Lummy Days 04 - February 2009

In the February show we find out how a Stackridge song had a radical impact on Sunday Times Cartoonist, Nick Newmanís life, discover the mysteries of Pete Donovanís magic desk and hold the first Lummy Days Competition, where you can win a bottle of 12 year old Malt Whiskey!

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00:00:00 Friendliness-Stackridge Track: Lummy days
Artist: Stackridge
Album: Friendliness
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00:01:45 Mr Mick-Stackridge Track: Hey Good looking
Artist: Stackridge
Album: Mr Mick

00:06:20 Radio Gnome Invisible, Part 1-Gong Track: Radio Gnome Invisible
Artist: Gong
Album: Radio Gnome Invisible, Part 1
Web page:

00:11:55 -Flanagan And Allen Track: Rose O'Day
Artist: Flanagan And Allen
Also known as the The Filla Ga Dusha song the words and music were by Charlie Tobias and Al Lewis

00:15:50 -Sarah Mitchell Track: Better now
Artist: Sarah Mitchell

00:19:06 -The Agrolites Track: Banana Song
Artist: The Agrolites
Web page:

00:23:47 Extravaganza-Stackridge Track: Happy in the Lord
Artist: Stackridge
Album: Extravaganza

00:29:04 Basically Johnny Moped-Johnny Moped Track: Darling Lets Have another
Artist: Johnny Moped
Album: Basically Johnny Moped

00:31:58 Riding a Hurricane-Mutter Slater Band Track: Holding a picture of you
Artist: Mutter Slater Band
Album: Riding a Hurricane
Web page:

00:35:51 Marmoset Meadows-The Flower Machine Track: Marmoset Meadows
Artist: The Flower Machine
Album: Marmoset Meadows
Web page:

00:38:14 The Missing Puddings-The Missing Puddings Track: Kangaroo Song
Artist: The Missing Puddings
Album: The Missing Puddings
Web page:

00:41:47 -Dave Suich / Andrea Prangenberg Track: Dave Suich Interview
Artist: Dave Suich / Andrea Prangenberg
Listen to the the full interview conducted by Andrea Prangenberg

00:46:26 BBC Radio 1 Live in concert-Stackridge Track: Tea Time
Artist: Stackridge
Album: BBC Radio 1 Live in concert

00:52:10 Time for Tea-Gnu and the Shrew Track: Tupenny Dance
Artist: Gnu and the Shrew
Album: Time for Tea
Web page:

00:54:48 Mashed, Baked And Roasted-Hot Potato Syncopators Track: Fly Soup & Sweet Marijuana Brown
Artist: Hot Potato Syncopators
Album: Mashed, Baked And Roasted
Web page:

00:57:55 The Man in the Bowler Hat-Stackridge Track: Pinafore Days
Artist: Stackridge
Album: The Man in the Bowler Hat

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A special thanks to all those artists that have agreed to let use use their music in this podcast.

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Ade Macrow - Radstock exile 09/03/2009
You keep surpassing your previous efforts, Mr G! Even the ex-Mr Bent is impressed. High - and well-merited - praise indeed.

Tim - Suffolk 27/02/2009
Amazing! Thank you Stackridge and Mr Fudge. Amazing fun, amazing music, a really cool podcast. Isn't it nice in this day an age to have something free. I will reccommend it to all my friends

Steve Walker - Leigh on Sea Essex 18/02/2009
Another triumph Fudgey boy,keep up the good work.

HullMick - Maidstone, Kent 15/02/2009
MArvellous again, FF. I had no time last Sunday morning, so it fell to mid-month before i heard it over the tea and toast (and the snow has nearly gone!)...and the Mutter/Andy recollection of Teatime rings some bells for me in 71/72 (strange old dusty bells at that). Well done, Nick (seems that that slippery Hislop got away with it again!)

Dave - London 10/02/2009
Great stuff! Please make it weekly.

Tom - Atlanta, Georgia, USA 09/02/2009
Found loads of great cool artists through this amazing podcast. Loved Gnu and the Shrew. Been fan of Stackridge since the 70s and I am a total Anglophile I love this stuff.

Nat Bowen - St Albans 09/02/2009
Fantastic eccentric podcast. Laughed my socks off. What a great idea to mix the music and chat keep up the brilliant work Fatty. Cant work out the answer to the competition yet :(

Steve - Snowed in down in deepest Kent 07/02/2009
Thank you for this great podcast. Great music. Love the little interviews and the insights into the Stackridge songs. Looking forward to the next one, hopefully I will be thawed out by then.

Duncan Woods - Padstow 04/02/2009
Another masterpiece. What a fantastic mix of humour and music and a great way to spend a snowy afternoon. A warm fire, comfy sofa and a beer and the Lummy Days podcast at full blast. Keep up the good work Fatty.

Billy (Sparkle) Blake - Swindon Wiltshire 02/02/2009
Brilliant! Loved it! Keep up the great work! Bill

Mike Southon - London 01/02/2009
Splendid stuff!

Yogi the Yoghurt Knitter - UK plc 30/01/2009
I fink dat LummyDays iz da besh thing on da net deez days. I fink dat Fatty Fudge iz grate and dis has reelly helpd me appreeshihate Stackridge muzik better dan I effer did b4

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