Lummy Days 12 - October 2009

Another delicious feast of music and chat, framed around the phenomenal delights of that fabulous West Country band Stackridge. This month we will share memories of Stackridges early days , have music from Crun and Eddies band The Harrisons and feature the new single from the popular Stackridge support act, Jouis.

Additional music from The Hot Toddies, Tankus The Henge, Peter and the Penguins, Hobbyhorse, Faust, The Lancashire Hotpots, Mr Alan Draper and Jack Hodges (The Raspberry King).

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00:00:00 Friendliness-Stackridge Track: Lummy Days
Artist: Stackridge
Album: Friendliness
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00:01:54 The Man in the Bowler Hat -Stackridge Track: Fundimentally Yours
Artist: Stackridge
Album: The Man in the Bowler Hat

00:08:05 Smell the Mitten-The Hot Toddies Track: HTML
Artist: The Hot Toddies
Album: Smell the Mitten
Web page:

Blending 60's pop, doo-wop, and beautiful harmonies, they are a fun loving group of four girls from Oakland, California

00:12:21 Pot Sounds-The Lancashire Hotpots Track: I fear Ikea
Artist: The Lancashire Hotpots
Album: Pot Sounds
Web page:

00:15:55 Smiling Makes the day go quicker EP-Tankus The Henge Track: Rather too Cold
Artist: Tankus The Henge
Album: Smiling Makes the day go quicker EP
Web page:

00:19:25 Break In The Clouds-Hobbyhorse Track: Good morning Moon
Artist: Hobbyhorse
Album: Break In The Clouds
Web page:

Fantasy Folk at its best

00:23:18 How To Choose A Sweetheart-Peter and the Penguins Track: Barefoot
Artist: Peter and the Penguins
Album: How To Choose A Sweetheart
Web page:

Norwegian Merseybeat

00:26:49 -Alan Draper Track: After the Tetracycline
Artist: Alan Draper

00:31:14 -Jouis Track: Yellow Meadows
Artist: Jouis
Web page:

The new single !!

00:34:52 -Jack Hodges (The Raspberry King) Track: Everything is fresh today
Artist: Jack Hodges (The Raspberry King)
From 1927

00:39:01 -The Harrisons Track: Little Head
Artist: The Harrisons

00:45:38 Faust IV-Faust Track: The Sad Skinhead
Artist: Faust
Album: Faust IV
Web page:

00:48:37 Something for the weekend-Stackridge Track: Have Faith in Love
Artist: Stackridge
Album: Something for the weekend

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A special thanks to all those artists that have agreed to let use use their music in this podcast.

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Steve - Kent 28/10/2009
Another great podcast, I am always blown away by this programme,it never fails to amuse,suprise, entertain and educate. Please can we make it weekly?

Barry Charles - Lutterworth 08/10/2009
Another brilliant podcast. Better entertainment than any of the c**p currently on the radio. Please can Stackridge do some gigs in Leicestershire

Gavin - Orpington, Kent 02/10/2009
A friend recommended this fantatstic programme and he was right, it's absolutely brilliant. So many new bands for me to explore, including Stackridge, who I can't wait to see at the 100 club next month.

I can't wait to listen to all the other episodes.

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