Lummy Days 06 - April 2009

In Lummy Days this month we spend an hour in the Stackridge menagerie amongst penguins, hedgehogs and elephants. James Warren reflects on working with Beatle's producer Sir George Martin and Stackridge guitarist Andy Davis talks about how he came to play on John Lennon's Imagine album. As an added treat we will catch up with Stackridge historian, biographer and archivist, Ade Macrow.

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00:00:00 Friendliness-Stackridge Track: Lummy days
Artist: Stackridge
Album: Friendliness
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00:01:32 Stackridge-Stackridge Track: Percy the Penguin
Artist: Stackridge
Album: Stackridge

00:08:36 Mr Mick-Stackridge Track: Hold me tight
Artist: Stackridge
Album: Mr Mick

00:12:51 Black and White-The Fore Track: Little Louisa
Artist: The Fore
Album: Black and White
Web page:

00:16:00 Run and Hide-The Fore Track: No other love
Artist: The Fore
Album: Run and Hide
Web page:

00:18:22 Jim's Special Edition Easy Listening Christmas Album-James Warren Track: If I Fell
Artist: James Warren
Album: Jim's Special Edition Easy Listening Christmas Album
Web page:

00:21:53 -Sarah Menarge Track: Who needs a man?
Artist: Sarah Menarge

00:25:38 Sex and Flags-Stackridge Track: Something about the Beatles
Artist: Stackridge
Album: Sex and Flags

00:29:27 The Man in the Bowler Hat-Stackridge Track: The indifferent Hedgehog
Artist: Stackridge
Album: The Man in the Bowler Hat

00:34:36 -Argos Track: Time for love
Artist: Argos
Web page:

00:38:21 -
Web page:

Zorgansgal is a very active Yahoo Group run by Ade.
Please clamber aboard the merry ship Zorgania if you're even slightly interested in Stackridgean deeds or the many trails leading out from the band. (link above) - Bring your SENSE OF HUMOUR along! Have no fear…we only seek your friendliness.
For further information on obtaining the world's only Stackridge related fanzine, The Rhubarbarian, contact:- Ade Macrow

00:41:05 -Alan Draper Track: Slark's Caribbean Holiday
Artist: Alan Draper

00:47:45 -Stackridge Track: McGreggor / Zorgans Daughter
Artist: Stackridge
From the John Peel Show aired on 19th November 1973. Line-up was Andy Davis/Rod Bowkett/Crun/Mike Evans/Keith Gemmell/James Warren Andy was on drums

00:52:13 -The Strawberry Fools Track: The Boof Boof Song
Artist: The Strawberry Fools
Web page:

Bore fruit from tiny shoots in 2008 making debut in December at the Strawbs Xmas party and now invited to perform at that bands 40th anniversary bash Sept 12th/13th at Twickenham. They are, in order of age and growing older, Ralph Tonge, Dave Claridge, Dick Greener, Peter Rand, and Les Cotton. Lyrics supplied randomly by their public who gave £820 in donations to Comic Relief

00:58:17 The Toy Dolls-The Toy Dolls Track: Nellie The Elephant
Artist: The Toy Dolls
Album: The Toy Dolls
Web page:

01:03:08 The Forbidden City -Stackridge Track: Syracuse The Elephant
Artist: Stackridge
Album: The Forbidden City

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Bob - Sitting in my lovely armchair 25/04/2009
Wahay! A Stackridge podcast Wahay!

David - Exeter 11/04/2009
So I actually haven't listened to any of the podcasts until today as I was driving home from college for the Easter weekend. I listened to two of them and they were GREAT!! Great job guys!

I look forward to listening to more of these.

Ben Milton - Hastings 09/04/2009
Fabulous Podcast. Found it through and now I have a new favorite band. I am downloading them all to listen to on my iPod. Keep up the good work.

Steve - Deepest Kent 06/04/2009
Lummy Days is the best thing ever to come out of the interweb. What a bloody amazing programme this month. Glorious songs, informative snippets and fine ecentric humour all woven around Stackridge the best band ever to exist on the planet.

And what a great discovery Mr Fudge, The Fore absolutely loved their stuff, certainly a band to watch out for on the gig circuit.

Can't wait to see what amazing rabbits you pull out of your podcasting hat next month. It certainly is getting better every week. Keep up the good work.

Susan Burton - USA - New York 03/04/2009
A treat, delight and surprise to hear such good things in one place. The Fore are my fab-fav band, now I can add Stackridge. Many thankyou's xx S xx

Neil White - Newbury 03/04/2009
Yet another wonderful earfest. Many thanks to Fatty Fudge and the band for an hour of great listening material.

Nat Bowen - St Albans 02/04/2009
Another triumph Mr Fudge. Loved all the songs. Long Live Stackridge.

David Jordan - Orpington 01/04/2009
Lummy what a great edition of 'Days'! I am off to buy my first Stackridge album right this minute. Great stuff, you must go out and buy more beef suet very soon :-)

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