LUMMY DAYS September 2010 - SHOW NOTES

Lummy Days 22 - September 2010

This month we experiment with the worlds first scratch and sniff podcast, delight your hooter with aromatic gems from in and around the world of Stackridge and get a visit from Whispering Bob Harris.

Additional music from The Roches , John Cleese and The 1948 Show Choir, The Blue Meanies, The Harrisons, Alan Draper, Pillage Of The Scammed, Tim Moon, James Henry Jefferson Airplane and the Mutter Slater Band.

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00:00:00 Friendliness-Stackridge Track: Lummy Days
Artist: Stackridge
Album: Friendliness
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00:01:28 Sex and Flags-Stackridge Track: First Name of Love
Artist: Stackridge
Album: Sex and Flags

00:04:17 The Roches-The Roches Track: The Train
Artist: The Roches
Album: The Roches
Web page:

00:07:54 Riding a Hurricaine-Mutter Slater Track: Last Train from heartache
Artist: Mutter Slater
Album: Riding a Hurricaine
Web page:

00:12:05 -Sung by John Cleese and The 1948 Show Choir Track: The Rhubarb Tart Song
Artist: Sung by John Cleese and The 1948 Show Choir

00:15:36 Prescription-Alan Draper Track: Quote me happy
Artist: Alan Draper
Album: Prescription

00:20:14 -James Henry Track: The Sun Is Cracking The Flags
Artist: James Henry
Web page:

00:23:42 -The Blue Meanies Track: Billie Jean
Artist: The Blue Meanies
Web page:

00:28:17 -Pillage Of The Scammed Track: Nellie The Elephant
Artist: Pillage Of The Scammed
Web page:

Nellie the Elephant written in 1956 by Ralph Butler and Peter Hart . This version was recorded in 2006. In medical trials it was found listening to Nellie the Elephant significantly increased the proportion of lay people delivering compression rates at close to 100 per minute.

00:30:53 -The Harrisons Track: Too Much
Artist: The Harrisons
Eddie and Cruns band.

00:35:36 -Various artists - reviewed by Steve Good Track: Assisted Flight CD
Artist: Various artists - reviewed by Steve Good
Web page:

Help raise funds to assist Stackridge fly off to to appear on US network TV. A CD full of musical contributions by Rhubarb Thrashers compiled especially for this cause. Nineteen tracks from twelve artists providing over an hours worth of music.

00:39:08 Assisted Flight CD-Tim Moon Track: Bristol Channel
Artist: Tim Moon
Album: Assisted Flight CD

00:45:04 2400 Fulton Street-Jefferson Airplane Track: Won't you try Saturday afternoon
Artist: Jefferson Airplane
Album: 2400 Fulton Street

00:51:10 -Stackridge Track: No ones more important than the earthworm
Artist: Stackridge
Performed live on The Old Grey Whistle test 1975.

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A special thanks to all those artists that have agreed to let use use their music in this podcast.

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