why I didn't follow you guys after that.

Don't give up now - I have got a lot of catching up to do.

Steven Brown - Alcester 05/05/2011
Brilliant night in Worcester. Clare played out of her skin and the acoustics in the venue (recycled methodist church!) were excellent. Also great to have the opportunity to chat to Jim afterwards.

DW Morgan - Neath 05/05/2011
Just needed to say a sincere and simple thank you to the entire band for last night @ The Globe, which put a big fat stupid grin of sheer delight on my big fat stupid face for the entire gig. As ususal it was a joy and priviledge to be in the company of such amazing talents. Hope the rest of the tour goes as well & loving the new songs on the limited edition spring tour single,they are like old friends already. Here's hoping you continue making music of such quality for a long long time to come.

Paul Wilmshurst - North London 02/05/2011
Great to see you guys are sill gigging. Early seventies, nights at the Marquee Club but best memories from that pub back room in Finchley (The Torrington); so small that once you lot were in it the rest of us had to cram in to what was left. Enough room to sweat but nothing else! I often go past there (it's a Starbucks now) and look through the window, amazed there used to be gigs in there. We're all pushing bus pass age now.

Paul - Dorset 02/05/2011
Great gig "beside the sea" at Lyme Regis last Saturday.It was good to see the band playing so well together and clearly enjoying themselves.
The new single,bought at the gig,is superb too and catchy enough to be a summer hit,I'd have thought, if wider availability and airplay are possible.
Hope the rest of the tour goes well.

john daly - hitchin 01/05/2011
really great to see you guys at the stables on saturday,and very groovy side front row seats as well!I introduced my lass,Teresa, to your music and she says that you were so brilliant that your tickets were vastly underpriced for such musicianship.personally i think the start of the second half as a four piece has some mileage...been seeing you since heady days in the very early seventies at the civic in stalbans,looking forward to seeing you again soon.

Rie - Japan 30/04/2011
Hi Jeff of Norfolk,

Thanks for your messages.
I'm very glad to hear from you.

Yes, I'm going to the concert in Frome.
You'll find me quite easily, because I might be the only Japanese fan:)

I'm looking forward to meet you and your wife in Frome!
You might be disappointed at my poor English, though. Sorry!

Best Regards,
Rie Yaguchi

Jeff Ward - Norfolk 30/04/2011
For Rie. Japan.
Sorry to have to communicate via this website, I don't know how else to do so. Are you still going to the concert in Frome? My wife and I will be there and we will be happy to meet you and help you get front of stage if we can.

King regards
Jeff Ward.

Julian - Luton, Bedfordshire 29/04/2011
Great gig at the Stables last night, nice to put faces to names from the zorgan's site. Looking forward to seeing you again during the tour. Also intend to see DLM in Bedford on Sept 3rd.

Graham Ollerenshaw - Hull 29/04/2011
Any possibility of a gig in East Yorkshire? Hull Truck Theatre maybe or Hessle Town Hall. Saw you in Sheffield last year, brilliant. Been a fan since mid-seventies when we went to a gig at Hull University. Happy memories.
Response:Sorry Yorkshire missed out on this tour ( not for lack of trying !) Maybe next time around

Jeff B - Gateshead 29/04/2011
Great to see the mighty 'Inspiration' back in the Spring Tour set list, also 'Fundamentally Yours' and 'Tea time'
That big hit in America, 'Last Plimsoll' had to be in there and 'Beside the Sea'is a top new tune. The set-list has a nice balance to it, and good to hear the first date of the tour was such a success. Doubtless more to follow. Great stuff.

chris maclean - Faversham 29/04/2011
Saw you again last night at the Stables (great as always) ~ things have changed a little since the Borderline gig so can wed have some up to date photos and line up info onn the website?

Glyn Hughes - Liverpool 28/04/2011
Royal Court Theatre, Liverpool 1974/5 ish, gig was recorded but never as far as i know saw the light of day, does anyone know what happened to the recording, it was a brilliant night and would be well worth a listen...happy days! Any chance of a Liverpool gig this coming tour?
Response:There was a Liverpool gig scheduled on the current Spring tour, ( May 7th), but there was a problem with the promoter & venue so we had to pull it . Hope to be in the Liverpool area maybe later this year or early 2012. No idea what happened to the Royal Court recordings - maybe Elton John's got the tapes somewhere !

