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The Old Granary

Way back in 1968, a series of rock gigs started at a club in Bristol U.K. called ” The Old Granary”. The organisers were Al Read, Ed Newsom, Mike Tobin and the late Terry Brace. The very first band to play were “Gryptight Thynn” which featured Andy Davis & Jim”Crun”Walter. The following week the band appearing were called “Dawn”, fronted by James Warren.
Although the club closed in 1988, and has now been converted into a restuarant and luxury flats, the legend of the Rock nights at the club lives on.
Al & Ed regularly promote “Granary Night” events, and now the BBC have been busy filming gigs and interviews about “the club that refused to die”. Of course Andy, “Crun” & James eventually formed Stackridge, and made their debut at The Old Granary.