Lummy Days 08 - June 2009

This month we have a programme to delight the Francophiles amongst you, as we take Lummy Days on a day trip to France. There is music James Warren recorded with the French band Orwell. Andy Davis talks about The Korgis and we say goodbye to Rachel Hall, Stackridges violinist and hello to her replacement Clare Lindley.

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00:00:00 Friendliness-Stackridge Track: Lummy days
Artist: Stackridge
Album: Friendliness
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00;01:52 Do the Stanley-Stackridge Track: Cest la vie
Artist: Stackridge
Album: Do the Stanley

00:05:52 L' Archipel -Orwell Track: Here and there
Artist: Orwell
Album: L' Archipel
Web page:

00:09:16 -Gawd knows! Track: The Frog Song
Artist: Gawd knows!

00:12:14 -Tim Graham and Rachel Hall Track: Lady Katherine
Artist: Tim Graham and Rachel Hall
Web page:

00:15:45 Talking with strangers-Judy Dyble Track: Cest la vie
Artist: Judy Dyble
Album: Talking with strangers
Web page:

Judy's new album will be released in July.You can pre order a numbered, signed copy from Only the first 1000 will be numbered, and only the first 500 will be signed.

00:19:03 Kip of the serenes-Dr. Strangely Strange Track: Strangely strange but oddly normal
Artist: Dr. Strangely Strange
Album: Kip of the serenes
Web page:

00:23:36 Sex and Flags-Stackridge Track: Charles Louis
Artist: Stackridge
Album: Sex and Flags

00:26:17 -Clare Lindley Track: Live not where I love
Artist: Clare Lindley
Web page:

00:30:23 Album  colorier (1976)-Albert Marcoeur Track: La ceuillette de noix
Artist: Albert Marcoeur
Album: Album colorier (1976)
Web page:

00:34:17 -The Armchair Generals Track: Last Man in Europe
Artist: The Armchair Generals

00:39:01 -Blue Coyotes Track: Let the Teardrops Fall
Artist: Blue Coyotes
Web page:

Adderbury Party in the Park festival is held on 11th July 2009 details here

00:42:14 -Harry Roy Track: When can I have a bannana again?
Artist: Harry Roy

00:45:12 -Jouis Track: I am the man
Artist: Jouis
Web page:

00:50:12 -Jouis Track: Miss Monroe
Artist: Jouis
Web page:

00:58:09 -The Alsatians Track: Fireball XL5
Artist: The Alsatians
Web page:

01:01:37 The radio 1 sessions-Stackridge Track: The Lyder Loo
Artist: Stackridge
Album: The radio 1 sessions

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JB - Leeds 13/07/2009
Another excellent set Mr Fudge. Is the "Frog Song" a track from the album "More Nature Songs (from ballads for the age of science by Hy Zaret and Lou Singer)" by Marais and Miranda? The song is called "How Does A Frog Become A Frog".
Keep up the good work

Nat Bowen - St Albans 15/06/2009
Fantastic podcast. Can't wait for next month's edition on the new album. Keep up the good work Stackridge.

Robin Miller - Berkshire 11/06/2009
Wonderful stuff, illuminating comments from the band, and not a duff track to be seen. I was disappointed though to see lack of info on the Frog Song. Please can you fill in some gaps? I don't think it's the Paul McCartney version...?

Barry Charles - Lutterworth, Leicester 03/06/2009
These podcasts just get better and better!!!!!!!!! what a great selection of songs. I have a couple of "chums" who are not Stackridge fans who are now regular subscribers because of the awesome music and are now warming to Stackridge. Keep up the good work and please can we have this weekly!!!!!

Dee Smith - Camden, London 01/06/2009
Oh my word! An hour of amazingly funny entertainment. It plopped into my iTunes this morning and my wife and I laughed all the way to work .We love Stackridge and this exactly captures the Stackridge spirit .

Fatty Fudge is a hero, like an escapee from the Goon show! Interesting song choices as usual, loved the Armchair Generals - more details please.

I am now scared to blow my nose in case a mysterious dusky voice says "Bonjour" CLASSIC!

bob - over the next hill 01/06/2009
the best yet Mr Fudge

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