Lummy Days 01 - November 2008

In this first show we talk to Mutter Slater about his new CD, Riding a Hurricane, get a sneak preview of a song from the new Stackridge album currently being recorded and discover that Stackridge invented the people carrier.

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00:00:00 Friendliness-Stackridge Track: Lummy days
Artist: Stackridge
Album: Friendliness
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00:01:40 Stackridge-Stackridge Track: Grande piano
Artist: Stackridge
Album: Stackridge

00:06:17 Yes please!-The Bobby McGee’s Track: No friends
Artist: The Bobby McGee’s
Album: Yes please!
Web page:

00:09:50 Riding a Hurricane-The Mutter Slater Band Track: Only the dues to pay
Artist: The Mutter Slater Band
Album: Riding a Hurricane
Web page:

00:15:41 Jake in the Box-Jake Thackray Track: Sister Josephine
Artist: Jake Thackray
Album: Jake in the Box
Web page:

00:20:27 -Stackridge Track: Boots and shoes
Artist: Stackridge
This was recorded live at the Boom Boom Club, Sutton October 4th 2008 and is from the forthcoming album A Victory for Common Sense due for release in May 2009.

00:25:34 Hello Playmates-Arthur Askey Track: I want a banana
Artist: Arthur Askey
Album: Hello Playmates

00:29:08 -Davy McGowan Track: Who backs a winner these days? (Pinafore Days)
Artist: Davy McGowan
Web page:

00:32:45 Sex and Flags-Stackridge Track: Wonderful day
Artist: Stackridge
Album: Sex and Flags

00:36:24 Comicopera-Robert Wyatt Track: Just as you are
Artist: Robert Wyatt
Album: Comicopera
Web page:

00:41:00 - Track: Stackridge TV
Web page:

00:42:14 The man in the bowler hat-Stackridge Track: Humiliation
Artist: Stackridge
Album: The man in the bowler hat

00:46:15 Stackridge-Stackridge Track: Dora the female explorer
Artist: Stackridge
Album: Stackridge

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Fatty Fudge - From a pie factory 14/01/2009
What a lovely Podcast. I will reward myself with extra gravy!

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