Sci Fi Online Games


I am a fanatic of science fiction, space simulation, and battles with lasers that are cheep cheep!

But lately, I’m bored! I played EVE Online; I loved it, I played Elite: Dangerous, I loved it, I’m waiting for Star Citizen, I played Star Conflict and others, but I don’t have any more ideas.

I’m looking for an open-world game in space, with or without a ground-based session, something that might be close to Elite dangerous but with a little less simulation and more action? I don’t know if a game like this exists; in fact, I don’t even know myself what I want, just a convert sci-fi world with ships that would suit me!

Sci-Fi Video Games

Video games in the science fiction theme are not necessarily obvious to find. Sometimes we have heard vaguely of a title, another time we hardly remember it and impossible to have its full title. If your search for a video game is based on a specific subject, one of the many sub-genres of the imaginary, in this case, the science fiction theme, it is the ideal page to start. The list below shows you all science fiction video games classified from the newest to the oldest as well as a selection of the best science fiction theme video games of all time. Otherwise, see other kinds of video games in the realm of the imaginary. Maybe you’ll find your happiness there.

Final Fantasy VII Remake, comparisons with the original game

After a long period of lean cow information, Final Fantasy VII Remake again introduced itself to the players on the state of PlayStation show that night. The new gameplay sequences released now give you a better idea of the work Square Enix is doing on this redesign.

Several netizens shared comparisons between the different scenes aired last night and made them original in the 1997 version. This shows the similarities and differences in the treatment of the sequence of introduction of the title. The Twitter account @Haidox3D presents, for example, a gif of the two titles side by side, while the users of the forum Resetera share several montages to appreciate the evolution of the game better.

OGame, a browser-based space strategy simulation game, has been appealing to players around the world for more than a decade. Developed by Gameforge, the title takes us into a space management game. OGame is complex; it’s undeniable. The player starts on his home planet, before starting to grow through the manufacturing of resources, of which there are three. Your goal will be to build a powerful colony to support your conquest of space. The mechanics are quite classic: improve your various structures more and more to increase your production capacities, unlock new buildings, or support your army.

OGame requires a good dose of strategy and patience, and novices may initially find themselves lost. The game is hard, a little bitter access, but its complexity is also its strength. In addition to your resources, you will be able to develop a Space Fleet, which will be at your disposal to expand your borders and confront other Empires.

The graphics are limited, and rightly so. Everything is done with a few austere paintings, and it’s not the illustrations that will brighten it up. OGame is one of those games that deserves to be played. Only the most persistent will benefit. The others will get lost along the way, tired.