Nick Linfield - Steyning, West Sussex 27/04/2011
Has anyone spotted that keen Stackridge fan Jonathan Coe has included in his marvellous 2010 novel 'The Terrible Privacy of Maxwell Sim' a reference (page 247, paperback edition) to a stockbroking firm by the name of Walter, Davis & Warren!? Nice one, Jonathan!
Good to hear that the gang is thinking of playing at the Ropetackle in Shoreham-By-Sea. They have some good bands there - a nice little venue. Hope to see you there soon!

Anne - Kent 25/04/2011
Thanks so much for the reply - that's a kind offer, but I'm sure I can manage it sometime. Perhaps you could do a concert at the Mick Jagger Centre (nice venue in the boys' school in Dartford, SE London/Kent) so wouldn't need to travel too far!
MickMike, Maidstone
Thank you also for your kindness, unfortunately I can't make it - but have a great time.
Best wishes.

mickmike - kent 23/04/2011
Stables gig is listed in the Guardian gig guide today ("prog-pop and music hall combo")- have our tickets on the sideboard- It's a long run from here but can't wait. If Anne from Kent wants a lift to the Bull at Barnet gig on May 6th, i'm intending to drive to that one from Maidstone and happy to assist - assuming there are tickets available on the via Zorgan's Daughter fan-site or MikeT.

Melanie Cheetham - Thrupp 23/04/2011
Looking forward to seeing you. Polishing my zimmer as we speak. Also saw this In case you have to go camping on your present tour but it is a serious side.

Anne - Kent, UK 23/04/2011
Hello Stackridge,
It's great to see you are still making music! I was a fan from your ealiest years (I'm now 58! I used to frequent the wonderful Marquee Club in 1971 when you were there and was at the packed New Year's eve concert in 1972 - 39 years ago (think it was snowing when I came out?). My children (now in their twenties love Slark and other songs. I had a lovely letter from Mutter once (around 1972/3 ish as I wrote an add in Sounds magazine to meet friends and I said I liked Stackridge - unfortunately this precious letter was stolen when I was burgled in the 1980s but it was a lovely letter and the memory of it is a treasure. Well, I'd love to see you all again in concert but the tickets are pretty expensive these days and with no job, no money, not even a pension yet, it's hard. But now I have the internet I will keep a track on you and truly hope to rekindle all those happy memories and times of the past.
Good luck to you.
Response:Lovely to hear from you, Anne > The Marquee Club NYE 1972 -what a night that was - the queue stretched right up Wardour Sreet past "The Ship" ! If you see a gig on our list that is anywhere near you let us know & we will see what can be arranged about a ticket.

John Booth - Barnton, Cheshire 18/04/2011
I'm hoping there'll be a date in the North West before too long. I'd book you myself but I think our venue would be too small :¬]
Do I remember correctly that you once did a version of Old Brown Shoe?
Response:Where is your Venue John & what are the facilities ? Send Manager Mike an E Mail ( details on contact page) - we will never turn a gig down unless it is impossible because of stage size or capacity.
Yes Old Brown Shoe ( The Beatles) was in the set for a while as a segue from "Something About The Beatles" but not recently.

Pat S - Near Yatton 13/04/2011
I hadn't realised that you had re-formed - hurrah! You probably don't remember me at all, but you once dedicated Dora to me at a concert at the instigation of a friend because I had just returned from sailing around the world. See you at another concert soon I hope.

Marian - Newbury 13/04/2011
Looking forward to seeing you again at Lyme Regis on 30th. It's a nice little venue with a rather good fish restaurant nearby, so two good reasons to visit Lyme that night!

