Lummy Days 03 - January 2009

In this show we will be dancing on air and exploring a whacky Stackridge dance craze, we find out what it is like to be Stackridge's manager and discover why Andy and Mutter ended up wearing Elton John's clothes!

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00:00:00 Friendliness-Stackridge Track: Lummy days
Artist: Stackridge
Album: Friendliness
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00:01:45 Mr Mick-Stackridge Track: The Slater's waltz
Artist: Stackridge
Album: Mr Mick

00:07:54 -Billy Cotton and his band Track: Dancing with my shadow
Artist: Billy Cotton and his band

00:12:14 -Stackridge Track: Dancing on air
Artist: Stackridge
Web page:

The definitive performance by Stackridge of Dancing on Air on the Old Grey Whistle Test 1974.

00:19:42 Parmi Les Moutons-Glowglobes Track: It's never not now
Artist: Glowglobes
Album: Parmi Les Moutons
Web page:

00:24:20 -Stackridge Track: Spin Round The Room
Artist: Stackridge

00:27:13 -Freddie and the Dreamers Track: Do the Freddie
Artist: Freddie and the Dreamers

00:31:36 -The Magnettes Track: Short back and sides (the haircut song)
Artist: The Magnettes
Performed by Stackridge’s manager, Mike Tobin’s band, recorded around 1960- 62

00:34:02 -Hoosier Hotshots Track: I like bananas (because they have no bones)
Artist: Hoosier Hotshots

00:37:28 Clevedon Pier-Andy Davis Track: Women of Ireland
Artist: Andy Davis
Album: Clevedon Pier

00:41:09 -Symphonic BCC Track: Ukulele Anarchy
Artist: Symphonic BCC
Web page:

00:44:37 Social Vertigo-3 Daft Monkeys Track: Social Vertigo
Artist: 3 Daft Monkeys
Album: Social Vertigo
Web page:

00:51:25 Purple Spaceships over Yatton (the best of) CD-Stackridge Track: Do the Stanley
Artist: Stackridge
Album: Purple Spaceships over Yatton (the best of) CD

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Mark Smith - Gilmorton 30/01/2009
Great to hear you guys are "doing it again" where's the last 35years gone?. Just bought psoy, sounds great on digital, my LP were about shot thru.
Cheers, Mirk

Nigel - Dorset 21/01/2009
This podcast is definitely a must listen each never know what delights you might find inside !

Pete Bradley - UK 20/01/2009
Loved the Symphonic BCC. Excellent name and an excellent song. On a par with the Ukulele Orchestra og Great Britain. The Uke is so under-rated.

david claridge - in the dining room 19/01/2009
Love the humour weaving its way through the podcast. We brits can do eccentric. Hoorah!
Even the spam blocker is great. It shows, I think, an elephant, but no where on the list does it say 'The Mother-in-law'. OUCH!

Barry Charles - Lutterworth, Leicester 19/01/2009
Brilliant podcast can we have some Gentle Giant and Genesis please.

George - Sidcup, Kent 19/01/2009
I came across this podcast by chance, never heard of Stackridge before , but I will certainly be looking out for them in the future.

This is definately one of the best music podcasts around, I loved the mix of humour and interesting interviews. Also the brave but very clever mix of eclectic music. Cant wait for the next one! Brilliant!

Mike Tobin - Brentry. Bristol 15/01/2009
Loved the "Haircut Song". What an amazing band , especially the singer. Where can I find out more about them ?

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