Lummy Days 05 - March 2009

This months episode is the Stackridge camping special! We get hints and tips from the band on sleeping rough, visit 32 West Mall and discover the winner of the February Lummy Days competition. As a special treat Simon Nicol and Dave Pegg from Fairport Convention pop their heads in to say hello.

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00:00:00 Friendliness-Stackridge Track: Lummy days
Artist: Stackridge
Album: Friendliness
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00:01:40 The Forbidden City-Stackridge Track: Dangerous Bacon
Artist: Stackridge
Album: The Forbidden City

00:04:33 -The Lovely Eggs Track: Have you ever heard a digital accordian?
Artist: The Lovely Eggs
Web page:

00:10:32 -Durian Dance Band Track: Lets all be fairies
Artist: Durian Dance Band
Recorded London, December 1932 with Fred Douglas on vocals

00:14:01 Extravaganza-Stackridge Track: No ones more important than the earth worm
Artist: Stackridge
Album: Extravaganza

00:19:33 Keynsham-Bonzo Dog Doo Dah band Track: Tent
Artist: Bonzo Dog Doo Dah band
Album: Keynsham

00:25:08 -Stackridge Track: Lummy Days
Artist: Stackridge
Recorded live at Fairports Cropredy Convention 8th August 2008

00:29:50 Invicta-Tim Moon Track: I wish I could dance with you
Artist: Tim Moon
Album: Invicta
Web page:

This unfinished track, has Tim Moon on piano, bouzaz, bass guitar and vocals with annA rydeR on French horn and trumpet. The finished song will be released on an album called 'Invicta' when it is finished, with Dave Pegg added on bass and some cornet and trombone from Tim.

00:37:05 Guide to everyday sounds-Lord Gammonshire Track: Rise of the Stromatolites
Artist: Lord Gammonshire
Album: Guide to everyday sounds
Web page:

00:42:41 -Stackridge Track: After the tetracycline
Artist: Stackridge
Recorded live at Sheffield Polytechnic February 1974

00:46:34 The Crisps-The Crisps Track: Little Man
Artist: The Crisps
Album: The Crisps
Web page:

00:52:33 -Slim Gaillard Track: Cement Mixer (Put-ti Put-ti)
Artist: Slim Gaillard
Web page:

Release Date: 1945

00:57:38 Stackridge-Stackridge Track: 32 West Mall
Artist: Stackridge
Album: Stackridge

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A special thanks to all those artists that have agreed to let use use their music in this podcast.

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The Fore - Deepest Darkest Bromley 26/03/2009
Great podcast, what a great way to spend an hour. Can't wait to hear the April edition. Rubarb at the ready!

George - Sidcup, Kent 11/03/2009
Just got round to listerning to this months' podcast. fabulous stuff, gives you a warm comfortable feeling to know this is available each month, long may it last!

Dee Smith - Camden, London 08/03/2009
Another brilliant episode! Thanks so much for opening up the world of Stackridge to us fans. I laughed so much at the thought of poor James Warren tied to a chair being bitten by moths, my wife didn't think it was funny at all and just felt sorry for him! Long live Stackridge!

Alex - South London 04/03/2009
All bloody great. Loved the Lovely Eggs. This is one crazy trip man!

John Nicks - Farnham 03/03/2009
Great podcast.Shame there were no bannana songs this month. Mr Fudge must be on a diet

Chris - A prisoner in a rhubarb factory 02/03/2009
Fabulous a fantastic load of jolly japes. Three cheers for Stackridge. I vote you record the Tetracycline song for the new album.

Nat Bowen - St Albans 01/03/2009
Just finished listening to the March edition. I love Stackridge and this podcast is just like having a monthly conversation with them.

I don't know how Fatty Fudge manages to find all this great and sometimes very unusual music, but keep up the great mix. Every month is like opening up a suprise birthday present and to find the guys from Fairport singing Stackridge's praises was fabulous. Fabulous :)

Alan keetley - Granada Spain 01/03/2009
Really enjoy and look forward to the podcasts.Thanks very much for giving us your time and effort producing it..Be nice to hear a track from Eddy Morton on there.

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