Paul - Dorset 12/04/2011
February in Shropshire is on Pick of the Crop.
Any chance of the band appearing on TV (eg.Later with Jools Holland or the Graham Norton Show) on the strength of the clip of them on the Craig Ferguson Show?
Response:We have tried to interest Later With Jools many times but they just do not respond . The only way they might sit up & take notice would be if they were inundated with requests from viewers. It is the producers of the programme , not Jools himself that make the decisions. It is frustrating but that's the Music Biz !

Ray Knight - Brighton 12/04/2011
Great to see you are all still touring. I remember you all when you came to play at a college in Chichester in 1970 - I booked you - and you all slept on my mates floor. I was a mate of Dave Morell who I think played with you for a bit.
You need to come and play in Brighton......
Response:Hi Ray,
We did play in Brighton last May as part of the Great Escape Festival . There are plans to tour again in October and although nothing is confirmed yet there is a possibility we will be appearing in Shoreham. Are you still in touch with Dave(y) Morell ?

Pete Williams - Cambridge 11/04/2011
Is it really only 40 years? My Godfathers, I actually thought Dora was older than that - let's face it, she was probaly BORN looking like that, so nobody knows how old she is, I suspect!
Bloody marvellous to see the success your having now. Who'd have thought it in Plymouth, 1971/72, as the support band to the mighty Ash, eh? Keep on cluckin' chaps, keep on cluckin'!

Turmerspaintbrush - Nuertingen ,Germany 04/04/2011
soo glad Stackridge are on the road again.Liked your music since 1974,saw you live at Barry in 1974 playing the Extravaganza set .Favourite songs are Teatime and Long Dark River.Keep up the good work and keep being original.
Any chance of Shropshire in February being recorded? Heard it
once on a live session on the radio

Paul - Horsham 04/04/2011
Hi Stackridge
Great to see you back. I saw you at the Reading Festival in 1971 and became an instant fan. I also recall waiting to see you outside Reading Town Hall in (I think) 1972. You were delayed at the BBC doing the Old Grey Whistle Test. Despite the fact that most of the fans had given up & gone home, you came to apologise to the remaining diehards and I recall having a cerebral conversation with James outside in the cold! (And, of course, I went to the rescheduled gig). I will be delighted to catch up with you again, live in Francombe, after nearly 40 years. Keep up the good work.

Head Gardener - Milton Keynes 02/04/2011
In case you missed it, last nights mix broadcast
exclusively on The Garden of Earthly Delights is
now available here:


D W Morgan - Neath 01/04/2011
Just spent an enjoyable hour or so listening to the Stackridge mix put together by a Chris Evans not the Chris Evans for 'the garden of earthly delights' show on CRMK Radio for Milton Keynes, as mentioned on 26/3 by the head gardener himself. A very interesting selection, one or two less well known songs got an airing from sex & flags, a few of the premier league classics like Long Dark River, Bill Stokes,God Save the Plough but for me some obvious omissions - nothing from 'Stackridge' and no Syracuse?? I suppose its all down to personal taste, we all have our different favourites, i dont know how he only managed to pick 15; when i made a playlist of all my favourite songs it numbered 47! still, well done to all concerned, looking forward even more to the Globe gig on 4/5. May the fourth be with you

MickMike - Kent 31/03/2011
Solstice, chaps - add the missing 's' and you can get to the website! Hopw to see you there on June 19th; quick run from Rochester Cathedral where the Levellers play on Saturday 18th

Paul - Dorset 28/03/2011
Will there be a support act at the Lyme Regis gig on 30 April or will Stackridge be playing two sets?The Lyme Tourist Office said they hadn't received any details,posters etc. when I rang them today.
Response:The promoter received a large package of posters & flyers some time ago. I will chase him to see what he is up to. There is usually a support band at Lyme Regis.

