Lummy Days 20 - June 2010

In this extended mid-summer Lummy Days podcast we explore memories of some of Stackridges major albums with band mambers.

Additional music from Steve Good, The Junipers, Hiro, The Maladies Of Bellafontaine, Lulu and the Lampshades,Jouis and the Nempnett Thrubwell Noseflute Band

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00:00:00 Friendliness-Stackridge Track: Lummy Days
Artist: Stackridge
Album: Friendliness
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00:01:55 Stackridge-Stackridge Track: Slark
Artist: Stackridge
Album: Stackridge

00:18:03 -Steve Good Track: Percy the Penquin
Artist: Steve Good
Web page:

00:22:13 Cut Your Key-The Junipers Track: Already Home
Artist: The Junipers
Album: Cut Your Key
Web page:

00:24:31 The Forbidden City-Stackridge Track: Friendliness
Artist: Stackridge
Album: The Forbidden City

00:32:10 -Hiro Track: Scones are our life
Artist: Hiro
Web page:

A scone fan from Japan

00:36:08 Friendliness-Stackridge Track: Keep on Clucking
Artist: Stackridge
Album: Friendliness
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00:40:32 -The Maladies Of Bellafontaine Track: Longsocks
Artist: The Maladies Of Bellafontaine
Web page:

00:50:26 The man in the bowler hat-Stackridge Track: God speed the plough
Artist: Stackridge
Album: The man in the bowler hat

00:56:10 -Lulu and the Lampshades Track: Feet to the Sky
Artist: Lulu and the Lampshades
Web page:

From Bristol

01:01:38 Extravaganza-Stackridge Track: Pocket Billiards
Artist: Stackridge
Album: Extravaganza

01:05:57 -Jouis Track: That's my woman
Artist: Jouis
Web page:

This Double A Side single bang is the 2nd release from Jouis.Available on Download and Limited Edition 7" Vinyl. release date currently for June 21st, Summer Solstice

01:13:19 -Stackridge Track: Hey Good Looking
Artist: Stackridge
From Mr Mick album performed here on the The Old Grey Whistle Test March 1976

01:17:56 -The Nempnett Thrubwell Noseflute Band Track: Whole Lotta Rosie
Artist: The Nempnett Thrubwell Noseflute Band
Web page:

There has been a nose flute band in Nempnett Thrubwell since 1943, when, during the war, 2 soldiers from the Peruvian National Guard were stationed in the village and passed on their skills to the bands founder member, Norman "Nosey" Cutler.

01:21:22 A Victory for common sense-Stackridge Track: Long Dark River
Artist: Stackridge
Album: A Victory for common sense

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A special thanks to all those artists that have agreed to let use use their music in this podcast.

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