Lummy Days 25 - December 2010

Our dear chum Mr Crun Walter holds the fort for this Brussels sprout fuelled extravaganza .

Wonderful Stackridge songs plus the secret of the pantomime horse is revealed and we hear some recollections of fans first ever Stackridge gig. All this plus music from Jimmy Goodrich, The Nusongs Project, Alan Draper, Big in Japan, Straightshooter, LAF, Half Man Half Biscuit, Gnu and the Shrew and Mad Tea Party.

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00:00:00 Friendliness-Stackridge Track: Lummy Days
Artist: Stackridge
Album: Friendliness
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00:01:15 The Original Mr Mick-Stackridge Track: Breakfast with Werner von Braun
Artist: Stackridge
Album: The Original Mr Mick

00:05:28 -Jimmy Goodrich Track: Blind To The Time Anew
Artist: Jimmy Goodrich
Web page:

Jimmy Goodrich is a Canadian Singer-Songwriter, now based in Bristol, England.

00:11:10 -The Nusongs Project Track: Be With Me This Christmas Time
Artist: The Nusongs Project
Web page:

00:16:43 Prescription-Alan Draper Track: Dolores
Artist: Alan Draper
Album: Prescription

00:22:52 From Y To Z And Never Again 7-Big in Japan Track: Nothing Special
Artist: Big in Japan
Album: From Y To Z And Never Again 7
Big in Japan was a post punk band that emerged from Liverpool, England in the late 1970s this song is from 1978

00:28:03 -Straightshooter Track: Straightshooter
Artist: Straightshooter
Web page:

00:35:16 Stackridge-Stackridge Track: Essence of porphyry
Artist: Stackridge
Album: Stackridge

00:43:26 Ten by two-LAF Track: Christmas Song
Artist: LAF
Album: Ten by two

00:47:46 -Half Man Half Biscuit Track: Time flies by (when you are a driver of a train)
Artist: Half Man Half Biscuit
Web page:

Back in the DHSS/The Trumpton Riots

00:50:32 Time for Tea-Gnu and the Shrew Track: Gas Man
Artist: Gnu and the Shrew
Album: Time for Tea
Web page:

00:52:43 Oh Sh?*?t it's Christmastime-Mad Tea Party Track: Oh Shit Its Christmastime
Artist: Mad Tea Party
Album: Oh Sh?*?t it's Christmastime
Web page:

00:54:58 Something for the weekend-Stackridge Track: Wildebeeste
Artist: Stackridge
Album: Something for the weekend

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A special thanks to all those artists that have agreed to let use use their music in this podcast.

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