Head Gardener - Milton Keynes 26/03/2011
Just thought you'd like to know that DJ Chris Evans has
mixed an hour long selection of your music which will be
broadcast on my radio show The Garden of Earthly Delights
on April 1st (NOT an April fools joke!)
Please check site for more info & I hope you'll tune in, thanx

Marc - Lincoln 24/03/2011
Hi Stackridgers. I had Humiliation on repeat in my brain last week, which was nice, and i couldn't think what film it was from. then i remembered and i wondered why it isnt known to the fat women at work, philistines who know the song Imagine because its widely celebrated. Then i ate crisps and went to join them at work. sorry for that 30 year injustice, its up there with the genre trascending best of em. My dad played it to me when i was small as well as the moving album closer. So after work i went on youtube to hear them once more and it inspired me alot. I listened to loads includng your cool new stuff.
Im a young influencial dude so i'll buy your t-shirt and pledge to wear it everyday, who knows my grandma might be a fan yet. Then thats the whole luncheon club

Grant - Winnipeg, Canada 24/03/2011
Further to touring the Great White North, note that your longtime pal Keith Gemmell would have contacts in Toronto, Hamilton, and Winnipeg from a mini tour Audience put together 3 or 4 years ago.....we'd love to see you!
Also, any chance of getting your new album signed by the band if it's ordered here on the site?
Response:Thanks for the tip, Grant. We will contact Keith to see if he has any leads in Canada. If you order "Victory For Common Sense" direct from add a note that you have "spoken" to the band here & they have promised to sign the sleeve before it is shipped to you. Be prepared to wait a little while as the members may not all drop into the labels office for a while or all at the same time !

Michael Cunliffe - Hamilton, Ontario, Canada 24/03/2011
I've been a fan since the beginning and have all the music on vinyl and CD. I play Slark loudly at least once a week and was brought to tears when I bought and played the DVD. If (when?) you cross the Atlantic again, please remember Canada. "whistling as he exits ..."
Response:Thanks Michael, Great to hear from you. Rest assured that Canada is a country the band would love to tour & when we make it back over the Atlantic we would look at all of North America for gigs . All we need is more people like you to spread the word, contact your local media & venues to create a following. In the meantime keep whistling that chorus ....!

Ken - New York, NY 22/03/2011
Am sorry that I missed you on Craig's show but am glad to read about your success. It's been a long time since I saw you guys play all those nights at the Marquee in London in 71/72! Keep up the good work.
Response:We have very good memories of those gigs at The legendary Marquee Club in London. We broke the house record there New Years Eve 1972 - the biggest audience they had ever had !
Even if you missed us on Craig's show you can still view it on You Tube

Roz - NY 21/03/2011
You guys rocked Craig Ferguson, I'm sorry I didn't know who you were before!! I will make that up to you! xoxox you're awesome!! thanx! Get a facebook! myspace bites...sorry...but I weill be your friend there too.. & whats with the dirty whip pic, heehee?
Response:Hi Roz, Glad you enjoyed our spot on Craig's show. Actually we are on Face Book and My Space if you care to do a search. As for the "dirty whip pic" we are unaware of that but as confirmed afficiandos of Frank Zappa we suspect this may be an oblique reference to some of his more obscure lyrics. Do tell us more !

Fatty Fudge says.....

Mr Tobin I think Roz is making reference to Stackridges unique anti-spam filter on the guest book, that makes use of Stackridge references. One of the images is a plastic whip which comes from lyrics from the wonderful song Galloping Gaucho "For a six foot drip with a plastic Whip he could not be compared".

Paul - Dorset 20/03/2011
Will the band be releasing a download single (with a physical CD for the fans,perhaps) of,say,the live version of The Last Plimsoll from The Forbidden City or the live version of Red Squirrel from the 4 x 4 DVD with a view to getting the band's music on the radio?
If a headlining tour of the US is not on the cards just yet then would a support slot on someone else's tour be viable?-so long as you're back in time for the UK Autumn tour!
Response:No plans in that direction, Paul . There may be something else released as a single fairly soon but we have not quite made up our minds yet. Getting a support slot on a USA tour is always a possibilty but would require an invite from the headliners. Otherwise the way the "politics" of the Music Biz works we would have to be signed to either/or the same Agency/American Management/Record Label & be prepared to pay to be on the tour.

Becky - Louisville KY 20/03/2011
Just saw you on Craig Ferguson. Was not familair with you before and have now downloaded your recent CD. Fabulous!
Response:Thanks Becky . Glad you enjoyed the music. Spread the word over there if you would - the more evidence we can show that we have a following in the USA the more likely we can come back over & tour live.( including Kentucky !)

