Lummy Days 14 - December 2009

This month it is the Stackridge Sproutmas Special, we get some flatulence management guidance from Crun, meet the American composer of a Stackridge song and chat to special guests 3 Daft Monkeys.

Additional music from Keston Cobblers Club, Comus, Magenta Crumpet, Norman Wisdom, Global Village Trucking Company,Genesis Clare Lindlay, Michael Legge, Spud Taylor and Children from Carswell School in Abingdon.

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00:00:00 Friendliness-Stackridge Track: Lummy Days
Artist: Stackridge
Album: Friendliness
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00:01:31 Friendliness-Stackridge Track: Everyman
Artist: Stackridge
Album: Friendliness
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00:07:17 Greasy Truckers Live At Dingwalls Dance Hall-Global Village Trucking Company Track: You're a floozy Madame Karma but I love your lowdown ways
Artist: Global Village Trucking Company
Album: Greasy Truckers Live At Dingwalls Dance Hall
Web page:

00:13:40 Nursery Cryme-Genesis Track: Harold the Barrel
Artist: Genesis
Album: Nursery Cryme
Web page:

00:17:03 -Keston Cobblers Club Track: Bazza
Artist: Keston Cobblers Club
Web page:

00:23:01 Sex and Flags-Stackridge Track: Big Baby
Artist: Stackridge
Album: Sex and Flags

00:30:36 Hubbadillia-3 Daft Monkeys Track: Trez Cerveza
Artist: 3 Daft Monkeys
Album: Hubbadillia
Web page:

Recorded in Devon, summer 2004. Released December 2004

00:39:59 -Magenta Crumpet Track: Waltzing my Till Girl
Artist: Magenta Crumpet
Web page:

00:46:09 -Clare Lindlay Track: Rattlin Roarin Willie
Artist: Clare Lindlay
Web page:

Recorded when Clare was in the duo Green back in the nineties.

00:48:28 -Michael Legge /James Hingley Track: Precious Little Podcast (Extract)
Artist: Michael Legge /James Hingley
Web page:

A weekly podcast usually goes out on a Sunday or Monday, and a miniature one out later in the week around Thursday or Friday too.

00:49:40 -Norman Wisdom with Joyce Grenfell Track: I Don't 'Arf Love You
Artist: Norman Wisdom with Joyce Grenfell
Web page:

from 1954

00:52:39 First Utterance-Comus Track: Song to Comus
Artist: Comus
Album: First Utterance
Web page:

01:00:48 -Children of Carswell School Track: North St. Grande - animation
Artist: Children of Carswell School
Web page:

The film was made by children aged 9-10 years at Carswell School in Abingdon Many of the children have parents serving in the armed forces and from time to time they and their families must cope with separation. We used World War I and World War II images as well as personal messages to explore the theme.

01:00:48 -Stackridge Track: North St. Grande (Dancing Together By Christmas Time)
Artist: Stackridge
Web page:

North St. Grande (Dancing Together By Christmas Time) / Seek And You Will Find single now available for PRE-ORDER! Release only through Helium Records website 14th December.

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A special thanks to all those artists that have agreed to let use use their music in this podcast.

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Bill Ford - Norwich 27/12/2009
Found out about this podcast through the recommendation of Michael Legge on Precious Little podcast. Thought he was kidding, but it is actually really brilliant and funny, what a great band Stackridge are. I am hoping to cacth them at Sheffield later this month.

Hogweed - Bournemouth 06/12/2009
Genesis have been largely overlooked by the public so it's great to see them finally get the ultimate accolade by being included on the December Podcast.

Keep up the good work rhubarb thrashers everywhere and have a Merry Christmas.

Duncan Woods - Padstow 02/12/2009
Fantastic and funny. An early Christmas treat. Farting cabbages what ever next?

David Jordan - Orpington Kent 01/12/2009
Great Sprout edition this month. Stackridge, Genesis and Keston Cobblers Club.... with these presents you do spoil us!

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