AJ - Chicago 19/03/2011
Enjoyed seeing you on the LateLateShow with CraigFerguson.

Phil Tortorici - FL 18/03/2011
Outside of the fact that they editted the chicken soup out of one of my fave songs, it was very cool.
Response:Thanks Phil. The restrictions of Television programming required the band to rearrange the song to fit into less than 4 minutes . Not easy to do but something had to go !

Rob Stippich - Parkesburg, Pennsylvania, USA 17/03/2011
I managed to get hold of Stackridge LPs back in the early 70s (while working as a DJ at a college radio station) and played them almost to death. So I've been a fan from WAY back, but hadn't heard that you guys were back together until suddenly (from my point of view) Craig F. announced you were going to be on the show! Great to see you!

I've been telling people in the US about Stackridge for 35+ years. The Youtube video of the appearance is helping me spread the word about you guys!
Response:Thanks Rob, great to hear from you ! With the internet and all the social networking sites the whole ball game has changed and although Radio & T.V is still important these days it's very much down to people like you to alert others to our music. If we can keep on doing this maybe we will finally get over to the USA & play live ! Thanks for your help.

Anthony Preziosi - West Deptford, NJ USA 16/03/2011
Awesome appearance on "The Late Show with Craig Ferguson." So refreshing to hear REAL MUSIC being played on TV. I hope you can find your way to the United States - specifically Philadelphia - in the near future.
Response:Thanks for the kind words, Anthony . We certainly have ambitions to return to the USA to tour. Good people like you can help by spreading the word, hustling your local venue(s) and Radio Stations - we need to build a following to convice agents/promoters that we can draw an audience.

Larry Wilson - Los Angeles 16/03/2011
What a great surprise to see the band on Craig Ferguson. You sounded terrific!

Just downloaded the new album and a greatest hits compilation -- so the appearance pushed some product. Craig's wonderfully loopy late night show was the perfect spot to be reintroduced to Stackridge.

Andy C - Walton-on-Thames 15/03/2011
In the interest of economy, I'll recycle the comment I posted on Youtube:

I remember the first time I heard Stackridge - the cliche'd mis-seventies teenager clandestinely listening to late-night radio on an illicit transistor turned down low under turned-up sheets. It was this very song that was my intro to thirty-odd years of delight, and I hope this broadcast will be the start of an equal amount of joy for many, many more. Tremendous stuff!


And it's tremendous too to see the reactions here - particularly from those for whom this has been the first contact with such fine music, and such fine musicians. Stick around - it'll be worth it! And do tell your chums!

John Langton - Maryland, USA 15/03/2011
Stayed up way past my bedtime to see you. Wonderful performance of one of my favorite Stackridge tunes! Well worth the wait! A very surreal experience seeing Stackridge on the TV listings!

Hoggy - Dorset 15/03/2011
Just caught the Craig Ferguson performance on Youtube. Well done lads and lassies, I really hope you get some well-deserved sales and recognition across the pond, they just have no idea what they have been missing these last errrm 87 years.......

Eric Collins - Akron, OH 15/03/2011
Well done lads! So great to see you on U.S. T.V. after all these years. To tell the truth, I couldn't quite stay up that late, so I recorded it. When I played it back this morning, 12-year-old Tristan initially dismissed you for not being young enough...but by the time you played the flute solo, he exclaimed, "That's tight!!" So you won him over after all!

Tony Lage - Boston Ma 15/03/2011
Hey saw you guys on Craig Ferguson first I time I heard of you guys. And you were great. I have to get some more of your music. Hopefully you will make it to the Boston Area I will be there I am embarrassed I have not heard of you guys before.

Kat (hobo) - Hollow Volcano; Massachusetts USA 15/03/2011
You guys were great on Ferguson's show - loved the song and will buy your CD. Please keep me posted on your tour schedule.
Response:Hey Kat , Glad you liked it. We have nothing lined up in the USA ( yet - but we are hopeful !). All of our gigs are listed & updated on the Gigs Page on this Website . Keep checking to see if we ever come your way.

Simon Malia - In Penury, near Broke 15/03/2011
Absolutely wonderful to see Stackridge on US TV, beaming coast-to-coast on the Late, Late Show with Craig Ferguson. Great song, great performance - from one of Britain's greatest bands.
Can't wait to see them playing live during the Spring Tour!

Alison - Los Angeles 15/03/2011
Loved seeing you on Craig Ferguson! Playing live anywhere while you're in California, or heading back to U.K. immediately so you don't get any L.A. on you?
Response:Hi Alison,
To tell the truth we recorded that appearance last October when we flew over to Hollywood especially. Hopefully the TV show will generate enough interest for us to come back & do some live gigs sometime soon. We really want to tour in the USA.

Barb - Orange County, CA 15/03/2011
Loved you on Craig Ferguson last night -- so much that I've come to your website and will next go to to buy your album. I'm so happy to have found you!

zip - San Diego, CA USA 15/03/2011
Great to see you perform on Craig. Here's to hoping for an American tour (or at least a few west coast dates.)

Response:Hey Zip, If we can create enough interest over there ( agents/promoters please take note ! ) we will be back to perform live gigs sometime soon . That is the plan .

Peggy Spatz - Sacramento, CA 15/03/2011
Dudes, great job tonight! Sorry you don't have any gigs in our area. We will be buying a CD!
Response:Thanks Peggy, We really do want to tour in the USA & come back as soon as possible. We have to create as much interest as we can to convince agents , promoters & venues that it will all be worth while.

Caroline - Salt Lake City, UT 15/03/2011
I loved you tonight on Craig Ferguson! So fun to see you sing the song from his Does This Need To Be Said special! I loved when I heard it then!

Tony Lage - Boston Ma 15/03/2011
Hey saw you guys on Craig Ferguson first I time I heard of you guys. And you were great. I have to get some more of your music. Hopefully you will make it to the Boston Area I will be there I am embarrassed I have not heard of you guys before.
Response:Don't be embarrassed Tony ! We are as yet not well known in America - we hope that is about to change after the TV appearance & if we can get enough interest over there Boston would certainly be one place we would love to play.

Rod Kline - Quarryville, Pennsylvania 15/03/2011
Wow, I had no idea you were still performing till I saw you on Craig Ferguson's show. I really enjoyed it. "Extravaganza" is one of my all time favorite albums. I will be buying the latest one soon.

Lord Fussybritches - Nebraska 15/03/2011
Loved your performance on Craig Ferguson tonight. You've gained a new fan. Great music is sometimes hard to find these days. Good on ya!

Henry Lipput - Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania 15/03/2011
I just saw you guys on Craig Ferguson's show and I'm kicking myself for not knowing about you sooner. It was a great performance and I'm going out tomorrow to buy one of your albums. Any plans to visit Pittsburgh?
Response:Hey Henry, thanks for the kind words. Our ambition is to tour & perform throughout the USA , if we can gain a following & interest from agents & venues we will be over as soon as we can. Pittsburgh would certainly be one city we would love to play.

Rie - Japan 13/03/2011
Hi Jeff of Norfolk,

Thanks for your messages.

I'm safe and OK, my family too. It was pretty scary,though.
There was no influence of Tsunami in the area where I live.
After the quake, I had to take about 9 hours to go back home from my office.

A power company has decided to restrict the electric power which will be supplied from tomorrow to the end of April.
It'll be quite difficult to spend at night...

My town isn't serious, but I'm anxious about the people who live in the area from which they suffered damage of Tsunami and near the nuclear power plant.

Anyway, I hope to go to UK in May.
I'm going to go to two gigs in London and Frome.

Best Wishs,


Jeff Ward - Norfolk 11/03/2011
For Rie Yaguchi
I'm sure I speak for everyone connected with Stackridge when I say we hope you are safe and well following the terrible earthquake disaster that hit your country. Our thoughts are with you and everyone else in Japan.
I hope you are still able to come to England and hope to meet you at the Cheese and Grain.
Jeff Ward.

David Cartlidge - Wigan